Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking is Nikhil married, is he saying this now. Ruhi says he doesn’t know about his child, he didn’t meet his ex wife, he got married in his college time, he said everything happened soon, he wanted me to know all this, he was confused, when I got to know this, I don’t understand, how to accept that he was married, maybe he has a child, I m explaining myself, I love him. Ishita says I can understand you love him, but his life is complicated, can you keep marriage with such a man who is already married. Ruhi says yes, he is divorced, he loves me.

Ishita says I m not against this love, you should understand what I m trying to explain, a child is never a past, child is alive, he has life, he can come anytime, can Nikhil and you deal with him, its not easy, believe me, if we love someone, its different that we love his child, I have been at this place before, your Papa….. I married such a man who had two children, it was not easy, it doesn’t mean I m not happy, I don’t want to change anything, I m very happy, I loved you much, then I got a family, but problem was there, this way is very tough, you leave a person, but his memories don’t leave you, Nikhil left his wife, they are separated, but what about the memories, that lady would have broken him, but giving place of first love to someone else is tough, he will love you, when his past comes back, how will you adjust, when his memories come back, how will you face it, I got beautiful things from this marriage, I faced tough time, I m scared that this doesn’t happen with you, I want to know do you have strength to face his past.

Ruhi says I understood everything, I have seen you and dad together, I have seen your love, its enough if our love is half of yours. She asks him about Nikhil’s child. Ruhi says his wife suddenly left him and didn’t come back. Ishita says it means he has not seen his wife, how can he stay away from his child, what would he go through, I won’t say you are young and can’t understand this, you are very sensible, I m sure you can handle this complication, but I can see a girl in love, but this love will look different later. Ruhi says I promise I won’t let my love fall weak, love gets strong after crossing hurdles, I really love him, we will stay together. Ishita says I feel good, you are talking like me, I m standing with you, that’s a promise. In palkon mein…..plays…..

Ruhi says Papa will never allow this. Ishita says he will understand, he knows the meaning of being a divorcee, losing love and getting away from child, he will understand, but we have to find right time to explain him. Ruhi says you tell Raman seeing right time. Ishita says I will try. Ruhi asks her to go and do packing. Ishita goes.

Ishita packs things and talks to Raman. He acts rude. She says I just said Pooja doesn’t take care of Riya, fine don’t talk to me. Pihu comes and asks them about packing. Ishita says I m done, ask Raman. Raman says my bag is ready. They argue. Pihu asks why are you two fighting, Riya told her Nanu that you are best mum and dad, how will it look if you fight like this, we are going to my friend’s house, what impression will I have. They say sorry, we won’t fight now. Pihu says I m going with Riya, her mum and Nanu, you guys reach on time tomorrow. Ishita and Raman continue nok jhok. She says we will reach on time. She takes Pihu. Raman says anyways Ishita’s choice is good.

At Garewal’s house in Mumbai, he asks Pooja not to talk about Nikhil, you have to do this to become confident and independent, she is saying you should do this and that. Pooja says I don’t want to think about Nikhil, I didn’t like Ishita’s lecture, its better to forget it, they are coming here. Garewal says Raman is sensible guy, he would have explained his wife. Riya asks Pihu to have food. Pihu says I m not hungry. Riya says we will send pics to Ruhi. Pihu says everyone is there in family chat, can we click pics with your mom. Pooja sits working. Pihu asks can we take pics with you. Pooja says sure. Pihu clicks pics with Pooja. Raman asks Ishita to hurry up. Ishita gives money to Neelu. Mihika says we are not so careless, we will manage. Ishita asks them to be careful. Simmi says don’t worry. Ishita says I will say all the best to you for Ananya’s interview. Raman jokes. Ruhi asks Ishita did she talk to Raman. Ishita says no, I will talk to him. Raman asks Ruhi to let Ishita go, tell Nikhil to take care. Ishita smiles. She says Raman will accept Nikhil, I will talk in flight, he won’t shout. She goes. Ruhi worries.

Nikhil says I want to go Mumbai and want to tell her how much I love her. Ruhi says I will come along. A goon hides something in modak. Raman and goon get into an argument. Raman asks Garewal is he fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. azuka nkwonta

    I have to tell you akiatta bashing on my comments will not change me and you cannot do anything. Hania you don’t know the reason why people are giving lead roles and I must say you are the worst commented on this page. I will always comment on ishita and there is nothing you can do about it. I found it very funny that intead of you two to comment on your precious ishita you wait for my comments in order to have a view point. You two are so lame.

