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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita waking up and shouting seeing Raman. He shouts and asks why is she shouting. He says he was sleeping here, and he did not do anything and don’t have such intention in future too. They argue cutely. He asks her not to think she is gorgeous and says about his bad sleep with Appa, when Appa attacked him. She says don’t bring Appa in between. Amma comes and wants to know about the bed and Parmeet. Simmi tells her mum that carpenter did not repair the bed. Amma is shocked and thinks if he did not break their bed, then whose. Raman comes holding his back and Amma gets worried. Raman and Ishita greet her.

Raman asks Ishita to talk to Amma. Ishita takes her to kitchen and asks did you send any carpenter, what was the need for him to come in our room, our bed broke, Raman was hurt, he was shouting, we had to sleep on small mattress on the ground. Amma thinks my attack on Parmeet failed but its good, Raman and Ishita got close and smiles. Amma says take care Raman and leaves being very happy for Ishita. Raman says all of them are mad. Simmi says she has to make parathas for Parmeet. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla not to tell anything, he is like virus and he won’t change easily, we have to do something, till then leave it.

Shagun is with her friends. They ask her wedding date. Shagun says soo n, its going to be big fat wedding, so need time for planning. Shagun says his brother is here, very soon I will come to invite personally. Her friend Riya tells her that her parents send her pics of the groom, but she is not ready. Shagun asks her to marry. Riya says I m very happy with my independence, see the pics. Shagun is shocked seeing Ashok’s pic. They say is this Ashok’s plan, what happened Shagun. Shagun says its not possible, it might be confusion. Riya says no its not. Shagun leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi whats going on. He says nothing he is going. She asks why are you always on phone. He says he is going office now. He meets Chotu and gets some gift. Mrs. Bhalla sees this. Romi likes the earrings. Chotu asks for whom is this and names many girls. Romi says forget them, its for Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla hears this. Romi leaves with Chotu. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see you son, I think Sarika matter is serious. Suraj sees good proposals for Ashok. Shagun comes home and sees this. She asks him whats going on, its Suraj’s marriage, how can you send Ashok’s marriage, I got insulted.

Ashok is my fiancé. The man asks Suraj why is she scolding me. Suraj says you leave, I will call later. Suraj taunts her and says don’t react as if you don’t know, we are finding girls for Ashok. She is shocked and says coming in my home and igniting fire infront of me. He says your house, it wasn’t yours, you did what you can do for him, you want his money. She says I was not after him, he loved me. He says Ashok loves challenges, it does not mean to get all of them at home. Shagun shouts Suraj……….. He says you lost your husband and now Ashok, your family also abandoned you, you are all alone, no one cares for you, Ashok will marry a rich girl to get some profit. He leaves. Shagun is astounded.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita about Romi. She says she tried to be her children’s friend and know their hearts, but she can’t bear this to happen, I don’t want Romi to make any mistake, Romi and Sarika are meeting a lot, he said she is his friend, I don’t like Sarika, she was with Parmeet, don’t know what was wrong between them, you know Parmeet is wrong, I don’t like Sarika meeting Romi. Ishita says I don’t think its more than friendship. She says I know my son, he has many girlfriends and now Sarika, I want him to be away from Sarika. Her family is bad and they stay at some bad place. She says you explain Sarika, give some money and make her transfer somewhere.

Ishita says I know you are worried for Romi, it does not mean Sarika is bad, we should not care about her father and home, her character should be good, Parmeet was wrong, not her, Parmeet misbehaved with me too, was I wrong, then how can I blame her. I know Romi and Sarika should maintain distance, as you told about Romi’s confused state about girls, he should think about making any strong relation and then regretting. She asks her not to worry as she will talk to Sarika, and promises her that she will do whats right. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her.

Parmeet hears them and sees Ishita coming. He acts like talking on phone to his girlfriend and fools Ishita. He says we will meet tomorrow in our farmhouse, I booked it, don’t worry. Ishita hears this. He leaves. She thinks whom is he meeting now, is he cheating Simmi, I want all info before I warn Simmi. Parmeet says Ishita ji think now, your mind works fast in these things. He says see now whats the result of playing a game with me.

Ishita serves dosas for Mr and Mrs. Bhalla. Simmi asks Parmeet to drop her and Ananya to playschool. He says come, its my duty. They leave. Raman comes for breakfast. He asks about Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know what he does, he went early today. Raman says don’t know what he does. Ishita gets a call on landline, a lady asks about Parmeet and says any other number I need to talk urgently. She says the address and says we had to meet today and just to confirm. She tells this and ends the call. Ishita tells everything to them. Raman says about work or….. Ishita says the girl was looking personal type, not formal. She says I heard Parmeet talking on phone and saying he will fool Simmi and come to meet you. Raman gets angry.

She says its good chance for us to expose him, we should go to farmhouse and catch him red handed. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Simmi can know the truth. They agree. Mr. Bhalla says take Simmi along. Parmeet is with the girl and says she gave good audition. He gives her money and says he will make her life. He says now Ishita will be caught. Bhallas reach the farmhouse. Raman asks the guard who is inside. The guard says booking is on Mrs and Mr Parmeet Khurana. Simmi is shocked. Raman checks the register. Simmi confirms. Raman shows the register to Simmi. She cries.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita did she talk to Sarika. Ishita says no, I did not go to clinic, I will talk to her, don’t worry. Mrs. Bhalla says she can be in peace till Sarika goes from Romi’s life. Romi argued with me for first time because of her, I can’t bear this.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. good episode . hope parmeet fail in his plan and be caught red handed by the apne hi pair par kuladi maarna

  2. Arae no yaa thank u amena for ur hint ill see that hpw dare u ishu i lnpw ur heart is so soft but how could it be that idoit shagun to be in ur house
    But raman u should not have the soft corner amon shagun.ur heart is only for our ishu and ruhi.

  3. no.. parmeet’s plan will succeed.. ishita will be trappd.. poor ishita..

  4. expected story that is y the makers did not bring raman and ishu near and physically. pati patni aur woh story on the cards. enough of yhm. the makers failed to project a once in a lifetime love story. not sure wat is raman’s problem with ishu. how come he is still not in love with ishu. his dialogue that he will never get intimate with ishu brought us down completely. the makers r useless who r just focusing on dragging in the wrong lines. u drag, we want this to be the longest series but drag on the right lines. we shld not be surprised if a new character enters the scene and he is in love with ishu. mad(e) for each other couple becoming someone else’s partner.

    1. I dont think.. Ishu will feel in love with some one.. Raman & Ishu love each other.. But they are expressing in way of supporting/helping/caring/being with each other. I think marriage and love and not only made for physical purpose.. Ishu needs time to accept Raman and vice versa.. Be happy that story is not getting bored like rest of all.. Dragging years & years with boring story… YHM is different from all.. Its about family not only about Ishu & Raman.. I like the story line.. Its been interesting day by day..

  5. Love is not made for Physical met… Story is not getting bored.. like rest..
    Its sounds interesting.. Once they met physically also.. Wat else we can expect..?!

  6. poor ishita. but how can raman allow shagum into his house again? how did the bhalla’s agree?

  7. sorry i meant shagun

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