Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 2nd September 2017 Analysis

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The Episode starts with Baldev asking Satrupa to make Anami leave, she is mad, they can

to keep danger at home. Dadi asks them not to argue when Anami is ill, till Satrupa’s lie gets caught, Anami will stay here. Servant says Adhiraj came to meet Satrupa. Adhiraj comes and meets Satrupa. He asks how did you call me to meet. Satrupa says I wanted your help, its your decision to help me or not, people know me by different roles, I m talking to you as a mum today, I lost my son and my daughter’s identity is surrounded by problems. He asks why do you need my help. She says no work is tough for you, but my chair can make anyone’s life easy, you are staying in govt quarter, you can stay in VIP bungalow if you want. He says sounds good. He gets a call. Informer calls him about Vatsalya’s murder case, but he will give the proof only on a price, I want one lakh cash. Adhiraj says I will beat you if your info is wrong. The man agrees. Adhiraj asks Satrupa how can he help her. Satrupa says I want you to appeal for Anami’s DNA test in court. He says interesting, why do you want to do this. She says Anami’s identity is in question, royal steels and lal mahal depend on it, your career will be long, you should make friends. He says else same thing will happen with me, which happened with goons who attacked Vatsalya, your explaining and threatening don’t have much difference. She asks which goons, I m a simple lady asking for strong officer’s help, how is this a threatening. Ila says sorry to disturb. IG Sir is calling you. He says sorry, I have to leave. Satrupa says I m glad to meet you, you are ethical, remember me if you need my help in future. He goes.

Adhiraj’s car doesn’t start. Ila asks what happened. He says don’t know, I will check. He says water ended in radiator. He whistles and calls out for water, as car is heated up. Anami whistles and says come here and take yourself. She sits praying. Adhiraj comes and says your attitude is sharp, but won’t be for long. She says you came walking to me, tell me if you have work, else leave, I m not free to time pass with you. He says Satrupa taught you all princess attitude. She says I m giving her tuition of destruction, what will she teach me. He says you are a fraud, who became fake daughter and came to loot Lal mahal money. She says if you ask many questions, your hair will turn white while hearing answers, I will answer you, I have this attitude of being me, ask me why, because I m not dual character like you, you are seen different from outside and within, you asked if I m fraud, whatever I do, I openly do, not like spying like you, you asked if I came as fake daughter to loot money, if I get a chance, I will run from this golden cage, you can leave now, this is my bedroom, not your police station. He asks do you sleep here. She says your name should be Mr question, go and take water. Adhiraj puts water in car. He says what’s happening. Anami doesn’t want to stay here and Satrupa is talking of DNA test.

Ila asks is Anami in Satrupa’s team or someone else. He says this girl reads heart by eyes, either she is very innocent or their dad. Ila says I can guarantee this girl is a fraud. Adhiraj sees Anami and smiles. He leaves. At CBI office, Adhiraj tells senior about Satrupa’s request for DNA test, she can change reports by power and money, she can prove Anami is her daughter, Anami will become heir of Lal Mahal, I met Anami, she doesn’t want to stay in Lal Mahal, I think Satrupa made her helpless, Anami is innocent, Satrupa is using her, Anami’s life is in danger in Lal mahal, we should apply for Dna test, so that Anami can go to her family, I guarantee none can change test results. Senior says let me think about it, we will talk tomorrow. Ila says sorry I don’t feel Anami is innocent, Anami and Satrupa are playing a game with us. Informer calls him and asks him to meet on highway.

Anami says its tough to live without my family. Poonam asks her about strange names of her parents. Anami says its my personal style like Adhiraj whistled and asked for water, I also whistled and asked him to come and take. Poonam asks about Madhu. Anami says Madhu is mad to love me so much, she is just one in this entire world. They fix the poles. Pole fall down. Narottam comes and helps them. Anami asks did you come to do this amazing thing. Narottam says Dadi has sent medicines for you. She asks whose Dadi. He says your Dadi. She says tell her I don’t want medicines. He says I will get beaten up if you don’t eat medicine. She asks what’s this logic. She eats medicine and asks who are you in Lal Mahal Mahabharat, there will be some relation with them. He says everyone loves me a lot here, but they get angry some times, I m very young when I came here. He goes. Poonam says Narottam was lying and lightening heart, none loves her, he gets beaten up, he is Baldev’s son, Satrupa is not his mum, his mum is someone else. Anami says many big doers are here. Dadi comes to see Anami. She sees empty food plate and Anami sleeping. She smiles and goes. Satrupa sees Dadi smiling and smiles.

Anami by mistake makes a dirty water bucket at Pujan. He angriily throws his sliipper at servant. Anami holds the slipper. Adhiraj asks how did a supari killer had these jewelry. Satrupa says maa gave this to Kamini.

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