  2. azuka nkwonta

    Ruhi’s character is gradually becoming rubbish. At age eighteen she has fallen in love with a divorcee who has an eight years old child and she will marry him possibly and her ishimaa did not think that she is too young for this kind of relationship and did not stop her even once. This is not what I expected from the character ruhi. I thought she would have been a graduate with a good job and marry at a reasonable age not as a teenager. Why do they want ruhi to have the same experience as ishita and at a very young age .

    1. Azuka you are taking Ishita role in the series personal, did watch this series from the beginning?

    2. Exactly what I wanted to ask her

    3. Azuka, so far everything you have said ever about this show or Ishita matches with my opinions. We have the right to bash characters even if they are the leads. I was so fed up with Ishita when she was lecturing Pooja, instead of worrying about her own parenting skills. She is always busy meddling in others life instead of actually watching after her own kids even if it is to help Pihu with her homework. She letting Ruhi run around with a married man instead of telling her to do something with her life and telling her to act her age. She is really biased and feels that her family are always right because she controls every single one of them.

    4. Yes Azuka you once disagreed with my comments as well. But these days I totally agree with you on Ishitha’s and Ruhi’s behavior and as I pointed out yesterday, is Ruhi going to being up a kid who is old as her Sister and does she going to have a custody battle with Pooja over Riya and I see Pooja has not done any wrong otherwise leaving her daughter with a governess. If Nikihil is so genuine he could have fort for the custody of his daughter rather than behaving as a drunkard. Anyway, this show lost its appeal and I am not ready to watch Ruhi’s and Nikihils love story which is completely different from the original genre which was adult and matured romance and now it is directed to immature and teenage romance.

    5. Aastha1

      Well said azuka… I agree completely. This character ruhi is shown matured for her age but thats fine as she has grown up in difficult circumstances. But it is difficult for me to understand why she wants to get in a relationship so soon. First suhail n now nikhil , it seems as if she is desperate to be in a relation without using her mind.

  3. azuka nkwonta

    I think Akiatta that you are trying to control peoples view points on this serial to suit your own choice of character which is ishita and to comment positively about her as well. You have to know that you can’t stop my comments from coming and I don’t have favorite character too bad for me.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Ruhi seems to be in a hurry I don’t know if she wants to marry nikhil tomorrow.

  5. How can it be..It doesn’t make sense at all… Nikhil is Aliya’s college friend which means they will be of same age and so Nikhil will be 22 or 23..And to have a baby of 7 or 8 years he might have married Pooja during his age of 16 or 17..What nonsense…And as seen in FB they are as same as they are now…

  6. Charu prakash

    Akiatta,Yhm updates comments section is not a promotional page for yhm to give only positive comments of praises or awing.I don’t think this is a fan page for Ishita or Ishra.And most of us are not trying to bash any blind fan who we think is nonexistent here.Actually you are trying to instigate the so called fans and bring the divide here.Urging others to do bashing!!Most of us enjoy reading Azuka’s comments which I must say, is logical.Again Yeh hai mohabbatein rightfully depicts Shagun’s and Puja’s mohabbatein too.A complete family drama!!!Otherwise cvs wouldn’t have let Ishita leave her children for 7 yrs or shown her doing stupid flop plans of action.So Akiatta,instead of bashing try to take criticism positively.Try to broaden your mind which will only help you to feel more positive.

  7. When Ishita came to know about romantic book with sharabu, she had given a long lecture and convinced Raman to guide sharabu bt same age ruhi is in her second affair with a married man having a baby, she supporting ruhi……. she is not even 18 ….wht rubbish……..Hippocrates…..Writer hv u lost or drunk…….

