Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla talking to Simmi saying if Ishita serves veg food, Bua ji will be angry. Simmi asks her not to worry, as Ishita invited her. Simmi takes the maid also with her to take care of the baby. They leave. Simmi thinks lets see how Ishita cooks Punjabi food alone, without any help from maid and Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita and Ruhi come home. Mr. Bhalla says there is no one at home. They went with Bua ji for shopping, they will come till dinner. Ishita says I m gone, who will help me now, how will I cook without Mrs. Bhalla.Ruhi asks will you do alone. Ishita says I m not alone, I have a small masterchef Ruhi Bhalla with me, who can help me. She lifts Ruhi and they start cooking.

Ruhi asks the menu. Ishita names the veg dishes. Ruhi asks how will you cook Punjabi food. Ishita says with the help of internet. Ruhi helps her. Tere dil ka mere dil se rishta purana hai…………………plays……………Ishita makes many veg dishes. Ruhi smiles seeing this. Ishita says its done. She gets a call from Simmi. Simmi asks we brought Bua ji here to market, I m sorry you are alone. Ishita says don’t worry. Simmi says Bua ji wants to eat chicken. Ishita says what, we have paneer. Simmi says I tried to convince her to have veg, but she wants chicken. Ishita says how can I make chicken. Simmi says its network problem and ends the call smiling.

Ishita says me…. Chicken? I did not touch it or see it, how will I make it. Ishita says Simmi said her respect is in my hands, I have to make it, lets see recipe on internet. Ruhi asks how will you cut it. Ishita says we will think. She takes out chicken from fridge and says its so pink, how will I touch it. Ruhi says idea and brings gloves. Ishita says great idea, you are so intelligent, my daughter. She wears the gloves. Ruhi says come on, you can do it.

Ishita takes the chicken and cuts it. Its dinner time, Ishita makes the table serve. Ishita says I can smell chicken in my hands. Ruhi says you washes it so many times. Everyone come home. Ishita greets Bau ji and says hello how are you. Bua ji says Toshi, did you not teach your bahu to do Pairi pona. Ishita says the food is ready, you get ready. Simmi asks whats this. Ishita smiles and says chicken, for you. Simmi says she made it, how.

Everyone come for dinner. Mihir greets Bua ji saying Pairi pona. Bua ji laughs and asks where is Raman. Mihir says he is coming, he asked you all to start having dinner, he will join us after his meeting. She asks where is Romi. Romi gets Bala’s call and he asks did you get the question papers. Romi says yes. Bala asks him to come to the restaurant to get all the answers, and bring your gang too. Romi asks why did you not say this before. Bala tries to fool him. Romi gets confused and says why is Bala asking me to meet along with my friends, what does he want.

Bala talks to the board members and says I have leaked the question papers to Romi, I gave him the wrong one. They ask what was the need, we already have Jaffer. Bala says I m trying to catch Romi and his gang so that they don’t do this again, I request you all to come with me to the restaurant to catch them. Bala thinks Romi will know whats the result of bribing a teacher. Romi comes home and brings sweets for Bua ji. Ishita says Simmi told me about your likes and I made it according to your tastes. Mihika also comes and greets Bua ji.

Mihir introduces her. Simmi tastes the chicken and says its no tasteless, it was better if she did not make it, but its good, it will be fun. She asks Bua ji to have chicken. Bua ji could not pierce the chicken piece and hurts her hand. She says whats this, did you not teach Ishita to make chicken, this is why you called me for dinner. Ishita says I made this for first time, maybe its not cooked properly, give, I will cook it again. Amma comes and hears this. She reacts hearing Ishita made chicken. Amma says Ishita is Brahman, she killed a chicken, she has ruined her Dharm, for her happiness and you are calling her bad.

Amma says I made Chole for you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma not to interfere in their house. Ishita says please Amma. Amma scolds her and says be away now. Bua ji fumes on Mrs. Bhalla. Raman comes home and asks whats this new drama.

Bua ji complains to Raman saying see how Ishita made chicken, its rubber. Raman asks Ishita did she make chicken. Ruhi says yes and tells him everything. Raman asks Bua ji don’t you have any work, can’t you see Ishita’s efforts. Bua ji says I get insulted here always. Ishita says see it’s a small thing, I don’t know to make chicken, I did not touch it till now, I have washed my hands 25 times today, I thought your happiness is more important so I made it, I m sorry to make it bad, but I will make it well next time. She says Amma did not teach me too cook chicken, but Mrs. Bhalla will teach me, I did not see it while making, forgive me please, if you get annoyed with me, no one will have food here.

Everyone smile. Ishita says scold me, so that I can learn, you can have these veg food. Ruhi asks Bua ji to taste the dishes. Bua ji says I don’t want to eat this chicken, I will eat veg today. Raman says thank God. Ishita wipes her tears. Bua ji says I m eating this as you have put in efforts, you have ruined your Dharm for me. Ishita serves her food. Bua ji says no one will ask you to make chicken again. Simmi fumes. Bua ji says if you touch non veg, I will not leave you. Everyone smile happily.

Ishita talks to Appaa at night and says Amma is annoyed with me, I did not ask her and touched chicken. Appa says you did this for your family. He supports her and says you did not eat chicken right, just made it for others. She nods yes. He says you did not do anything wrong. Your Amma won’t be annoyed. They laugh and she hugs him.

Amma talks to Vandu and says Bala is very honest, support him, I won’t tell anything to Ishita. Ishita hears this standing behind her.

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  1. kya ma beti ki jodi hai, Ruhi and Ishita I love the way you bond. Ruhi rocks

  2. I agree wid sushs too… yhm rockz. [email protected] show eva…:)

  3. Yeah I also agree with sush

  4. yeah i agree SUSHS

  5. ruhi rocks :* I love the chemisry tht ruhi-isita share <3 raman is ammaaazng!hs one-liners take the cake…ishitha's expressions :* you fall in love with her pretty soon <3 ishra scenes <3and the families…iyers and bhallas…the fathers of both are so likeable 🙂 nd then the mihir-raman-tndon bromance..and ishu-mihika-vandu sisterly bondin …the villins are not all monochrome evil like othr shows many dimensions each character..this show just rocks!an intelligent and uplifting tv show,finally!

    1. well said sushs …..this sho is amazing!mohhabbat ho gyi hain yeh hain mohhabbatein se <3

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