Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Amma about the photoshoot for Raman’s cover story. Amma is not sure to do this, and Raman tries to convince her, that they are interested in his family connections. Appa says we are ready. Raman asks Amma to come and bring class in the photoshoot, as his family is so loud. Ishita smiles. Raman asks Mihika to decide her saree and suggests. He asks Appa to make them ready and he will do the arrangements. Appa asks Amma which saree will she wear. Amma says Mihika will choose, her choice is good, I have to look the best, as Raman has put all pressure on me. Mihika is upset. Amma says she won’t go for it if Mihika does not come. Mihika says fine, I will choose your saree.

Mrs. Bhalla likes Raman’s idea and says their mood will be fine, as Amma has forgot to smile. She asks about Simmi. Ishita says she went to her friend’s home for two days and she will ask Romi to coordinate everything. Mrs. Bhalla says she has to turn modern and look beautiful. Ruhi says Ishita will make you lose. Mrs. Bhalla says her jalwas are not over. Ruhi says Dadi and Amma will compete solid. Mrs. Bhalla says she will make Amma recall her Nani and laughs. Ruhi asks Raman about his promise. Raman says everything will be fine and they show thumbs up.

Ishita thanks Raman, and says they are all smiling because of you. He says its good they will be together. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………. The cameraman fits the cameras. Mrs. Bhalla comes there and get clicked. She introduces herself as Santosh Bhalla, Raman’s mum. She asks do they have camera to show someone fat. He says yes. She asks him to make Amma fat and put many lens to show she is fat. He says he can’t do this. She explains him that she goes in big kitty parties and she will recommend him to her friends, just do her work. She says she is slim, but Amma should look fat. He suggests her to make black dress to look slim. She talks funny and leaves.

Mihir chooses a saree for Mihika. He reminds her that she wore it on her farewell, when she won Best student award and he came to meet her in Chennai, he lied to Raman and invented a client in Chennai, Raman caught him, but he still went there. Mihika cries. He selects some jewelry and makes her wear a necklace. She smiles seeing him. He says you are looking south Indian hottie, and makes her smile. Amma comes and says sorry, and closes her eyes. Mihir says Amma, please come in. Amma says so embarrassing. Mihir asks Mihika to decide Amma’s saree. Mihika decides Amma and Appa’s clothes. Amma and Appa argue. Mihir says they fight so cutely, and we will also be same when we get old, and you will always win. He asks her to get ready and leaves.

Raman asks Ishita to get ready. She says she is confused what to wear in western. He says no, wear saree. She asks does he want her to wear saree. He says someone told me, saree can also be s*xy. She says its someone intelligent, who is it, I would like to meet. He says she talks something smart sometimes. She smiles and asks him to suggest. He chooses one. She says its matching with his suit, and they will look in uniforms. He jokes and asks her to come soon. She says she has to change Raavan Kumaar’s name, as it won’t suit him now.

Bhalla and Iyer elders get ready. Mrs. Bhalla wears a black western dress and Amma wears the white saree. They both defend their clothes. The cameramen decide to keep white and black in contrast. They also argue. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma start arguing. Appa and Mr. Bhalla ask them to stop it. Ishita asks them not to stop, and praises Mrs. Bhalla. Amma controls her laughter and says Ishita said blind will like you. Everyone else come there. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, if someone blind sees me, he will get eyes, and if anyone sees you, he will get blind, and laughs. Amma gets angry. Ruhi and Raman looks on, and says third world war. Ruhi compliments Mihika. They all see her and smile.

Raman passes his usual taunts seeing Ishita looking taller than him, and stands with everyone, and goes. He tells Neelu to get a stool. Raman compliments Mihika and tells her that Ishita is looking taller today. Mihika smiles and asks is his ego hurt. She asks shall I talk to Akka. He says no. She asks what to do. He says get a stool. Mihir looks on and smiles seeing Mihika laughing. Mihir comes to Raman and asks what did he do, he was trying to make her smile since 2 hours, and he did in 2 mins. Raman says its called charm, and it always works. He asks Mihir to go and stand.

Ishita asks Raman wjhere did Mihika go. He says makeup touchup. She asks what was he talking. He says he was complimenting her, can’t he. She says he can, as her sister is very pretty. She asks him to come soon. Mrs. Bhalla asks hhim to come as they are clicking family pic. Raman waits for the stool. Music plays…………..Everyone pose for pics. They ask Raman to come. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla push each other and pose. Raman thinks why don’t they understand, my height is looking short infront of Ishita.

Ishita pacifies crying Mihika and tells Ashok’s lie. She says Ashok did not touch you. Mihia is shocked. Ishita says she is saying the truth, he wanted to avoid marriage, you gave him a chance and he took advantage. Mihika cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy Birthday or Happy Annyversry YHM
    Congratulations IshRa to complete 1 year sucessfuly…….
    I pray to God that your serial will complete years & years & years……..

