Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, ramesh tells dadaji abt sukus bike, dadaji says i will talk to suku later n leaves, mohan asks what the matter is,ramesh says nothing much vijendra comes n asks wat abt dollys shagun ramesh says we all together will give 11 each , roopan laughs just 11 shez getting married, vimla asks her to keep quite, mohan says lets sit n discuss together, vijendra says lets contribute 25000 each ramesh says thats too much for me, mohan says u new abt this n scolds ramesh vimla asks mohan to talk quietly n not yell at ramesh,ramesh says who speaks properly to me n leaves, laxmi says ramesh is trying his best n i promise due to us there wont be any problem in dollys shagun n leaves,nisha hears all this n feels bad for her mom, nisha goes to her dad n asks don’t we have money for dolly , laxmi says we do but the situation is little hard this time theres lot of money pressure right now, nisha says no worry we will adjust this times pocket money , laxmi asks nisha not to worry n they will find some solution, nisha asks ramesh to sell his box , ramesh scolds her, nisha says for u the bottle of alcohol is more important than us,u always create a problem n leave n mom has to face all the consequences atleast for once think abt her n leaves the room, ramesh smiles n says shes like me always worried for others this money is just for nisha n no one else.
Sourabh sees kirti alone n invites her to join the planning kirti refuses saying all think im stealing ritesh, sourabh says onething i guarantee u theres nothing gonna happen between ritesh n nisha, kirti says that’s wat , sourabh says if nisha rejects him think who will be the next choice,kirti smiles n agrees to join them, dolly calls nisha on terrace, kirti begins to act as if she is in love with ritesh n asks nisha to help her, nisha starts laughing at this n says im gonna do nothing n leaves,dolly asks wat to do next.
Vimla gives laxmi some money laxmi refuses to accept, vimla asks her to use it now n return later, ramesh comes drunk n says they will manage n don’t need this money, vimla says as u wish n leaves, ramesh says laxmi that he will manage the money. Jwala n bunty catch suku with new bike,suku somehow manages them.
Cousins send message from nishas cell to ritesh saying umesh will pick him for date, umesh tells kirti that he has forgiven her, umesh n kirti go pick up ritesh secretly through riteshs room window, umesh asks ritesh to get ready fast ritesh says he is confused umesh n kirti help him get ready, ritesh gets a phn call n he asks umesh to cancel the plan, umesh n kirti agree to ritesh n while hiding from leela they get locked in room.

Nisha help kirti n umesh get out of the room.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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