Mahakumbh 6th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 6th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra seeing the half note and recalling Charles. Charles also sees the half note and his entry is shown. He aims the gun at his head and everyone calls out his name. He asks the man is he ready and shoots. The bullet slot was empty and he gets safe. The other guy also does the same thing, and shoots. Even he gets safe and passes the gun back to Charles. Charles says now I will hit the jackpot, and aims at himself again. Rao comes there and stops Charles. Charles says alright, the game is over, but we will settle scores later, we will meet again. He whistles and leaves. Rao brings him home and scolds him, as he does not have any aim in life, he has sent him to Cambridge and he came running. Charles says I want thrill, you won’t understand, as you are old and scientist, my life is colorless, like a widow’s, there is no thrill, all because of your reputation.

He says I want some thrill in my life, some kick. Charles says stop this nonsense, you are coming with me to Allahabad, you have to come in Mahakumbh. Charles asks why, fine, I know I don’t have any choice, you go, I will come tomorrow. Rao asks him to do some work that he likes. He smiles and shows the pic of the girl, who recently came to India and will come in Mahakumbh, I want you to keep an eye on her. He says you gave me an interesting project, I will be glad to keep an eye on this beautiful angel, we will be meeting soon, wait for me. Maya talks to Maai, about puja. Maai says I have faith in all this because of Rudra in my life. Maai says I worry that if something happens to me, who will take care of my son, he is very straight. Maay praises him and says one day he will do a very big thing. Maai asks does she like him?

Maya says I just praised him, your son likes to be stay alone, he feels its punishment to talk to someone, he swells his face and roams. She smiles seeing Rudra bringing little girls on his shoulders. Maai asks whats going on between you both. She asks Maya did Rudra did he apologize and show ghats. Maya says yes, but no use, someone was annoyed seeing me, and did not talk, I felt I m alone in boat and its driven by some machine. Maai says tell me what to do now. Maya says tell him to take me to Mela and apologize. Maai tells Rudra and insists. She says Maya helped me in puja, can’t you fulfill her small wish, take her. Rudra says come. Maya gets glad and goes after him. Maai smiles seeing them.

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Rudra looks for her in Mela and she appears infront of him. She asks does he have any problem to walk with her, and says her plans. She eats Gol gappas and asks him to have. He signs no and stands still till she enjoys in the Mela/fair. He says I will wait here, go. She says you have to be with me, see its high, what if I get scared. He says then don’t sit. She says you did not say sorry till now, either say sorry or come with me, I can’t lie to Maai. He goes with her. She says give your hand and holds his hand to sit. She gets scared and holds his tight. He says sorry, leave my hand, I apologized, leave my hand. She leaves his hand. Maai sees them and smiles.

Rudra leaves. Grierson talks to Swami and says we are coming to India soon, what about the work we gave you, we have to pressurize Shivanand. Swami talks in Sanskrit, seeing Pandey. Pandey has a doubt and hides, to record his talk. He keeps the phone on the cow’s back. Grierson says Shivanand will get ready to come to India, if he knows his family is in our clutches. Swami ji replies. Pandey falls in Swami’s feet and Swami says reach my ashram, I have an imp work for you. He leaves. Pandey looks at his mobile.

Punnu sings and gets scolded by Maai. She says I m making pakodas for Maya. He says why is she behaving like this with him, you did not make anything for me and my dad, and sending tiffin for Maya, why this biasing. Maai says I saw a dream…. Rudra comes and Maai asks him to give pakodas to Maya, her exams are coming. Rudra says Punnu will go. Punnu says yes. Maai stares at him. Punnu says no, I can’t go, I have work. Rudra says I said sorry, why all this now. Maai says is sorry any favor done, go now. She sends Rudra.

Rudra gives the tiffin to Maya and says Maai Mui has sent it for you. She gets glad seeing pakodas and eats it. She says its very tasty and says about basketball match in her college, she is captain, will he come to see. She says you are so boring, I have an idea, come to my home, Allahabad. He gets angry. Maya asks Rudra to come with her to Allahabad. He recalls the Mahakunbh and losing his dad. She talks nonstop. She says you, Maai and Punnu we all will go. Rudra says don’t take Maai’s name, and says many things against Mahakumbh, it takes away loved ones, ruin lives, it gives life long wounds to people, its not good, as sin is there where there is goodness. She says but I was just………. He shouts shut up, and scolds her, he says I will kill you of you try coming close to me and my Maai Mui. She sees his angry eyes and gets tensed. He leaves.

Rudra tells Maai that he will never leave her. Maai tells Maya about Rudra disliking Mahakumbh. Maya apologizes to Rudra and he ignores her. She scolds him saying you feel bad happened just with you, and tells her story. Rudra looks at her stunned, as she gets asthma attack while shouting on him.

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