  8. Miss charu .. and miss akuza ……
    With due respect , although u two don’t deserve respect but u know I respect people even if they don’t in return … First of all ,Azuka , I am a worst commenter ?? Isn’t it so offended ???? Like .. any way … I can say something more offended but there is a huge difference between u and me .. and yeah Charu , dear talk about yourself only .. lol who likes azuka comments .. nobody .. only you … Coz she is doing exactly what u are … Actually you people are spready hateness and bad comments are not needed here .. u people are totally anti ishras I can smell that but even I am not their diehard fan as others I am just neutral .. I never liked Ishita but I know the whole story line I am watching Ishita since the first episode came .. and believe me or not I have seen each and every episode thousand times .. and there is nobody in the whole world who better knows each and every character .. so here we do not comment to spread hatness or give such a lame , negative , senseless view points .. be calm , be respectful … Maybe I sound a bit bad but what to do .. u forced me azuka especially you .. ur thousands of comments and seeing how u support negativity but supporting negative characters .. u support a character who is very bad ( such as shagun ) she was exchanging her own children hahaha and u call her good mother .. she kicked her boyfriend Ashok out of her house for money .. and she said she loved him .. haha she actually loved money from the very beginning .. and seeing u supporting her looks like u have the same characteristics asshe have but I don’t support such character such cheap

    1. Charu prakash

      The nice girl at heart Hania,You may not be able to comprehend the things I would like to say in reply.Your immaturity and arrogance,oh! No I’m sorry!Let me correct,Your sweet positive nature won’t allow you to understand my view points.I don’t want you to come out of your comfort zone of little goody two shoes and bash me.So let’s stop replying personally!!!Hahaha

    2. Charu mam , I think I talked to u in a right matter and I also think I apologise but such h a reply was not expected from your side as you are so siding you self elder than me and making me a little girls with knowing my age .. like why so much hatness … U know it was my first time I commented here but I always visit this site coz I wanted to know people view point sabout the episode not about bashing characters … If u can’t say nice avoid hating others.. I don’t even know u personally .. then why ?? Y are h forcefully making me reply you offendedly … Little knowledge is very dangerous … That’s why don’t comment about me like am a little girl .. I am not .. u should have known my age first …. And I said sorry coz o thought may be you are elder but I still
      L don’t know coz precautions are better then actually getting in danger .. well .. peace ✌ .. from my side … But a request or advice by my side to you and azuka too … Please INSTEAS OF TELLING US ABOUT THE CHARACTERS OR BASHING THEM OR SAYING BAD ABOUT THEM .. FOCUS ON WRITTING UR VIEW POINT ON THE EPISODE COZ WE ALL KNOW ISHRA WE ALL KNOW SJAGUN SO NO NEED TO REMIND UA HOW THERE CHARACTERS ARE … coz who so ever comment here should know this serial totally so we know … Thanks azuka for making us observe the characters but we don’t want observe we want to focus on the episodes ….

  9. Secondly , now u supporting Pooja when she will come out to be evil u ll change your words likewise .. haha … It’s clearly shown that Pooja also was a gold digger .. she said she didnt want anything from nikhil and after marriage she left him not he left her she left him for money .. can’t u see that ?? And leaving ishra beside , u people are wanting shagun and Pooja ye Hain mohabbatien hah then ask them to recreate their own show making them selves leads … Lolololol … … In the end I would say … Umm .. I am really sorry … Like seriously being a nice girl from my heart .. I apologise as I don’t know but I can say you people seem elder than me or maybe not evem though I should not have gone against u but .. well sorry .. and now I am waiting for a nice reply from your sidess .. akuza and Charu .. u both .. and it’s not only me who is offended or disturbed by your comments there are others as well .. and apologizing doesn’t makes somebody small … From your sister , hania …
    It took. E aloot of time commenting , I have to say I wasted my time if u people replied more offendedly ..

  10. Is this page to comment to comment about the serial or to give your own point of view if so start your own show the way you want

    1. Hahahahah .. totally agree girl .. high five * ..

  11. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up to mark an emotional track in the storyline…with Nikhil and Ruhi’s love confession.

    Nikhil and Ruhi want to get marry forgetting their painful past…

    Amid which Pooja has made her evil entry to spil their love life.

    Pooja is yet claiming Nikhil for ruining her life but the reality is that Pooja left Nikhil for his poor financial condition.

    Nikhil accepts Ruh over Pooja’s betrayal

    It will be seen that after Nikhil and Pooja’s face off, Nikhil and Ruhi’s love will call off.

    Soon Nikhil will accept Ruhi with a aim to get Riya’s custody…

    With Nikhil and Ruhi’s acceptance Raman and Ishita will announmce their wedding.

    Will Pooja let Ruhi and Nikhil get marry?

    Will Nikhil and Ruhi be able to get Riya’s custody?

    Stay tuned for more upcoming exciting updates.

