Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav’s car breaks down on the way to Narsing Garh. Driver says car has to be sent to garage and says they are halfway to Narsing Garh. Soniya is with Daada and Anjali in a car, driver calls and informs her that work is done. Raghav requests for a lift, but nobody stops. Abhiman stops his car and asks where is he going. Raghav says it is none of his business. Abhiman says he is asking lift. Raghav goes and stands a bit far. Abhimn waits and then leaves. Anjali sees form binoculars and tells soniya that Abhiman left. Soniya prays god to unite 2 brothers. Abhiman stops his car. Raghav gets irked, thinks what this man wants from him, goes near him and asks what does he need. Daada says how can my grandchildren be so khadoos. Abiman says he is very courteous and cannot leave anyone in trouble. Raghav agrees and keeps his bags in Abiman’s car. Abhiman asks if he is running from house or his family kicked him out. Raghav says it is none of his business and gets into car. Anjali excited informs about Raghav getting into car and says she feels he will take a taxi later. Soniya says that is what we have to stop.

Anjali peeps out of car. Soniya asks her to get in, else she will fall. Anjali says Abhiman is driving car and Raghav is watching outside instead of conversing. Soniya calls Raghav and asks till where did he reach. He says he does not know. Soniya asks him to converse with the person he is with. He asks what?? She says to speak to his driver. Raghav asks Abhiman where is he going. Abhiman says he is going to Narsing Garh as per Ratna’s instructions.

Abhiman says Raghav that it is a good project and Ratna has given finance responsibility to him, taunts that rich people like him will enjoy hard work of poor people like him. Raghav says he is creative head just. Abhiman says their ways are opposite. Abhiman takes car into jungle. Raghav asks why is he taking car into jungle. Abhiman says it is right route and asks him to get out if he wants. Raghav gets out of car. Abiman asks him to take his bags also. Raghav says it is his company’s car and he cannot ask him to get out of his own car. Abhiman says he has been given this car and until he is employed, he cannot take it from him. Raghav gets back into car and they both leave.

It gets dark on the way. Two villagers stop them and inform that bridge is broken. Soniya calls Ratna who informs that she has hired those men. Abhiman asks villagers when will pull get ready. He says till morning. Raghav says they should go back. Abhiman says he will not back off. Raghav asks where will he sleep and pee. He says where apes used to and shows him vacant place. Raghav gets back into car.

Fruity insists Rathi to tell her a story. Ratna comes and says she will tell story. Fruity gets excited. Ratna tells a story and Fruity falls asleep. Soniya calls Ratna and thanks her. Ratna asks why is she thanking her. Soniya says with Abhiman, her family will be complete. Ratna asks why she has left them alone in a jungle. Soniya says her dad used to tell if 2 carnivorous are left alone, they will unite, Raghav and Abhiman are well cultured men, they will unite for sure, if they don’t, they all will unite them.

Raghav blabbers that he is stuck in jungle. Abhiman gives him car keys and asks him to go back, he will finish work in the morning and will come back. Raghav asks why he wants to stay in jungle alone. Abhiman asks him to think of himself. Raghav says he is very arrogant and gets into car, but then thinks he cannot leave him alone and says he will not leave him like this.

Precap: Ratna gets worried for Abhiman and Raghav. Soniya comes back sasdly with Dada and Anjali. Ratna asks what happened. Daada asks Soniya to tell the truth.

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