Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi saying this Parmeet Khurana can be someone else, and asks Ishita why is she after her. She says she will call Parmeet, he is in office. Raman says no use. She calls him and he does not take the call. Raman says open your eyes, come with me. The guard says you can’t go in. Raman scolds him and they all go inside. He says don’t stop me today. They all come there and are shocked to see Romi. Raman asks what are you doing here. Mrs. Bhalla says you said you are going office, who is with you. Sarika comes out of washroom and is shocked seeing them. Simmi says they are here on Parmeet’s name. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika why did she come her with Romi, is she not ashamed. She scolds Romi and Sarika.

She insults Sarika calling her characterless. Romi defends Sarika. Ishita says what are you doing here, and why is Parmeet’s name on the register. Simmi says its good we came inside, Ishita did this. Parmeet looks on from far and says Ishita ji, what will you answer you, her plan backfired. He comes and asks her what is she doing here, I got your missed call, maid said you all came here, I tracked your phone and came here, why is Romi and Sarika ji doing with him here. Sarika asks Romi to say why are we here. Simmi says Ishita got us here as she had doubt that you are here with some girl. Parmeet says how can she say this and how can Simmi come here to blame me.

Ishita says its Parmeet’s reservation. He says he came here for first time. Ishita asks about his night talk. He says you are interfering a lot. Raman asks Parmeet to stop it. Parmeet says what did I do, its my mistake that I love your sister. Why am I blamed? Did Ishita make booking on my name? Ishita says what, how will Romi and Sarika come here. Romi says yes, Ishita called me here. Ishita says me. Romi shows her message. Raman checks his phone. Romi says she called me here to bring Sarika to discuss issues. Raman asks Ishita why did you message Romi. Simmi says she trapped Parmeet. Raman asks Ishita to explain whats going on.

Mihir calls Mihika and says why is she not taking my call. Mihika is having chaat and talks to him. He asks where is he. She says I m having chaat and its fun as its raining. He says he called to talk about their marriage. She asks what. He says we have to change your name too after court marriage. He says I won’t run afterwards, visa process will be easy, we can go to honeymoon abroad. She says she won’t change her name, its so good. He says fine, I want to show you are my wife, you can do anything you want. She says I was joking, I love you so much, I want to show that you are only mine. She says we will go to registrar tomorrow. He says ok Mrs Mihika Iyer Arora.

Everyone come home. Simmi scolds Ishita and says you are trapping my brother with that Sarika. Ishita says she did not do that message. Simmi says stop this drama. She asks Raman to open his eyes now and asks her parents to tell anything. She says you all think Parmeet is wrong and this Ishita is always right. She asks her dad to punish Ishita now. Parmeet acts sweet and says he did not come to get her punished, she is my sister so her mistakes are forgiven, you also forgive her, its misunderstanding. Simmi says they don’t value you. He says lets go in room and leaves. Ishita says Raman……….. Raman signs stop.

Raman looks at Romi and asks why did you go there and asks what was he doing there with Sarika. Romi looks at Ishita. Raman slaps Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says why are you beating him, Ishita sent him. Ishita says I did not send the message, why would I take you all there, Parmeet is cheating us. Mrs. Bhalla says I know he ignited fire, but I saw Romi’s truth and you promised you will explain Sarika, you know I don’t like that girl. She says I can see its not their friendship, and Sarika is linked to Parmeet, if it was not her mistake, even then I don’t like her. Romi defends Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him and says you won’t meet her now. She asks Ishita to fire Sarika. Mr. Bhalla says leave it. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t be quiet.

Ishita says she can’t fire Sarika, she has to earn to feed her family, if she can’t become bahu of this house, even then she has to earn. Mrs. Bhalla leaves. Raman says its Romi’s mistake, first you settle then take other’s responsibility, change Romi, you get responsible and then I will get you married to the girl you want, but till then don’t do this. Raman leaves. Romi says what is this Bhabhi. She says trust me, I did not message. He says whoever sent it, I m in problem. He says its limit Bhabhi and leaves. Ishita says what new game Parmeet played. Ishita comes in the compound and says how did that message go to Romi? Parmeet? It means he used my mobile again. She holds her head and is stressed. Parmeet comes to her and smiles.

He says its fun to see her like this, and asks her to smile on his victory. He asks don’t you want to know how I did this. She says say it. He laughs and says Mrs. Bhalla was worried for his son and asked you to stop this relation. She says and you heard it. The FB shows Parmeet hearing Ishita promising Mrs. Bhalla. He says Sarika is not so innocent and so I thought to attack two people by one arrow, as you were listening my talk, I did the same, you don’t learn from mistakes, how did you go leaving phone at home in my presence. FB shows Ishita leaving, and Parmeet seeing her mobile.

Parmeet says he thought to do his work, and sent messaged Romi to explain him and he understood too. He says then he booked farmhouse, I know how your mind runs. He says he fooled her and she fell in his trap. FB shows how he made her get a wrong impression that he is meeting a girl. He says I knew Bhalla family will think I m cheating Simmi and got angry. He says Mrs. Bhalla believed in you and you have cheated her. He asks is she having fun. You think less by mind and more by heart, you forgot everything in exposing me, this is my set match. He asks her to keep phone carefully as anyone can do anything, if she wants to make him leave from this house, her stay will get difficult. She thanks him for advice, as she should have voice recorder always in her hand. He says I would have done that. She leaves. He laughs.

Shagun is drunk and Ishita is shocked seeing her on the road. She asks where is her car and driver. Shagun says she was driving and tree came in between, ask the tree to move. Ishita sees her car and asks is she fine.Shagun says I m fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fast pls

  2. Today i gave poor for yhm becoz of param . U and simmi will be in front of me i ll kill u first of all i want to slap u how dare u to tease our ishu and i like todays precap becoz in that situation looks like a mad.but tomorows episode will be very bore due to shaguns return to bhallas house.anyways i ll congrats romi to marry sarika i luv ishra guys.

  3. Gddhdskbvfhks

    I hate u parmeet you suck don’t do that to our ishu.

  4. Its a simple punjabi family but because its a serial their lives are so complicated so much happens everyday in bhallas family bad is vety bad and has to b constantly shown simmis and params life sucks throw them out .what they should instead show is love developing between ishit and raman cute family scenes

  5. i hate param and simmo also

  6. the show is out of top 10. if the makers continue with the parmeet episode, the show will loose its audience by a huge number. love story is wat we want to see between ishra. no non sense.

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