Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi telling Raman everything how Ashok planned, and they all were wrong, Abhimanyu and Ishita saved his Asia’s head position. Raman is shocked and asks Ishita? He says I scolded her, you should have told this to me before. He realizes he was wrong. Ashok drinks wine in his office, saying he has to marry Shagun to get the contract, what nonsense, Abhimanyu is mad, sold out to Raman, and Sarika cheated me on last min. Mihika tells Mihir that she is coming, she will look good. She bumps into her friend and her Kurti spoils. The girl says sorry. Mihika says she will change as she has a spare kirti. The girl says the washroom lights are not working, you can change in conference room. Mihika says fine and goes there.

Ashok comes there after Mihika locks the door. He opens the door by the key and gets inside. She removes her Kurti and Ashok smiles seeing her. Mihika does not see him. Ashok shuts the door. She hears the sound and turns, being shocked to see him. Ashok smiles. (Cheapo….) She says the door was locked. He says yes and walks to her. She moves back. She says move, I have to go back. Ashok outs his arms around her. She says get out. He says come on, Mihika stop fighting with yourself. I was very upset today, I m stuck with Shagun, now I have to marry Shagun.

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She says what? He says you are hurt hearing this right, you know I m not interested in this marriage, I wanted to get rid of her, but I have to marry her now, as Ishita’s friend Abhimanyu threatened me, Shagun is after me since 6 years, I can’t bear it, but I have, for this contract. He says once I get the contract, I will kick Shagun out, and then you and me. He says Mihika my love, I will make you queen of my heart and empire. She says don’t touch me, I will cut your hand. He eyes her lustily and says he loves her. She says you told this to Shagun too. He says that’s old thing, he now knows true love. She pushes him and says disgusting. She wears the Kurti and leaves. He says women just fight for everything.

Mihika comes out. Shagun says I saw everything. Mihika is shocked. She says I m sorry, I was….. Shagun says whats happening, I mean how much will you work, My Nanand and to be husband are working a lot, don’t make my brother wait, and where is Ashok. Ashok comes and hugs her. He says he has work. He says he was drinking to celebrate, as Abhimanyu gave him a big contract. She says congrats, you work a lot, and Mihika thanks for working so hard, letrs go home, I will drive the car. Mihika looks on.

Raman is on the way thinking about Simmi’s words. He closes his eyes and kabhi na sukun aaya…………….plays…………. in his car. He thinks about Ishita’s words for Mani, and her happiness for him. He thinks how he has hurt Ishita by taking Shagun’s name. He thinks Ishita and Mani were together for Romi’s welfare. He asks the driver to stop the car. He gets down. He walks on the road thinking about Ishita and their sweet moments shown in FB. Shagun, Mihika and Ashok are driving home. Ashok sees Mihika and smiles. Shagun thanks Mihia for sorting her life, and now you are my family, this is the happiest phase of my life. Ashok sleeps. Mihika gets Mihir’s call and says I m coming. Mihika says we have to see sangeet venue. Shagun drops Mihika and leaves.

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Mihika says Ashok is a cheap man, he is marrying Shagun for contract, I have to get his real face out soon. Raman comes home talking to himself. Ishita gets the bracelet and looks at him angrily. She asks what is he murmuring, that people give useless gifts, don’t give lecture, I don’t want your sorry, people first hurt hearts and say sorry, as if everything will heal, people are insensitive. He says hear me once. She says what, you always fight, you have thrown my gift, you can’t change. He says I m human, I did mistake, I m sorry. Mrs. Bhalla cries coming to Iyer house. Shravan asks why is she crying. Amma asks Shravan to go and play. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla whats the matter.

Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita and Raman are always fighting. Amma says what, they are fighting. Appa says this happens, they are newly married couple. He says you also fight with Mr. Bhalla, as Madhu fights with me daily. Mrs. Bhalla says I know, but its too much, Raman always stay rude, Ruhi is upset and I have sent her to Pammi’s house. Shravan says Ruhi was crying in school, her friends were teasing as Shagun is getting married, two mum and two Papa. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita should talk to Ruhi now, but they are busy fighting. Amma says Ruhi needs her parents now. Appa says don’t spoil mood, everything will be fine, I m taking Shravan out, you both also come.

Mani talks to Ishita and asks about Ruhi. She says she might be with Amma. He says Nirvaan said Ruhi was crying in school. Ishita asks why. Mani says some kids were teasing her about Shagun’s second marriage, she felt bad, kids stay with parents and she does not have Adi’s support. Ishita thanks him and says I will talk to Ruhi. She goes to see Ruhi. Raman sees her finding Ruhi.

Amma comes and Ishita asks about Ruhi. Amma asks is everything fine. Ishita says yes and goes out. She sees a girl in red dress and runs saying Ruhi, seeing crackers burn. The girl’s mum come and thanks her. Ishita sees its not Ruhi and asks Appa where is Ruhi, where did she go. Shravan says I don’t know. Mrs. Bhalla says I know where is she. Ishita is relieved. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman and Ishita about Ruhi being upset and she has sent her to Pammi. She says you both should have spoke to her. Raman asks why is she annoyed. Ishita says she was annoyed, so I was finding her. Raman says she is my daughter. Ishita says thanks Murugan, you realized, everyone in school is bullying her, its good Mani told me.