  2. Dekha maine kaha tha na ki 3rd Dec. sab thik ho jayega aur hamara liye jarur koi surprize hoga. Kitane dino bad IshRa khush dikhai diye and pure ep. me ek saath the.

  3. Omg! All of them are looking fab!
    Love u ishita and raman♥♥♥♥♥
    and lotssss of loveeee for ruhi ♥
    Raman and ishita should confess their feelings plzzz writers do something ….waiting for that time love this serial YHM

  4. Congrattsss to my one of most favourite *** IshRa *** and whole Yhm team for 1st ” anniversary ”
    today episode is superb *****
    matching Raman Ishita – pink- grey….saari n suits…..
    by the way ishra looking outstanding in pink – grey saari…..

  5. A heartly congrats to yhm team ka for completing one year sucessfully.we wish they show our ishra together again congrats.

  6. In upcoming episodes a unnamed
    ” Love Latter ” with a ” Red Rose ” creat a small confusion in Bhalla house. Yeh letter kisi ladkine Blue shirteale Mr. Bhalla ke liye beja hai. Pehala shaq Romi pr Dusra shaq Mr. Bhalla pr hai. Pr dono me se kisi ke liye yeh latter nahi hai. Matalab defenately yeh Latter Raman ke liye hai. Ishita ko jalan to hoti hai par wo man ne ke liye taiyaar nahi ki Rawankumar ko koi ladki Love Latter bhej sakti hai.
    Muje to lagta hai shayad yeh latter wo new cheractor Karishma ne bheja hoga. Yeh confusion dekhane me maja aayega.
    Maine yeh SBS mai dekha tha.

    1. What is the full form of SBS?

      1. Saas bahu saadish

  7. nice episode

  8. nice & cute episode without idiots ….& happy anniversary to YHM

  9. ishra r looking fabulus today in same colour dress code.and ruhi tho looking like baby doll hai.and everyone was looking good.per raman and ishu r just outstanding.thank god raman u have saved ur ur looking handsome yaar.plz show moments of ishra.

  10. maine bhi SBS mai dekha tha

  11. raman ishita looking awesome yar.
    very nice episode.
    ishita y dont u put atleast a jewellery

  12. Yaar Raman reguler shave liya karo kitne handsome lagte ho. And Ishita you looking beautiful in new hairstyle. And Ruhi to hai hi princess….
    IshRa you both looking so happy yaar pls aise hi HAPPY raha karo aur hame bhi Happy rakho kuchh aise hi achche episodes dikhakar…

  13. Wow!! Todays episode was awesome and whole team of yhm congratulations.ruhi ishita n raman r bst and mrs bhalla n amma their arguing is superb n thank god ashok shagun..etc was not not der. I wnt sme more episode also lyk dis it ill b very nyc .happy to see mihika smiling n mihir supporting her nd ishra were cute nd waiting for thier confess..nd once again happy anniversary for yhm team

  14. For @ divyanka tripathi @ —
    Harr fan’s ka ek Tamanna app se Milne ka…..
    or yeh hai mohabbatein show mai apka raman se love confess directly rupp se ho jaye…….

  15. love u ishra.ishra are so cute

  16. Kudoos to YHM team for completing first anniversary.. U guys are really great.. We are watching this show from one year.. we did realized a year how passed away.. Keep rocking guys.. But sad to say.. in this one year only fights we remembered.. not any special moments between Raman & Ishita.. sad to say like this.. next year we are really want to call as a ” Romatic year between Ishu & Raman”… U can do it guys…lets take it on top..

  17. I agree with you prayosha that raman should shave daily he look really handsome and dashing.

  18. Congrates yhm team for one year complition today episode cute. I loved it ishira so cute to see


  20. I have a crush on karan patel after watching yhm

  21. Congo yhm happy aniversary

  22. I agree with you P . I have also crush on him…
    So Handsome yaar my ” Gujju ” Karan patel..
    I am also Gujrati…

  23. For Raman –
    Haaye….jab bhi dialog bolte ho maar daalte ho…..Humara dil♥♥♥♡♡♥♥ to tumhe dekhane me dhadakana bhul hi jata hai…

  24. Prayosha ! Yaha pr message karne nahi hoga …..bahut website pr message karne pr hi fan no -1 ban paooge tab Milne ka moka mil sakta hai…..divyanka tripathi fb or twitter or bhi….

    1. Karne se – misprinting

    2. Par maine kab kaha muje Karan se milana hai.
      Tu Divyanka ki taarf karte ho me Karan ki .
      Tum Divyanka ke diwane ho Me Karan ki .

