Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhallas pulling Ishita’s leg and hugging her knowing Raman has told her I love you before going. Amma joins them and Mrs. Bhalla gives the good news that Raman ahs told I love you to Ishita after 1.5years of marriage. Amma gets glad and goes to get sweets. Mihir comes and Romi asks him about Rinki. Mihir says he needs to talk to Ishita. He tells that Rinki does not want to come home with him. She says relations don’t break so easily, look at me and Raman, we fight so much. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla hear them. Ishita asks Mihir to leave Rinki, he can’t force her, and give her some time to take a decision.

Mrs. Bhalla says what is she saying, Mihir will not come then to convince Rinki. Simmi asks her to trust Ishita. Ishita says I think this will work, sometimes giving space solves the problem. Mihir says fine, I hope you are right, thanks. She asks him to go home. He comes out and sees Simmi. He leaves. Simmi goes to Ishita and asks why did she send Mihir. Ishita asks does she think she accepted failure and smiles. Simmi asks whats her plan.

Subbu asks Bala what happened. Bala thanks him as his competition plan was success, one couple got benefit. Subbu asks did Mihir and Rinki patch up. Bala says Raman has told I love you to Ishita, as the family was trying to make him say, finally it happened, he told her before going US, Vandu just told me. Subbu says its good. Bala leaves. Subbu’s mum asks him did he arrange this competition, whats was the need to interfere in between Raman and Ishita.

Its night, Ishita misses Raman and hugs his pillow. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays…………… She recalls his love confession. The kids come to her and asks why did dad go. Ishita says she has surprise for them. She plays Raman’s voicemail and says he did what they wanted, he told Ishita that I love you Ishita. The kids get glad. Adi says now this film will get complete. Ruhi says Papa should get kissy as his prize, did you give. Ishita says no. Ruhi says poor Papa. They recall him and laugh. Ishita says Papa will take more time to reach US. She asks Ruhi to sleep. She takes the kids and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………….

Ashok says I got news that Raman is expanding his company in US. Shagun says I see. He says its good chance for us to get your kids back in Raman’s absence, we can attack Ishita. She says right, she will be weak without him. He says we have to do something in Bhalla family to divert them. She says I know what I have to do now and smiles.

Its morning, Ishita sits making science project for Ruhi and says last time Raman helped me, and this time I m doing alone. Mrs. Bhalla says she is missing Raman. Simmi comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks her to see Ishita is missing Raman and getting angry on teacher. Simmi teases her. Adi says he wants new bat for his cricket practice. Ishita says she will get it. Ishita asks how can I know about cricket bats, I can’t handle it. Ishita gets message from Raman and smiles. She says he wrote he reached NY. Simmi asks what else did he write. Ishita says he wrote I miss you and I love you. Simmi says I did not know my rude brother writes such, he will write poetry for you. She sits to help her.

Romi tells Mihika that its Ishita’s plan, he knows Rinki, she should get a shock and she will change. She asks does everyone know. He says just Simmi, me and Ishita, not Mihir. Mihika says I m worried. Romi asks her to come. Mrs. Taneja meets Mrs. Bhalla and says she got a proposal for her daughter, and came to ask her about the guy Mihir Arora, she came to know he married your daughter and she gave him divorce. Mrs. Bhalla says they are not divorced, just arguing because of his old GF, past tension, keep us away. Rinki hears them.

The lady says leave the past, my daughter is not jealous. Mihir said he will marry after his divorce, everyone moves on. Rinki says he is in so hurry. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the lady and says we have raised Mihir, get up and leave. Mrs. Taneja argues with her and Mrs. Bhalla pushes her out. Simmi thinks Ishita’s plan is working, I will inform Romi.

Ishita asks Adi to choose a bat and says she should have got Romi today. Subbu comes and asks did she open cricket shop in dentist clinic and helps Adi. He says he has his seasoned bat and he will give him. Raman sees them and misses Raman. Shagun waits for Parmeet. He comes and says no one waited for me so anxiously. He smiles and walks to her. She says finally you came, you look fit and does not have any sadness to lose your wife and kid. He says money can’t make anything affect. She asks does he not miss Simmi. He says no. She asks about Ananya, she misses her kids a lot. He says who don’t miss kids, tell me why did you call me. She says she misses her children and don’t he think he should take his daughter back, he is man and can live his life alone, but she is missing kids, we should take kids back from them. He says Raman won’t let me. She says he went to US, this is the right time, think about it.

Parmeet taunts Ishita and says see how I came on my knees for you, you are threatening me being on wheelchair, good style. She asks will he go out by kicks or himself.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode. ..but missing raman yaar. …..

  2. Ye pehle episode hai jis mein raman nahin tha. ….bahut suna suna lagraha tha. .

  3. good epidose.per missing raman a lot.

  4. per ishu aur kid ka scen bohot bohot acha tha bus raman is missing.kash raman wear in that scene tho it will be awesome.

  5. Sinsui Awards 2015 *** Yhm got 6 awards in Sinsui awards
    2015 1. Ensemblance – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2. Jodi – Raman Ishita 3. Best Actor in Negative Role: Sangram
    aka Ashok 4. Best Actress in Negative Role: Anita
    aka Shagun 5. Best Child Actress: Ruhanika Dhawan 6. Best Supportive Actor: Aly Goni aka
    Romi Source: P.S.: No idea when will it telecast on TV
    but they are showing that it will come
    on Sab TV soon.

    1. Wow priyaroli yhm ko 6 awards mile. ..abhi toh shuruwat hai. .aage aur aayen ge awards. …

    2. haan mizun abhi picture bhaki hai.pura ka pura awards hamara hai.

    3. Bahhut achhi baat hai.our show is

  6. Hayy puri family kitni khush hogayi jabpata chala ki raman ne ishita ko I♡ U bol diya. ..

  7. mrs.bhalla,simmi ka teasing scene of ishu tho kamaal hai.beautiful family.even simmi is looking very happy.per feeling sad for her ki kal she will become sad due to that stupid param.oh god even he known that raman will nt leave him easily.phir bhi he is coming.koi baad nayi param raman nayi tho kya usi ka biwi hai mrs.ishita raman bhalla.iss baar pakka tu jail jaye ka.

  8. Yaar ye param aagaya ab shagun ki help karega. …..

  9. Nice episode miss u raman

    1. ramya im frm andhra yar

  10. oh ho raman doest nt shown today we got to miss him.per woh tho pura week nayi aayega.oh ho karan we miss u a lot.bus come soon.and ishu get well soon.

  11. Ab Subbu kya kare ga. …uss k face se toh laga ki woh happy nahin tha. …

  12. This shagun nd ashok planning big thing this time aab kya karega oon log.ishitha akele hai.

  13. arey yaar dont make subbu negative.we have already so many negative characters.

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    toshiji n simmi scene bhi achcha tha kitna tease kar rahe the ishita ko. ….

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  19. What vil happen vit kids.shagun vil take them??????????????

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