Raman says now he is saying this. She says its good Nirvaan saw this. They start arguing again infront of everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says they are not listening. Amma says lets go. Mrs. Bhalla says her plan in her ears. She scolds them and starts fighting with Amma. Amma points on Raman and Mrs. Bhalla points on Ishita. They start acting and Raman and Ishita stop their fighting. She says Ruhi is fed up by them, and left annoyed. Raman and Ishita look on.

Raman says I m sorry, as we ignored Ruhi, I will bring her. Ishita says I will go. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask them to fight and break each other’s head. Raman says we will go together. Mrs. Bhalla says I will come along, as you both can start fighting again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. msundrstng whn is cnfsn?its 2 lng nw v hav hrd dis news 1 mnth bck bt d shw s drgng

  2. nice epi….. pls ruh baxxa u r the only one who can bring ishra closer

  3. Is this something good????????

  4. i guess if ashok wont marry shagun.. then mani will marry her!!

    1. harshitha reddy

      hey nohh……i read it in a post dat mihika zz gonna agree 2 marry ashok….but after marriage….wen dey remove d ghoonghat…..shagun will be shown….mihika will fool him….nd get him married 2 shagun………….

  5. When does raman vl cnfess his lv to ishu.dey r dragng dz story.still hw lng we hav to wait fr the cnfession episode…plz do it fast yar any way aftr many days todays episode was better.

  6. @dia i am also thinking that…

  7. For Ishita -itna to Banta hai bhai
    I like this attitude but jadda nahi…
    Raman feeling like in song track – dil Sambhal ja zaraa phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu….
    Raman yahi attitude ego and rude pe to Ishita feeda hai- Ishita

  8. Then confusion clear but raman does not tell her love to ishita its do sad.plz raman tell ur feelings to ishita.its good to see

  9. after so many days todays episode was good bt I heard a news that ruhi is missing. its again becuz ruhi is the life of the serial dnt make this plz makers………nd raman confess your love yar its high time plz

  10. Mihika be careful.
    Raman ab to kudkud karna bandh karo aur jaldi lov conface karo we all waiting for that lovly moment.

  11. What the hell ?? When is this going to end? Mani should have brains to understand that everything is happening becuz of him

  12. complete disappointment. After so much crrying and tragedy in the last few days, raman did not burst out his anger nor did he confess how much he loves Ishita. Now, he has realized his mistake and all seems well which is not convincing at all. like Ishita says mood swings, the makers r going by their mood. some high voltage drama ending upto a mere lighter episode in the end.

  13. If this things drag more people will stop watching this show soooo please make raman confess his love….

  14. Thnk u 123after sme days u hav given a nice cmnt todays episode is awesome particularly the cute fight of ishra is beautiful and raman bhai when r u expose ur love to our ishita bhabi i was eagerly waiting for tht moment bhai i love u so much u couples

  15. Felt bad.. that raman doesn’t gave any reaction after listening the story.. May this will happen after Ishu says him all the story of efforts how mani & She planned and worked out.. Nice.. Very happy to see the darlings together… and Shagun.. Mihika.. Ashok Triangle.. I guess its going to weighten up the story & Mihir turns to rude.. And wat about mystery of BALA.. ?!

  16. there is absolutely zero romance between Ishra. Now, I’m least inerested in watching this show. This is not Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. This is Yeh Hai Bakwaas. Ishita is too high on attitude and ego. She is not interested in mending her relationship with Raman. Raman shld have resigned frm the post of Asia Head and Delhi Association Head as it is not the right time for him to accept these 2 positions. He shld first resolve his personal/family prblms and then focus on business. U cannot become a good leader with so many issues around u. I’m also a business leader nd know very well wat it takes to lead such a big role. I expected so much from this love story but looks like it is just Ruhi factor which is holding them together. Otherwise, they r fully ignorant of the fact that they both r born for each other. some people r interested in the twists and turns on this show but those r useless if Ishra part ways. I’m damn sure Ishita will leave Raman one fine day. Not sure if she will marry Mani but she will leave Raman. She loved Subbu forgot subbu which was very good but if she is loving Raman and if she is forgetting him also on the same lines as subbu as she once said love fades with time and start loving Mani, then don know wat can be said abt Ishita.

  17. Ekta mam Please stop dragging d show for just trps….. V need some sensible story… V all r interested in watching ishra together …. N Raman n ishita plzz confess ur love … Please yaar… Ab no more misunderstanding plz

  18. Plz plz love confess dekha do bczz we r waiting for thixxx:-* its too long…yarr

  19. bahuth umeedon ke saath kal ka episode dekha tho dekha ki us raman ko zyada kuch pharak hi nahi pada balki woh dono tho jhagda karne me busy hai . ruhi tak ko bhool gaye . sab kuch adhoora adhoora hai yaar . us shagun , ashok ,mihika , param aur bala ka case toh abhi baki hai. pyar ka confession ke bare main between ishra toh sare websites mein kab ka lika tha par yeh toh bas khiche ja rahe hai . recently telly express pe likha tha ki ashok shagun se shadi nahi karega aur mihika ko blackmail karega shadi ke liye aur saath hi likha tha ki shagun ko aise halath mein dekhkar ishitha use bhalla house lekar ayegi . waha shagun raman se close hone ki try karegi aur raman shagun ke liye phir se ek soft corner develop karega saath hi ruhi ka bhi dil jeet legi . kya yaar ishitha toh sirf ruhi ke liya aayi thi aur ab ye vamp shagun. pyar confession toh nahi hua aur patha nahi kab hoga . bahuth bada bad news hai.

  20. Mani will Marry with Simmi….

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