Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 6th January 2014 Written Update

Kartikeya is emotionally blackmailed by Arunasur’s followers that he is the only one who can understand Arunsaur’s pain.. as he was away from his mother too.. and if Arunasur was selfish he won’t have spared the element gods or Kaamdhenu.. he would have conquered the world.

All their master wishes, is to see his mother laugh again- alive. He wouldn’t have had any doubts abt his motives if he knew the story of Arunasur’s past…

Brhmdev, Naradji along with saptrishi at Vaykunth… discuss on K and Arunasur’s fight of perceptions… they worry on what will be the future of this war..where K is begin influenced by Arunasur’s crocodile tears. Brhmdev informs them that Arunasur will present himself beofre K as a poor helpless son who wishes

to see his mom alive…to arise piety feeling in K.. as Arunasur knows that K’s life is filled with such human emotional moments… and now using those as his weapon, Arusnasur will weaken K’s resolve to fight against him and instead support him.

If K stays strong and act like a soldier in a war.. by not falling into Arunasur’s trap, he’ll past this test.

Back here Arunasur’s followers try to influence K by telling his sob story… as they share the same pain as he does..thus Arunasur never pick his sword against K. Is it a crime to see one’s own mother alive.. eeveryone shushed him saying its fate.. is it really all his fault..?
They continue saying that Arunasur is even willing to serve Mahadev forever at his feet, if his mother is brought back to life. Is it a sign of evil mind>

But when K says that its agaisnt the rules of nature, as the one who dies never comes back to life again.. Arunasur’s follower retorts saying that its very easy for him to say that as his own mother is immortal… but when Parvati devi was suffering during balancing the world during the tatv devta’s absence.. how did his heart feel to see her in pain..

K gets reminded of the scene where Parvati devi’s power gets sucked out by the world… in the dearth of those elements. When he can’t his mom in such state, Arunasur is seeing his mom dead for so many would he feel abt it. And its just cause of K that his mom is still not freed from swarglok.. Arunasur was to set his mom’s soul free from Yamdev and he intervened.

Arunasur promised his mom that he’d see his mom happy… and not begin able to fulfill the promise for a son is so upsetting. In the fit of that attyachar K gives a promise to Arunasur that his mom will smile again..

Everyone is schoked to see this.. Naradji is puzzled what kinda promise K ahs given to Arunasur.. which is abso against the nature’s law.

Back at Kailash.. GAnesh await for K..K explains to his brother that its not the war of perceptions any longer.. its about promises.. wishes.. just decisions.
K tells that for the first time he realizes that a man like Arunasur is misunderstood.. he too has emotions like them.. he too is sensible..all the guy wants is to see his mom alive ..which is not a crime. Ganesh reminds K of Mahadev’s words, its Arunasur’s stubborn wish and is totally. against the nature and dad’s wishes.. but K is certain that Mahadev would understand him and Arunasur and agree to fulfill the promise which HE made!

K goes to Mahadev and says that, he must by now have gotten to know abt his promise to Arunasur.. and he never mean to insult his dad Shiva… K wishes that Shiva would help him fulfill the promise he gave to Arunasur.. Shiva says ‘NO’. When K says that its one better way to make someone from bad to a better person..whats wrong.

He reminds K of his warning of begin just a soldier at the war field. K says that a soldier not just slays his enemy but does justice too… Shiva explains him that what he thinks justice is – is against nature’s rule n can’t be changed for anyone.

K argues can’t they mend the rule for once.. it was done previously too..
He tells, that he is not even pointing out Vinayak.. but weren’t Sury dev and Markandey brought back to life…he further continues saying that is this offer valid only to rishies and devtas..and the humans have to face the sword of death on their neck forever?
Is this Mahadev’s justice.. is this Mahadev’s fairness?

Mahadev raises his voice ‘Kartikeya’

Seeing things heat up.. Nandi asks Mahadev to calm down and asks K to come with him.
K rudely replies to Nandi to back off and not to meddle in father-son issues..
Parvati devi raises her voice and asks K to behave.
Parvati devi disciplines K to behave and not to talk in such a way wid his dad and he is being disgraceful. She asks him to apologize which Nandi tells he didn’t mind..

Parvati devi orders K to leave… She tells Mahadev that she now realizes what he meant.. why he was so worried for K.

K ponders on the words of Arunasur’s followers..and the scenes of Parvati devi turning into Kaali devi flash in his eyes.

Shiva asks Nandi to forgive K.. Nandi tells he didn’t mind at all..Shiva says that one day K will realize why his parents have taken sucha decision…Nandi tells Shiva ,K feels that K feels ignored by all.. he feels that no one cares of him and now not one would care for the promise which he made.. he feels left out.
Shiva tells K should understand that what all evil will rise from this mess… both K and Arunasur are unknown of the fact what all consequences they have to face if Arunasur’s mother is made alive.


Parvati devi says to K.. the promise which ur father himself never gave.. how can he give it to Arunasur?
K is all emotional..that will his parents back n support him in his fulfilling the promise.
Ganesh informs Parvati devi n Mahadev that K has left Kailash.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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