Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik being announced the winner. Everyone is happy and says congrats. Akshara gives her hand and people take Naitik. Naitik goes on the stage to thank everyone and gives his speech. Akshara smiles. He says he and his team worked hard to design unique and he gives credit for all this inspiration, and without that person, he could have not become a good businessman. He asks them to meet the most important person in his life and calls upon Akshara on stage. He says this victory goes to her. He asks her to receive the award. Akshara takes the award and everyone claps smiling.

Bau ji says Naitik is right, Akshara did a lot for him. Vishwamber says yes, their relation is strong. Akshara thanks Naitik. He says you deserve this. Mohit and Rukmani say congrats. Rukmani praises Mohit’s hardwork and he is getting promotion as his boss loves him. Mohit says no, he has left that job. She is shocked. He says I won’t get any promotion now. He says he will not do any job now. She asks what will you do then. He says he will do business with Naitik. Everyone smile. Rukmani asks are you going to work for in laws. Akshara says no, they will work on new project.

Naitik says he gave new expansion project to him. Rukmani says no, he won’t work, he can get any good job, no need to join their business. Mohit says understand. Rukmani blames Nandini for this and leaves angrily. Mohit apologizes to everyone on his mum’s behalf and says he will talk to her at home. He leaves with Nandini. Naitik asks Bau ji did he do anything wrong, I really want Mohit to work with us. Bhabhimaa says yes we know, but Rukmani should agree.

Mohit and Nandini come and talk to Rukmani. She says she does not want Mohit to work with Naitik. She says Shaurya and Naitik worked together as partners, but you lost job and you will work as employee. He says you always misunderstand them, they all love me a lot and respect me. She says she understands money is bigger than relations, you will work as his servant, not his boss. He says he does not want to become Naitik’s boss and leaves. Its night, Naitik and Akshara say I love you to each other and are happy.

She says if we always support each other, every problem will be solved. Naksh comes and brings a cake to celebrate. Naitik says wow Naksh, its good, but. Naksh says its sugarfree,. Muskaan ordered it. They cut the cake. Thoda hum bhi khelenge……………………plays………………..Naksh asks them to have it and they say first him and her. Naksh eats it and asks them to make each other eat. They have the cake. Jadoo tera chal gaya………………… They hug Naksh and thank him. Its morning, Ananya says she will not like this gift.

Suresh calls Naman and asks how is he. Naman says he was busy so did not call him. He says Naitik gave me assignment. Suresh asks him to join his company as the owner as they are not related to them. Akshara comes and hears Naman. Naman says yes dad, you are right, Naitik is my elder brother, he wants to teach me work, he trusts me. He says he will not ask money as he will learn work first. Akshara smiles being glad. Karishma comes to meet Shaurya and sees Anshu and Jasmeet. Rajshri asks JAsmeet to get tea for her. Karishma says she is getting late and leaves. Rajshri asks what happened to them. They talk about Karishma’s western clothes. Rajshri asks Kaki to ask Jasmeet what happened between her and Karishma. Dadi says leave it, things happen between friends.

Akshara says we got many good wishes since morning, so many bouquets. Muskaan teaches Naksh and he asks for a break. Naksh says Akshara that Muskaan is strict like her. Akshara thanks her for helping her. Muskaan says she is enjoying teaching him. Bhabhimaa dn Devyaani make the list. Rukmani brings some lady with her and she looks unwell. She asks Devyaani to see her, as the lady is having stomach pain, the dr is out of city. Devyaani checks her. Naksh says I know this lady is acting, I also used to make reasons to avoid work. Muskaan laughs.

Devyaani asks her does she have any allergy. Rukmani says give medicines fast. Devyaani says she will get her medicines and goes to make it. Naitik and Mohit work. Naitik orders Aloo chaat for Mohit and Mohit is thankful. They decide to setup their new office. The lady says she got relieved and her medicine is magical. Rukmani praises Devyaani. The lady praises Rukmani for helping her. The lady leaves. Rukmani says Mohit trusts you all a lot, he wants to work with Naitik. Akshara says they are childhood friends, don’t worry.

Jasmeet and Varsha try to use the veg chopper and see it got damaged. Kaki comes and says its new. Varsha says maybe its not working being new. Kaki asks them to use knives and they are doing this to save energy. She says whats the need to buy such things. Rajshri says Jasmeet will change it. Kaki is annoyed and leaves. Rajshri goes after her. Varsha signs Jasmeet not to worry. Naitik comes home and Akshara talks to him about Mohit being very talented. Naitk gets Neeraj’s call and asks Bau ji how much money he has sent. Naitik says the money reached is less, fine I will see at office tomorrow.

Akshara says Naman will not tell us, we should start giving him salary. Bau ji says yes, we will give. Naman says I called manager, don’t know about money. Naitik says we will find it. They have a talk. Naksh makes everyone laugh. Rukmani comes with the lady again. The lady says she will do their police complaint. Everyone is puzzled. The lady Meena says Devyaani is fraud and shows her bad treatment. They are shocked seeing her eyes as she removes her black glasses.

Devyaani panics. Akshara says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Devyaani says she will apologize. Naitik says why, its not your mistake. Bhabhimaa says Rukmani will tell everyone. Akshara we have to find how infection happened. He says but how.

Update Credit to: Amena

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