Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman kicking Shagun out. Adi goes to her and she hugs him crying. She says see how they treated me, kicking me out, your dad does not care for me and you, lets leave from here, no one cares for us. Adi asks where will we go. Shagun says anywhere, we will die, but we will go from here. Mrs. Bhalla cries for Adi. Adi says so shall I go…. And sees Raman… Shagun looks at Raman. Raman turns his face away and Ishita is stunned. Pita se hai naam tera………….plays………….. Shagun takes Adi. Ishita turns Raman. They cry seeing Adi leave and recall the moments spend with him.

Mihir and Rinki’s marriage is done by all rituals and everyone smile. Mihir and Rinki greet elders. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Mihir and blesses him. He hugs Mr. Bhalla. They ask him to take care of Rinki. Tere mahelan de…………..plays………….. Raman and Ishita hug them and give blessings. Ishita says she is Mihir’s sister now and has to go for Rinki’s grahpravesh, lets go Raman. Raman explains Rinki to accept this marriage as sometimes relation join like this. He apologizes to Mihir. Mihir says I will handle her, can she handle my responsibility, we are friends.

Ishita asks Rinki not to let their friendship get affected, she will handle the relation well, right. Rinki cries and goes. Mihir says I will see her later, she needs some time, I will take care. Raman says you were my friend, brother and now brother in law, and hugs him. Ishita thinks she did a mistake, support me this time Lord, I always trusted my instinct, I hope this decision is right. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Romi did not tell us after all this. Romi says how would I tell you.

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She says does kids hide anything from parents. Raman and Ishita come home. Mrs. Bhalla says people will question Romi a lot now. Raman says don’t answer anyone, we have to find solution. She says everyone will taunt him. Raman says I will break their mouth, what Romi did needs courage to tell his weakness infront of everyone, I feel proud of him, forgive me Romi. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to rest. They hear Shagun’s voice and goes to see.

Amma and Shagun have a loud argument. Amma says this is our house, you are a cheap woman, we have respect here, get out. Shagun says I will bring down your respect now and shouts outside, saying my brother saved their sister, their son can’t become a father, Iyer’s one daughter is infertile and other daughter was sleeping with my to be husband.

Raman and Ishita, and everyone go to see her. Shagun argues and speaks in very rude tone and dirty way. Ishita say enough, stop these games. Shagun reminds her games, and how she did acting with Mrs. Bhalla, you think I m stupid. Ishita asks her to go. Shagun calls Romi impotent, and he gets angry. She asks about Simmi, being here at their home. She asks Ishita about them, and scolds her, saying all this what you have was mine. Ishita says it was, not its mine, this is my family, my husband.

Shagun asks what husband, did you guys tell I love you to each other, did you both touch each other till now, and laughs on them. He says he did not even touch you, and Ishita slaps her being very angry. She says what happens between me and my husband, its our personal matter, don’t talk in between. Shagun pushes her back and goes to slap. Raman holds her hand and stops her. He says enough, you spoke a lot, and I heard a lot, if you tell anything to my wife, I will cross all the limits, I promise, be careful. He says this is my family, get out from here.

She says you all kicked me out, what will you do of Adi. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Shagun says you all will die to meet Adi, I will see you all, come to meet Adi, I will show then. She leaves. They all cry. Raman says come… Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to go their homes, as they come to see the drama.

Mihir comes to Rinki and sees her crying. He brings coffee and keeps the mugs. He says I will make space in my cupboard, you can keep everything, I m sorry, I will figure out everything tomorrow, have this coffee, your semester exams are coming, you study well and give exams good, we have same subjects, see don’t cry, if Raman knows this, he will beat me a lot, don’t tell even Ishita. She smiles and says I don’t have habit to study alone, as I had Simmi at home.

He says I m with you, if I sleep, then beat me with this ruler and wake me up. He says lets start, its less time to exams. He sits with her and says everything looks strange, I was hardworking in college, but I will have revision while studying with you. They study. She smiles seeing him.

Raman talks to Pathak and says its too much, I have to win this case at any cost, I will send you details. Ishita comes and asks what happened. Raman says I m tired of Shagun’s warnings. Mr. Bhalla comes and says your mummy is not well, come fast. They rush to Mrs. Bhalla.

She cries saying how will her family go ahead, where is their heir, Adi is gone and Romi can’t have kids. Raman says there will be some solution, I will find it, calm down, everything will be fine. Raman thinks he has to solve Romi’s problem and also Shagun’s. Ishita sees missing ad about Sarika, and says what rubbish, Raman is finding her.

Shagun gets the legal notice and says the hell, Raman has filed for Adi’s custody. Raman tells Ishita about getting Romi and Sarika married, and she can see mummy’s state, I m sure Romi will take the responsibility now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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