Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi starts with Buaji overhearing Soham say that Vicky has run away with the money. She is very upset and tells them she should have listened to them when they tried to warn her against Vicky.She is upset and wailing about it when behold! Vicky comes there. He spins his tale and shows them Kookie’s visa and passport that he got made thanks to Buaji’s money.
Buaji is relieved while SoJi and Kookie are shocked and unhappy.

Kookie is crying and Rajji comes there and consoles her. She promises Kookie they will do something. Soham comes there and tells them it’s too late. He scolds kookie that if she doesnt take a stand there is nothing to be done (umm he told Guggie NOT to take a stand and now this… Bipolar hogaya hai Sohamwa!). Kookie tells them she cant go against her mother. She tells them how much her mother has sacrificed for her. Soham tells her he is asking her to stand for her love. Kookie says she is helpless. Soham leaves from there in anger.

Parmeet comes to the NGO land and sees no one there. Rana arrives there with two of his goons. Parmeet tries to reach the laborers but they tell him they wont be able to work there. Bani is meanwhile trying to reach Parmeet and getting worried because his phone is busy. Parmeet talks to Randeep and tells him about the problem. Parmeet tells him not to let Bani know whats goin on. Randeep tells him not to worry and he will handle it.

Surjit, Gagan and Bani talk about all the problems and Bani Mata says it is all her fault ( yes, it really is). Gagan tells Bani that the wish game was played solely to find out Bani’s heart desires. bani is all gooey eyed at that.Surjit says atleast this proves how much Parmeet loves her.

Rana and his men are making fun of Parmeet, when Randeep makes an entry ( The best thing about the whole epi was Randeep bieng a badass). He has brought Laborers with him. Randeep , being the bigger gunda runs off Rana and his men, and tells Parmeet that the sarpanch will try to mess this up again. Randeep leaves from there after telling Parmeet to take care.

Bani tells Gagan she is worried. bani tells Gagan they should cancel the idea for the NGO and find other ways t help women.

Sarpanch tells Rana that he will punish Parmeet for this.

Randeep comforts Bani and tells him that the whole Bhullar family is standing with Parmeet.

Kookie calls Guggie and they talk for a few min. Guggie tells her he really wants to meet her and Kookie is about to reply when Buaji comes there and takes the phone from her. Guggie is silent on the other hand after hearing Buaji’s voice. Buaji looks at Kookie angrily

Epi Ends

Precap: Rana and is men are at the site and threaten Parmeet. One of them hits Parmeet on the back of his head and he falls. bani who is trying to call Parmeet gets worried.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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