Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma bringing a carpenter and Mrs. Bhalla says how did you know we want a carpenter. Amma says really, yes yes Ruhi told me. Mrs. Bhalla gives the work to the man. Amma says wherever she sits, that shakes, so make it fine. She asks the man to make things good in Simmi’s room. Amma is glad on this golden chance. She asks the man to do his mission. He says don’t worry, this bed is gone. Amma says she will go, as Ruhi demanded for Paisam, she will make it before Ruhi comes. Mrs. Bhalla thanks her and asks maid to help the man. The man asks about the Sahab’s room. She shows him Raman’s room. He smiles.

Parmeet is on the way and thinks about Raman’s wonderful taunts on him, and Simmi’s and Ishita’s words. A man comes in between and Parmeet argues with him. He says Simmi has made me swear and how should I get money now. He gets Shagun’s call and says today, at home, fine, I m coming. The carpenter tells Amma that its done, it will break even if anyone touches it. She gives him money and asks him to go. She calls Mihika and tells she did her work, she will not leave Parmeet now.

Parmeet comes to meet Shagun and asks why did she call him. She talks about Suraj who is making Ashok go against her, I need your help, I want you to keep an eye on Suraj, his problem, his talk with Ashok. She says I m doing this for Ashok’s good, we are going to marry and Suraj is creating troubles. Parmeet thinks Simmi asked me not to take money from Ashok, but Shagun is different, its part time salary. He agrees to Shagun and says like Ishita is coming between me and Simmi, Suraj is coming between you and Ashok. He says what Raman did, asking for rent, food, and everything.

He says I m very worried. She says she will save him. He gets glad and smiles. She goes to get money. He says my work is done, I got money. She gives him the money in envelope. He says I will give back this loan. She says keep an eye on Suraj. He says he will be after Suraj like a ghost, don’t worry, thanks. He leaves. Raman comes home at night and asks for dinner. Parmeet comes and says lets have food together today. He asks everyone to come. He gives Raman the money. He says its rent for everything, 60000rs. He says don’t forget to give me its receipt.

He says he got this by honesty and hardwork. Simmi smiles. Parmeet taunts Raman. He says now I will be in this home very well and have butter chicken and use AC too. Raman looks at him. Parmeet says he is paying full amount for his self esteem. Raman takes it and gives to Ishita. He asks her to count the notes, did he beg this from Ashok. Raman leaves. Parmeet says Simmi, make food for me, whatever you want, if we are paying full, I have will good food. She says I will make you eat by my hands. Ishita thinks how did he get money so soon.

Parmeet asks Ishita to count it, if its extra, you all also have good food. Raman says where did he get money from. Ishita comes and says he arranged so soonRaman says maybe he has stolen or got from Ashok. He goes to change. She says can Ashok give money so soon. She sees the bundle with Mrs. Bhalla’s tika, which she gave to Raman to give to Shagun for Adi’s fees. She says Parmeet took money from Shagun. She smiles and says what will happen now, Simmi said not to ask Ashok. She comes to Simmi and says everything showing the bundle to Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi.

She says its same bundle which you have it to Shagun, it means Parmeet took it from Shagun. Simmi says nonsense. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is right, and shows. Simmi says what does this mean. Ishita says we told Parmeet not to beg anyone, I will not tell Raman, if he knows this, he can’t bear it, where did Parmeet’s self esteem go. Simmi gets angry on Parmeet and goes. Raman comes and asks what happened Simmi, its great our Jagga Jasoos did great thing. He is glad and says now Simmi will take Parmeet’s class. They joke on Parmeet and laugh. Raman says I want to thank Ashok and Shagun today.

Simmi asks Parmeet where did he get this money from. He says he took loan and he will pay by salary later. She says lair, mum and Raman are right, you got it from Shagun. He is shocked. She says she was showing attitude to Ishita and now feeling embarrassed as he got it from Shagun. She shows the bundle and says its same money bundle which Raman gave to Shagun for Adi’s fees, you have lost all respect, you swore on me and baby, and you got Shagun’s money in this house. She cries and says you ruined all respect and ended everything. Parmeet leaves.

He comes down in compound and says Shagun gave me notes and I did not check the tika. Ishita makes him angry by saying Simmi made tasty mince. She comes to him and says Param Bhaiya, are you not hungry now, its fine, its starting, Simmi caught your one life, you will be exposed soon and say Bhabhi, Parmeet is very wrong man. He says see…. She says you ….. we have seen you enough, and don’t want to see you now. Count your days now, crash dieting. She leaves taunting him. He gets angry.

Raman is glad and laughs with Ishita talking about Parmeet. He says he will sleep peacefully as even Ruhi is not here. He jumps on the bed and falls as it breaks. She says Ayya Amma and helps him in getting up. He says Amma did this, she got the carpenter. She says maybe she got to help. She asks him not to sleep on floor and sleep on couch. They argue. She sleeps on the floor. Raman’s back is hurt and he gets up unable to sleep on the small couch. He is about to fall on Ishita and moves. He looks at her being so close and gets up. He says where to sleep now. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… He says he can’t sleep on small couch and keeps pillow beside hers. He sleeps beside her. Yeh hai mobabbatein…………….plays……………

Its morning, Simmi is crying. Parmeet brings food for her. She is annoyed. He says hear me, I know you did not sleep all night. He says beat me, scold me, I deserve this. She says no, what are you doing. He says I can’t see your pain. He says have something now, I made paratha for you, I hope its good. Her anger goes and he makes her eat. He says I was unable to think what to do, and says your parents gave me much love, Ishita broke our happy home, I know I spoiled your name. She says no, one day they will know you are same old Parmeet whom they gave their daughter. She hugs him. He thinks she always gets into his words, her heart is always soft, he has to teach a lesson to Ishita.

Simmi tells Mrs. Bhalla that carpenter did not repair her bed. Amma hears this and is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says then what did he do here. Ishita and Raman shout seeing each other in morning. She asks what was he doing. He says he was sleeping here, not doing anything, and he has no plans to do anything, don’t think you are gorgeous angel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Eooowww..muhhhaa

  2. Plzz fast

  3. Arae fast update yaar

  4. ohoh poor luv d cute scene (slpng)with ishu.

  5. When raman was fall from the couch abd he slept beside ishu it was superb and that odipt parmeet was caught out by our ishu its awesome after some of quarrels raman would smile it was so sweet. And iam eagerly waitig for tommorows episode
    I luv u guys.

  6. I really thank u amena for ur update. And plz post the update as soon as possible becoz i am tamil so i can’t under stand such things in yhm

  7. Change the poster of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.. Same poster .. got bored.. update the poster… Thing something new.. please

  8. just love the scenes between ishu and raman.just llove the way he taunts and she reacts

  9. Really love today’s epi. Ishita’s and Raman’s smile and taunting of each other – awesome! Why the screaming? Raman is her husband only yar! The writer should not have made that screaming part. Instead, it should have been a shocked face and another babbling. .. really cute!!!

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