Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Cops and prem enter the house where Anjali and sanju are kept. Sarpanj has covered the door with bags of spices. He says its the warehouse. sarpanj says so was he here? sid says we know they are here and we wont go from here. prem says he is right we should o from here. Simar and roli are somewhere else. A kid comes to vikrant and says they have left now there are no cops in village. Vikrant laughs, he says you ram has left.

Sid and prem are near the car. prem says we are leaving empty handed. We have to dodge vikrant. Prem says you were right. some people in village want to help us but they are scared. Prem says some pople want to help us but they are scared. vikrant os the God here and no one will go against him. Simar and roli are here but we have to be carefu. prem shows him th shit. The chit flies with air. Prem runs after it. They pick it the chit says they are here. Thursday. Sid says whats else? prem says that’s all.

Vikrant says your hope and my wait will end soon. Simar says he cant go from her ewithout me. Vikrant laughs. He says they have left already. Prem says I will find you simar. This Thursdays simar and roli will be free.

Scene 2
The ladies are working on their spices. Roli and simar and distressed. Daksha maa sees them. She says in heart I am with you both but I cant say that. I hope my step helps you to go back to your husbands. SHe says come here roli and simar, have tea. simar says no I don’t want it. daksha says we make spiy tea its really good. Daksha says sit here. A kid I teaching rest of the kids. A girl says why we celebrate dashehra. Roli says should I tell you? Roli says God killed Ravan that day. God had to tell the world that in the end its the good who wins. Simar asks daksha don’t they go to school? Daksha says yes they do, School is outside village so vikrant has asked everyone to saty in the village till his wedding. thank God he has not curbed our business. The truck will come on thrusday.

a mam comes and says to the little girl go bring me some woods. she says let me study. he says listen to your dad. He is about to h8it her. his wife comes and grasps his hand. He says you are holding me. stay in limits. she says let her study. simar syas be a man and bring the woods. He says I don’t need to answer you. simar says better say you don’t have any answer. She says you have stand for your kids. Say something to these men. woman has reached moon and you are still here. A woman can handel whole country and you can’t even take decision for your won life. Its right your right to study and no one can take that right from you. You have to fight for your rights. You have time, stand up and go against them. The man says they will stand against us? He laughs and says such a good joke. They cant even move without our permission. Now stop this drama. The man says munni go to forest. The man grasps her hand. simar says leave her. The man hits his wife and she falls o the floor. She screams with pain as she is pregnant. Everyone is dazed.

Vikrant says to sarpaj thank you so much. now they think simar isn’t here. Sarpanj says I think they will come back we have to be careful. vikrant says if the come back they wont be alive. Incvrease the security. the man comes and tells sarpanj that champba fell because of those women. sarpanj says I am coming.

Sid says what should we do now> why the woman wrote Thursday? we shouldn’t wait that long. we have to enter the village so they don’t get to know. prem says there are forest all around, sid says there must be way. Sid says we can enter from forest, it would be dangerous but we have to take this risk. prem says I can’t sit here.

Precap-the man says they killed my champa. My m munni’s mom. how will munni live now? Roli hits the man with a rod.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aare yaar stop this stupid drama!! Don’t drag it soo much

  2. Hi Ms.Yamuna i am watching this serial on television only they are always
    used to tell matharani rama sita and ravana the writter should not know other than these dialogues so that way i told like that also god is for every one but they are creating that god is belongs prem simar and bhardwaj family
    come to the story the story is belong prem,simar vikranth,surbi and the two kids about their feelings and emotions that is how can they understand each other like how prem understand simar and surbi’s feeling and vikratnth understand simar and simar understand vikranth who is going join with whom but now they are showing story out of track like all village girls are slave to man in that also so many mistakes starting they intro about the village they wont hurt womens so that a father killed himself his son but today they are showing a husband beating his pregnanat wife may be the
    writter of the serial forgot whey he written before episoded

  3. what ever kasi rani is correct simar(deepika) was so beautiful in this costumes

  4. You are correct T.Parvath and an another thing my name is not Yamuna it’s Yumna.I am seeing this drama because of Roli only

  5. Very boring.plz end this track.

  6. thanks T.Parvathy ji…….i also like simar very much……..and manoranjan also…….today episode is a logicless one…….when will this track end………………….who is the next villan or villi…kushi?..sarpanji?..or leela?…

  7. boring episode. please end this track soon. first prem got kidnapped and then simar. what is happening in this serial. don’t drag it too much.

  8. next sarpanji going to die… prem enters as the villagers…then prem simar get reunied

  9. This drama is a nice drama.T.Parvathi,Rizna,kasirani is are stupid to see this drama. If u like see and after u see don’t scold this drama.

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