  12. azuka nkwonta

    What I do in my comments is to critically analyze characters. There are certain things people may not find out about a character by mere watching the character but by the time that character is critically analyzed you will found out what you never observed.

  13. Writter is maintaining standardization, every character in YHM had mininum 2 people in there life
    Raman- Ishita+shagun
    Ishita- Subu+Raman
    Shagun- Raman+Asok+Mani+dr. Manoj
    Mani- Ishita+Shagun
    Mihika- Mihir+Asok+Romi
    Simi- param+Subu+Nkhil
    Rinki- Nikhil+Mihir
    Bala- vandita+Kiran
    Now 2nd generation of Bhalla
    Adi- Roshini+ Aliya
    Ruhi- sohail+ Nikhil
    Good job writter.Modernization

    1. After reading your comment I feel like v r fools to watch the show. I would like to add

  14. Azuka its true reading your comments … I too have to tell , that once I enjoyed commenting in this site . But now I dont feel … one story line second your comments . I dont want to hurt anyone or bash at intentionally , but unintentionally I will be forced to . So thot better stop commenting … I fully support Hania here … Its not right for any one to point out others comments are bad or english is bad .
    Yhm leads are Raman and Ishitha … no doubt about it . Look at the popularity they get . seven years leap time Shaghun was not the lead role . Dis they show each day happenings on that seven years . Saying that Ishima and Ruhis scene was pathetic . where is that intelligent Ishitha … who was maturedly sorting out things . How can she support 18 year old Ruhi in her haste decision of love interest with Nikhil . That too a divorcee with 8 year old child . Ishitha expecting Raman to support Nikhil as he too had gone thru the same state . Rubbish I must say . Raman … who was so loving husband , loving son had turned arrogant and rude when Ishitha met him . IThey married for Ruhi and it took time for them to be friends and to love each other . Expecting Ruhi to accept Nikhil … Totally wrong …. cvs butchering Ishithas character … And i honestly feel Dt and Kp are not at all interested in these roles . There is no expression in Dts eyes as she was talking to Ruhi .When Alia fell in love with Mihir , Ishitha said its infatuation ! What happened to that Ishitha ?? Is she scared of losing Ruhi .
    And intefering in Poojas life was not required at all . Pooja just entered …. a mother who cant spend time with her daughter and staying with nannies in Delhi … I dont know cant accept at all … what message is giving to youngsters with this Ruhis teenage love affair and all rubbish says that cvs are stuck . Or may be Shaghun will come as goodie and disagree with Ishitha ..May be this butchering Ishithas character is to bring Shaghun as a goodie mom ? Cvs are capable for that . Ishima is stamped in millions heart .. Ishra too … it will take time for The so called Ishimas role to fade away from the audience .Shaghun is selfish and so too Pooja . Thats my understanding on this .

    1. Very true vp mam

  15. Charu prakash

    Nowadays in yhm they are focusing more on self righteous side of Ishita.Puja is a complete stranger to her.Still in the very first encounter itself she is trying to make her realise her flaws.Those who relate to Ishita’s lectures please tell me,’Was that appropriate?’.Again she was mentioning Shagun’s negligence towards Ruhi.Actually it was Raman who neglected Ruhi during her childhood years.Raman used to be the replica of Puja!Heights of hypocrisy!!Ruhi was not sure about her infatuation towards Nikhil after knowing his marital status.Talking to Ishita made her realise her selfless noble love for a father of 8 yr old.Most of the time Ishita was trying to glorify her struggles to achieve that devine love and as a footnote acknowledge Ruhi as her rightful heir and the torchbearer of her legacy!!I know for sure that no mother would ever react like this.Wah!Bravo!bravo!Ishima

    1. Very true Charu ! Agree with you … I also felt Ruhi was not sure of herself when she came to know he is a divorcee and has a child . But Ishitha handled her 18 year daughter very wrongly ..Raman neglected Ruhi …true but Shaghun left her six month old child for her own luxury .. rt ? She had Adi with her …. sent him to hostel and her upbringing was totally wrong ..Its not Ishithas fans …the way Azuka put up her comments as if Ishitha is the writer editor and director of yhm … Critical analysing is good but here shows such a hatred to Ishitha . And Pooja just entered in one episode … sooo early for anyone to comment about her . I feel she made up a story and Nikhil too …

