Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the Ishita and Raman reading the news against Raman in the newspapers. Raman looks at Ishita angrily. They close the door on their faces. Ashok wakes up Shagun and wishes good morning. He says get up fast, today is your divorce’s case last hearing, take Ruhi along. Shagun says what will Ruhi do there. Ashok says Ruhi will tell everyone that she belongs to you, we have to get her custody, get ready fast, I m waiting. Shagun asks the maid to make Ruhi ready.

Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla are reading the same news. Raman sees them talking. Raman tells them that he is going to court. He says I can’t you with me. Mrs. Bhalla says I m your mum, I understand everything, I want to come there for Ruhi, I don’t know whether she slept at night

or not. Raman says I understand, I don’t want to weaken the case, I promise I will fight for Ruhi’s custody, I m not a good dad, but you are great grandparents, I promise I will get you back. Mihir says I m going with Raman. Rumi sees Mihir and gets angry.

They reach the court. Mihir asks Raman to control his anger knowing what type of person Ashok is. Ashok arrvies with Shagun and Ruhi. Raman says why did Shagun Ruhi here. Mihir says calm down, don’t create any scene here in the court. Ashok says I m so happy, you will be free from this so called marriage. The hearing starts. Ruhi asks the maid when will we go home. Ruhi sees Raman and runs to him. Raman does not meet her. She meets Mihir and says I want to meet Papa. Mihir says stay with the maid, your Papa will meet you later.

Raman enters the court hall. The judge comes. Raman and Shagun are asked to come forward. The judge asks them some questions. Ruhi is crying and is missing Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi asks the maid to call Ishita as she wants to talk to her. The maid calls Ishita. Ruhi talks to Ishita and says I m getting bored. Ishita asks where are you. Ruhi says I m with mum, at the court. She says even Papa is here, but he did not talk to me. Ishita says don’t cry, stop crying,I m coming in five mins. Ishita talks to the maid and comes to know where they are. Ishita says I m coming there.

The court grants divorce to Shagun and Raman. Shagun looks at Ashok and smiles. Te judge says you have two kids, a son Aditya and a daughter Ruhi. Aditya lives with Shagun. Ashok ass for Ruhi’s custody. Raman says I will take care of Ruhi. Raman’s lawyer says Aditya lives in hostel. Raman and his parents have taken care of Ruhi. Raman thinks about how Shagun left him.

Raman begged her to think about the kids. Shagun was selfish and took Aditya with him. She says you wanted Ruhi, you keep her. She asked him not to be a fool and asked her what did he gave her. She was very much practical. The judge says we will decide about Ruhi’s custody after 12 days. Raman says Ruhi will be with Ashok and Shagun till next date. Shagun signs the divorce papers. Raman is still thinking about his past. Mihir asks Raman to sign the papers. Raman looks at her and signs the papers. Shagun walks out of the court. Raman tells the lawyer that I want Ruhi at any cost.

Shagun happily met Ruhi and proceeds to leave. Ruhi tells the maid that Ishita is going to come. Ashok and Shagun have a drink. Ashok asks Shagun to send Ruhi in a different car and he wants to celebrate with her. Ishita reaches the court. Ruhi runs to meet her. She hugs her and cries. Ishita pacifies her. Raman sees Ashok and Shagun celebrating with wine. He gets angry.

Ashok and Shagun leaves. Ishita asks Ruhi why is she crying. She says I missed you a lot. Ruhi asks about the puppy. Ishita says I will make you meet him soon, but you need to give me a bribe, a kiss. Ruhi kisses Ishita. Ishita smiles. The maid tells Ishita that Shagun left with Ashok. Ruhi says I don’t want to go there. Ruhi sees Raman and runs to him. She tells Raman to take her home and she will become a good girl. Raman is speechless. Mihir says shall we take Ruhi….. Raman says tell her Mihir that I will take her soon, I promise. Mihir explains Ruhi to stay with Shagun for few days. Ishita sees this standing far. Raman leaves with Mihir. Ishita goes to Ruhi and hugs her. Ishita thinks I did not see such father like this.

Ishita is crying being emotional about her being childless. Amma cries with her.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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