Sasural Simar Ka 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says leave me. She stops the woman. Lights turn on, roli is shocked to see her. Its mausi ji. Mata ji and whole family come in. they are all shocked. Mausi ji takes off the lenses. Cops come in and say arrest her. Mata ji says one minute. Mata ji recalls mausi ji comforting her every time. Mata ji goes to her. Mata ji says why you did this? you are that woman? This is your house. You harmed your own family. Why you did that? What mistake did we make? look in their eyes, they all have one question. Why our favorite manuranjan mausi did this? mausi is next to mom. everyone in this house gave you place of a mom and you did this to your own children. roli and simar concealed things from me but told you everything always. you played such a bad game why? I am asking something, I need answer. Prem says I cant believe you can do this to us. Sid says you were our elder but I and roli were like your pals. how can you try to kill us? Sujata says I cant believe this. who differentiated between you and mata ji? Rajhinder says you shook our family. Karuna says I am scared to see this face of you, simar says you always helped us then why you turned this way? roli says who does this to own family?

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mausi ji says stop it now. Everyone is dazed. She says I have heard you a lot not anymore. What sister are you talking about ? This mata ji? She pretends to be oblivious. You would have forgotten but I haven’t. The one who suffers never forgets. I am talking about the secret which is between us for 20 years. mata ji says for that secret you did this? Mausi ji says yes, I never told anyone that my own sister ruined my family. Because of you my husband and my son are away from me. Roli says you cant accuse her. Mausi says I was misunderstood that she loves me but she is a liar. she says one thing and does other. If she cared about me I wont have been alone in world. and you all, I have been living here since so many years no one asked me how is your son and husband? I am alone in this world all alone. You are responsible for this. This sister of mine. She ruined my life and lived happily in her house. she has to pay for it. I had one son and I brought him up with love. I thought he would make our old age better. He found a good job and loved a girl. I asked jiji to come and see the girl. She came to my house, the girl left my son and married a rich man. My son went to talk to her, the argument went severe and threw acid on her face. Everyone is shocked. She was there. Me and my husband begged her not to give statement in court. My husband said if your sister gives statement he will divorce me. Still she never listened and gave statement against my son I court. He got detained for 10 years and my husband left me. Mata ji says I feel bad for all this as well. but I chose path of truth. I couldn’t lie. Mausi ji says you ruined my life. Mata ji says you could have punished me why you did this to my family. Mausi ji says so you could know how it feels when your family suffers. mausi ji says all that happened in this, I was behind it. Everyone is dazed. She says I couldn’t be successful in my plan. I came here and got trapped in roli’s plan. when I heard about simar’s accident I was so happy but she was alive and came back here. When vikrant took her I was so happy but he lost in the end. Then I said that I will ruin this family myself. Do you remember roli and sid’s accident? I planed it. Sid the son and daughter In law could be finished in one step. but her fate was her and she came back after 4 months. All that changed was her face. I met someone in those 4 months who gave me this, hypnotizing medicine. This works very well. It numbs the brain and we gain their control. He wont remember anything. aman says give it to me. Mausi ji breaks it. She says it slipped from my hand. simar says this means I haven’t killed daksha baa. mausi ji says you cant do anything wrong, I killed daksha baa and leela.

Precap-the woman with green eyes comes to meet mausi ji. She says you fulfilled your promise. You did as I asked you. you will libve in this jail now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I agree with sadaf…I too think that the real Roli lost her memory and Sara khan isn’t the real Roli. I think that Sara khan is with the lady with the green eyes

  2. where is avika…..she is the best as roli..and avika is the best pair to siddhant…sara khan did’nt suit as roli…..avika come back soon as roli ony…

  3. What’s happening in this serial. I was sure mausiji can’t do this . looks like aman gotta doubt on this. That’s y the reason he asked for medicine from mausiji. Anyways enjoyin all twists n turns as of now

  4. Sadiya saud merchant

    miss u a lot avika pls come back

  5. hey please we want avika to come back…we dont want this stupid lady sara khan…oly avika can take place of roli no one else can do her character…..

  6. quys it can also be like avika have lost his memory

  7. bt avika was best as roli n sara can never take her place i hate d one who replaced roli

  8. ya guys avika is back bt not as roli….. well sara khan is roli now we have to accept it.
    but, d ?????? is who is tht lady?????

  9. r u sure avika will back. but how?

  10. r u sure preeti

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