Warrior High 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ayaaz asks a tight hug from Utkarsh, Utkarsh doesn’t feel right about it. Rohit and others come and asks to go t dorm room, Utkarsh runs to dorm room as he doesn’t want to be punished again. Rohit asks Ayaz to arrange some more cigarettes as their stocks are ending.
Dadi and Vibha talked, Vibha was lying in bed. Rohit comes to inquire about Vibha’s well being. Vibha introduces her to Daadi, Rohit asks Vibha if Kamini is behind this all. He asks Vibha and Daadi to call him if any help is needed. Daadi says he is a good boy and was worried about her. She says she likes him. Vibha says he is her senior. Daadi says it is good, he is in marriage age. Vibha says not Rishab, Daadi asks will she marry Parth then. Vibha looks at her for a while then says he is her student. Vibha asks her not to worry, love will happen to her in its right time. Daadi takes her promise that she should tell her about it for sure.
Utkarsh says good night to Parth saying it is time to meet his dream girl. Parth says he has gone mad. Utkarsh says he would also have gone mad had he seen her. Parth says he doesn’t want to see her.
Sid was on his bed thinking about Siali and his interactions from day one. He wonders why he thinks about her again and again, why he can’t jerk her from his mind. He lay down to sleep. Sid dreams about dancing with Siali, Parth dreams of dancing with Vibha while Utkarsh dreams with Rose, they danced on ‘Saari ki fall se’. They wake up, Utkarsh asks Parth who came to his dream. Parth tells him to shut up and sleep, Utkarsh goes to bed again so does Parth. Sid goes out.
In the girl’s dorm, Siali gets up, Niti was also awake and asks where is she going. Siali says she forgot to get water and is thristy, so she is going to mess. Niti asks her to return soon.
In the staffroom, Kamini thinks she did what daadi told her, now she must get her prince charming who should look after her.
Siali curses herself as she goes into the corridor for forgetting to get water. Sid walks to the ground and sits under a tree.
Kamini was working in staffroom when Rishab comes in. He tells Kamini to go and sleep. Kamini says assessing these papers is important, she doesn’t sleep without completing her duties. She asks if he took round of boy’s dorm room? He nods, she says that is good, thankyou.
There is an earthquake and the whole building moves. Parth calls at Utkarsh to run. Everyone run out, Niti calls Siali. Vibha wakes Daadi that it seems to be an earthquake. Daadi asks her to come out, Vibha couldn’t get up and asks her to go out. Daadi doesn’t leave her. Utkarsh and Niti were looking for Siali, they hear Siali’s shout and are worried.

PRECAP: Sid asks for Siali’s hand, she takes his hand. Charlie helps Niti. Ayaz asks Utkarsh what he is doing, Urkarsh says he won’t go without taking Siali while Ayaz asks him not to behave like a fool. Parth takes Vibha out of bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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