      1. And wese bhi me Karqn ke tweets padhti hoo replay nahi karti and FB to fans handle karte hai.

  25. jab raman ka serial dekha ti hu to mera pura din accha jata hai . hi is soooooo handsome

    1. Same here..and if i don,t see ..the whole day gets ruined..only i know how much i control my patience on sundays..if any reality show like nach baliye took yeh hai mohobbatei,s 7 pm slot during saturdays..i surely gonna complaint to brodcasting telly series..i watch all ekta kapoor,ss show..tumse hi mere aashiqi.,jidha akbar.and this..i think there is a brilliant concept in her newly adopted stories..i love yhm from the depth of my heart because the storyline had been adopted from the novel custody..

      1. I agree with you. This is the best show which created by Ekta. And what a song creation yaar ….
        Ek ek se badhkar hai

  26. I think that,s very bad to take advantage of girls in such conditions..mihika should atleast inform ishita aur amma about this matter..what if something more dangerous happens..she was completely wrong..

  27. congras to even…dam proved to tell tat i didt miss noteven one episode…All episodeso known….mihir see the raman smartness….ur my rockstar yaaar(mr.ravan kumarrr)

  28. Me to 1 week se ghar par hoo no school no tuttion me to sabhi repeats bhi dekhati hoo.

    1. Prayosha! Harr fan’s ka ek Abhilasha – ek jhalak dekhne ka divyanka tripathi ho ya Karan Patel…..
      hame aisa lagta hai tumhe mooka mile tum chhoor dogi…..nahi na….
      hum too ek baar divyanka tripathi se jarur milege …….
      ek aisa fb bana hota jisme tum comments, like but no friends request sending- divyanka tripathi official FB hota …..kabhi fb khulna search karna- divyanka tripathi….
      1 hr mai ek picture liking 1500…..comments 400…..

  29. prayosha mai bhi jada tar ghar par hi rahti ho toh me ekta ke sare shows dekh ti hu aur regularly SBS bhi dekh ti hu

  30. Wo to Malaria hua tha iss liye me ghar par hoo par shayad kal nahi hongi. To tum pls kal SBS me YHM ka aaye to batana.

  31. can anyone tell me that how can I meet karan patel (raman)

    1. YouTube se download karo divyanka tripathi meets her fan’s on the yhm set……
      fan no- 1 banna padega…
      prayosha Jo kahe hai wahi apply karo….kabhi na kabhi to ban hi jaoogi…..
      agar yeh bhi na …huaa to….dushra rasta….milne ka Tamanna rakho…..jarur milega…..

  32. Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Juda
    pal Do Pal Mein Mitta Nahi
    bandhan Dilo Ka Tutta Nahi
    (tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
    rishta Purana Hain
    in Aankho Se Har Aansu
    mujhko Churana Hain
    mujhko Churana Hain
    mujhko Churana Hain )
    tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
    rishta Purana Hain

    teri Bechaini Ka Teri Tanhai Ka Ehsaas Hain Mujhko Sun
    main Jo Saath Tere Hu Phir Tujhe Hain Kaisa Gam
    dard Baat Lenge Ham Sun
    in Palko Mein Khushiyo Ka Sapna Sajana Hain
    tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain

    kaise Main Batau Yeh Tera Is Tarah Rona
    dekha Nahi Jaata Hain Sun
    shaam Jab Dhalti Hain Subah Muskurati Hain
    khushbuye Lutati Hain Sun
    udaasi Ke Lamho Mein Hamein Muskurana Hain
    tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se Rishta Purana Hain
    in Aankho Se Har Aansu
    mujhko Churana Hain
    mujhko Churana Hain
    mujhko Churana Hain

    Kya song banaya hai yaar too good
    Mai kal se yeh song dhundh rahi thi aaj mila.

    1. Tum bhi haad karti ho…..itna likhne ka kya jarurat tha….ek line likhne se chal jata……prayosha……
      by the way song……is good

      1. Are copy kiya hai yaar muje laga sabko achcha lagega.. aur kisiko chahiye hogq song to use bhi mil jayega…

  33. It seems all ekta kapoor lovers are here discussing the crap show dragging evetything for 1month everytym. Jus wake up. Stop these saas bahu shows and watch sumthing which needs brain lyk ek hasina thi. Kusi ne sahi kha h indians are emotional fool. Ekta ke rone done wale serial k peche pde rehte ho. Watch sumthing better like ETH, everest or pukaar instead of craps like yhm,dabh,qubool hai,jodha akbar and saathita

  34. Yaar yeh spoler me likha hai Ramqn & Ishita ROMANTIC pose denge kya sachme sabke saamne akele me wo dono ROMSNTIC pose me Photo lenge?.. hope so…

  35. Thanks for suggetion Anandraaz . I have joined Karan patel’s official FB.

  36. Heartly congrats to YHM Team….. Special wishes to Raman, Ishita and Cute Ruhi……

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