Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi opening the door. She asks Amma what happened. Amma asks where is Romi. Simmi asks why. Amma says call him, I will talk to him, I have to ask him something, I will punish him. Simmi says tell me what happened, he is not here. Amma says the same. She says tell him to meet me. Amma leaves. Simmi thinks what happened, I have to tell Romi, she has his laptop. Amma thinks what to tell Appa about this, I will call Ishita but fails. Simmi calls Romi and he gets tensed. He says wait, I will do something, if Raman knows this, he will kill me. He tells her friends that old issue came up, I have to solve this matter, I need your car, but you guys leave.

Amma tries taking an auto. She walks on the road trying to call Ishita. Sarika comes to Ishita’s cabin and sees Amma’s call. She talks to Amma. Amma says ask Ishita to wait there, I m coming there. Amma tries to take the auto but could not. Sarika ends the call. Amma has the laptop and says how can Romi do this with Mihika. She says Romi, I will not leave you. Romi hits her by the car and leaves. The laptop falls along with Amma. Amma gets seriously injured. People gather around her. Raman passes by and comes to know the old woman was hit and is injured, she was hit by white car. They ask whose laptop is this. Raman sees it and says its my brother’s laptop.

He is shocked to see Amma lying ion the ground. He rushes to Amma and asks them to call the ambulance. He says open eyes Amma, bring water. Ishita comes in her cabin and sees Amma’s missed calls. Sarika comes and says Amma called and said its urgent and she is coming here. Ishita says I will call her. Raman takes Amma to the hospital. Sarika asks Ishita not to leave as Amma is coming here. Ishita tries calling again and gets worried. Raman takes the phone from Amma’s hand and sees its Ishita’s. He takes the call.

He cries and says Amma will be fine, don’t worry, Amma met with an accident, I m taking her to city hospital, you come there with everyone. Ishita cries and says I m coming. Raman asks the doctor to save Amma at any cost, as she is like his mum. The doctor asks him to be calm. Ishita comes looking and asks Raman where is Amma. She sees Amma’s blood on his shirt and cries. She asks where is Amma, tell me, in what state. He says she is serious, nothing will happen to her. Ishita sees Amma through the glass and is shocked.

She breaks down and says save my Amma. Raman makes her sit and says she will be fine. He says you have to be strong. Bala, Vandu and Mihika also come there. Bala asks how is Amma. Raman says she got hit much on head and lots of bleeding, but hopefully she will be fine, I hope you did not tell Appa. Bala says we lied to him. Ishita says what will we tell Appa. Appa comes there and asks Raman whats all this blood and what are everyone doing here. Raman asks Appa to have strength and hear him. Raman says Amma is in operation theatre, she met with an accident, she got hit on head and her operation is going on, she is serious now. Appa asks what did doctor say, will she get fine. Appa starts crying.

Raman says this is a good hospital, doctors are trying, she will be fine, I will not let anything happen to her. Raman asks Appa to tell Ishita that we are here with Amma and nothing will happen to Amma. Appa tells Ishita that Raman is right, nothing will happen. Raman reached there on time. Ishita cries and hugs him. Ishita says don’t worry, Amma will be fine. The doctor comes and says the operation is complete, lets see how she responds. Ishita says I m a doctor, tell me her exact position. He tells her that she got blood clot, its important for her to become conscious.

Raman asks when will she come in senses. The doctor says we have to see in 24 hours, else she can go in coma. Vandu cries. Ishita hugs her. Raman gets the items that were with Amma. He gives it to Ishita. Raman goes to do the formalities. Ishita says what was Romi’s laptop doing with Amma, Sarika told me Amma wanted to talk tome urgently, I don’t understand what was the matter. Ishita opens the laptop and sees police coming. She asks Vandu to call Raman. Ishita asks Raman to come as the police came.

The inspector comes and questions Bala and Raman. Raman says I brought her here. The inspector says we want to meet the patient. Raman takes him in the ICU. They take Amma’s pics. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla come and asks how is Amma. Mihir comes and meets Mihika. She cries and hugs him. Raman tells the inspector that the culprit should be caught at any cost else he will go to commissioner.

Ishita sees Simmi and Romi coming home in white car. Ishita confronts Romi for doing Amma’s accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. amma must get well soon

  2. amma must get well soon

  3. Arey Yaar what’s wrong with this Romi n Simmi both are idiots.

  4. i dunno y rumi does nt change.
    he luks gud and supportive to ishu but dunno y he creates a mess always.

  5. Fast yar

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