  16. Hey all… I’m a silent reader and I think they won’t show ruhi as 17or 18 old girl.. I think she should be in 19 or 20… But I accept shravu is 18 that’s y raman told him about voting rights and may be ruhi is two years old than him that’s y lv track of ruhi came I guess….marrying 20 yr old girl is not a sin ryt…. But I really niruhiii….ND moreover it’s a show and we hv to enjoy these and not to dig the age matters and all…if they r showing ruhi lv story am sure she would be in her 20. .. So there us nothing to dig deep inside and hate their jodi…. Just lv them as pair I really lv them looaadddssssss… niruhiii plzzz a request from my side

  17. I don’t like Ruhi get marry Nikhil.What is these nonsense.?

  18. azuka nkwonta

    Some people said that I was supporting pooja but that is not true. I only used pooja to criticize ishita’s lectures to her. But how could I support pooja, she is a new entry in the serial and I don’t know her. I even said in one of my previous comments that either nikhil is lying or pooja is lying about their relationship in the past, it could even be pooja’s dad that cooked up the story. Ishita’s lectures were clearly not needed because she did the same thing when it was difficult for her to take care of pihu, she employed gulabo. VP you were saying that riya’s mom does not take care of her, that is what we can’t say yet because clearly we have seen that riya does not lack anything and we cannot clearly be sure that she does not spend time with her when she is available.

    1. Hi Azuka … may be you are right … we have to get the full picture of Pooja and Riyas life She doesnt lack anything is not the right thing to say … parental care was missing with Riya . Gulabos case is defferent ..,Shaghun was pregnant ..they wanted to take care of her so too Pihu . Without maid or a helping hand its not that easy to move if both parents are working .Today I watched last two episodes once more … even now i tell ishitha has no right to intefee in Priyas life ..,but whatever she said was not rudely ..Riya misses parents for which Priyas answer was all are not lucky to have a family like Ishithas . Anyways we have to watch nd see .Though Ishitha made Ruhi understand the situation she will face if married to Nikhil .. I cud not felt it very convincing .

  19. azuka nkwonta

    Somebody said we should focus on the story and not the characters. What is a story and what is a character. There is no way you can have a story without a character and you cannot have a character without a story.

  20. Guys….i was thinking about age factor….aaliya was 21 immediately after the leap….so 3 4 years have passed in the due course….means she is 25….nikhil was her senior so he is 27 or 28……

    Nd ruhi….she was 17 after pihu returned….nd 2 3 years have passed since then….so she is 20

    Their ages individually are OK as their characters…..but as a couple they are havung a big age gap as a young couple

    And…..the greats who think age gap doesn’t matter to a couple and are going to bash me for this…..mind u….m also one of your lot…..i also think age gap doesnt matter……u was a muskan-alok supporter in yrkkh who had 12 years age difference

  21. Charu prakash

    Hania,try to understand!I don’t hate any character.This character Ishita is fully fictional and she doesn’t represent any particular person class,creed or any thing in particular.Again we have so many characters in this serial having different character traits.All of them collectively makes this drama series.How could we restrict the criticism to only overall episode.All these characters come in the front when we watch the episode.In a movie things can be different.We take notice of other aspects too.So we are bound to criticise mainly these characters’ actions here.In this family drama Ishita is portrayed as domineering,interfering and is mastermind of most of the actions.Those who wants to count there characteristics, reactions of love and care are free to believe so.But you have to respect others view points too.Self-righteousness,manipulative nature,saviour syndrome,self obsession etc etc,I can see these traits also in this character.I mean strictly the ‘character’.So no need to be get offended.Bashing someone for expressing her views on something virtual is out of question.I don’t have any favourite character here.I don’t hate AH either.I don’t find Shagun’s actions objectionable.So please try to enjoy the different perspectives put forth by these commenters.Hope I made myself clear.Sorry for the previous reply?

  22. azuka nkwonta

    How is gulabo story different from a working class mom who have not much time, you use to praise ishita for been a working class mom on this page VP, not that I hate working class moms but I think you are very sentimental with ishita. I don’t think that there is any difference between gulabo and the nanny that is taking care of riya, there is no reason for anybody to say that there is a difference, it is just been sentimental with your view.
    After the one year leap, during the time of suhail shagun told ishita that ruhi is just seventeen years. I don’t think that two years has passed since then it’s probably a year so ruhi is eighteen years. It is not that people don’t get married at that age even less age but it is the situation that surrounds her life story now that is important for me or us.

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