Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Cabir starts his first show. Fab5 smiles hearing the show outside the door of studio. He calls his friends as colours of his life. Manik hugs Aaliya, Aaliya tries to hug Dhruv but he jerks here hand. She drags him from shoulder, he watches her hand and smiles. They get a cake with a headphone on it. Mukti goes to bring candles from car. Aaliya says to Dhruv it is a very special day about their friend, please don’t ruin it. Manik asks what happened, she says nothing. Manik watches Nandini coming there, he takes her aside into another room. He asks if she is following him, she says no but there is something important she wants to talk about. Nandini looks at Mukti and goes to her, she stops her and says she hopes Abhimanyu is fine. Manik comes behind her. Mukti was silent, she watches Manik approaching and says is she talking about that Chapraasi. Manik asks Mukti why she didn’t tell them she is in touch with that Abhimanyu. Mukti says they talk on text for sometimes. Nandini stops Mukti to talk and says to Manik that he may leave. Mukti murmurs that Navya couldn’t keep secret. Nandini says she didn’t tell her anything, I heard it myself. Mukti tells her not to share it with anyone from Fab5, she turns to see Fab5 standing behind. Manik asks where is Abhimanyu. Mukti says he is in hospital, cancer 3rd stage. Cabir just comes out, notices the tension and asks what happened to them all, has someone died. Manik asks Mukti why she didn’t tell them. Cabir asks what is happening here. Aaliya says Abhimanyu is in hospital, 3rd stage cancer and Mukti loves him. Cabir and Manik ask why she didn’t tell them. Mukti says to Nandini that she has ruined all again. Manik says she is right. Mukti asks doesn’t he hate her, she asks him to decide whose friend is he. She leaves. Nandini says this is what she wanted to tell, she is sorry that Mukti is hurt. Cabir says it isn’t her fault, we are all busy in our lives that we didn’t know what is happening in the lives of our friends. Nandini leaves, Cabir says they must go to Mukti. Aaliya asks where she must be, Manik says hospital.
Mukti watches Abhimanyu reading magazine. Manik places hand on her shoulder, she turns. She asks why has he come here, to tell her that she is not right, how can he side Nandini. Manik hugs the crying Mukti, she cries hard. He takes her to a side. Nandini comes to Abhimanyu, she asks if he is enjoying his job n US. He says they are really kind, and the company is sending him on a long vacation. She asks why he lied. He says he likes surprising people, she must have got surprised when Mukti would have told her about him. Nandini says she didn’t tell me, infact she is angry with me for knowing and telling others. Abhi says this is why she didn’t come to show her angry face to him. Nandini asks if he understands her so well, he says he loves her. He asks isn’t her love story on tract, actually they both have a lot of time to play games but he and Mukti doesn’t have.

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Manik says to Mukti that when you know about the end of your relations. He says he knows about Abhimanyu and it is so shocking. She must have shared this. He asks how would she think when she get to know that one of ours relation isn’t going to end well. Mukti asks Manik his relation also ended bad. Manik recalls Nandini’s hope and says there is still hope. Mukti says Navya was right, he wants to get back to Nandini. Mukti says she is confused, but one doesn’t get true love so easily and she doesn’t want to let it go when she has got it. Something like death can’t scare her. She stands to leave, Manik stops her and asks where she is going.
He asks her to drop her. She says she won’t go home, she will get fresh and go to Abhimanyu and tell him how much she loves him.
Abhimanyu asks Nandini to save her tears for sometime later. She asks he won’t get any better. Nandini and Manik both come to each other. Manik asks how does she always show up when he needs her, needs her to not be there. He takes her into a room and says if Mukti sees her. Nandini says she won’t like but she wanted to meet Abhimanyu. Manik asks did Mukti have to love him of all the boys, why she always fall in love with the wrong person. Nandini says love is never wrong, it is the purest relation in the world. Manik says he doesn’t know if he ever felt pure love, it is just an illusion which goes away when you try to come near to it. Nandini place hand with Manik, and asks if he really think there is no love in this world. Manik holds her hand, looks at her then jerks her away. She was about to fell and he, in a quest to help her, kiss her on the cheek.

PRECAP: Manik reminds Nandini that tomorrow is Holi. She says she hates Holi, but he says he will play with her whether she likes it or not.

Update Credit to: Sona

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