Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The crowd has gathered and Neunika welcomes everyone to the competition. She starts the competition and the Fab5 and NH3 comes to perform together. Their song includes the dance and all of them put up a great performance. Neunika and Raghav watch from the distance and smile as the performance goes on. The dance ends and they cheer up the crowd. Later Neunika tells the crowd to get ready as this was just a glimpse of what is about to come.
Back in the dressing room the two bands gather and congratulate them and says that he is proud of them. He says that after tonight’s performance there is no need to win or lose, so when you go on the stage and have a blast, go wild and have fun. He asks if they would this for him, Navya says yes but he tells all of them to say it. He leaves wishing them luck for the next day and the night.
Manik coughs and Nandini wants to go change her clothes. She calls Navya to come with but ends up going by herself. Dhruv wants to talk to Nandini but Aliya stops her saying that he has to follow the plan. Manik goes outside while Harshad is thinking of how to execute the plan on Cabir. Navya comes and asks her that she wants to talk to him, he gives her a compliment and she gets confused. They go to talk alone as Navya wants to tell him something.
Aliya brings shoes for Dhruv and tells him of the plans, Dhruv says that this is all great but he needs something simple and easy. Aliya says that why didn’t you tell me that before and he says that you didn’t give me a chance to talk. Dhruv says that he has done all the preparations and thanks her for all the help so far. Aliya tells him to go and have fun then and not to forget her.
Nandini is trying to get her dress open but the zip doesn’t open. There is a knock on the door and Nandini opens the door and comes back without looking as she thinks that it’s Navya. It is Manik and he hesitantly comes to help Nandini while she thinks that it’s Navya. She calls to open the zip and when Manik holds her she realizes that it’s Manik. He closes the zip back up and says that he is waiting for her outside and she just sends him outside. As he leaves she goes to check on him but closes the door as he looks at her.
Cabir and Muktii are talking and she tells him to get over her while Harshad is looking at this from a distance. Navya who is standing next to Harshad thinks that he is looking at Muktii and asks Harshad of what Muktii said yesterday. While Harshad tells her that Muktii is on drugs, he explains of what Muktii is doing and Navya is yet not sure. Harshad says that he is shocked that you still don’t believe him and tells her the plan by which he is going to prove her.
Dhruv leaves a message outside the dressing room for Nandini and leaves after knocking. Nandini thinks that it’s Manik and he also standing close by but walks away making Nandini her. Navya walks by Muktii and falls on the ground and blames her. Cabir comes and talks to Navya and tells her to leave while Harshad checks Cabir mobile and sends the text. Nandini get another flower with a note saying that he wants to meet her behind college at 9:30. Nandini again thinks that it’s Manik who’s doing all this.

Precap: Raghav comes to Cabir and asks if he is Okay as he got a text from him. The hug and kiss while Harshad makes a video of all this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. please don’t separate them manan looks so good when they are together their chemistry is excellent i love u so much manan.dhruv be with aliya please you both look cool with each other.

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