Gustakh Dil 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil being a bar and thinking about Lajjo’s words. Jasmine is with her friends there and scolds the waiter. He looks at her. Her friends say why is she troubling the waiter. The waiter comes again and the coffee falls on her dress. She scolds him. Nikhil gets angry and comes to defend the waiter. He scolds Jasmine and asks her to learn some manners. She says no one talked to me like this. He says I wish someone did, then you would have known you are so ill mannered girls. He says look at you, you are scolding him, he is apologizing, and you are insulting him, let me ask me, are you really educated? He says it does not look at it, else you would have some manners, get your act right. He asks the waiter not to say sorry. He leaves.

Her friends say Jasmine, no one spoke to you so rudely, why did you not answer him. She smiles and impressed by Nikhil. Lajjo apologizes to Sagar. He asks why. She says I did so many mistakes. He says you are hardworking, you will pick up soon. She says sorry on Nikhil’s behalf. He says he loves you, so he got angry, why are you finding it difficult to come in rehearsals, is there any problem at home, Barkha? She says no, she never stops me. He says Nikhil? She says she can’t tell him. She says she has less time, ad she has to do this work. He asks can he help her. She says thanks, I will ask help when I want. He says ok, I will drop you home. She says call the taxi. He says buy a car soon. She says she will buy car soon after her work ends, promise.

Lajjo comes home and sees Nikhil annoyed. He asks her what wrong did he do, by taking her side as he is her husband. They have an argument. He says you did not keep my respect, you are showing me attitude, as its your mistake. She says did I tell you to come and pick you, you know the event is important and I m giving less time to it, you insulted Sagar there. He says I m so sorry, I came there as a concerned husband, I m happy you care about Sagar. She says its Sagar who gave me my identity, we are together because of him. He says I know he did a lot for you, but you were talented and worked hard. He says stop acting like Trishna, you got what you wanted, we are husband and wife, is this event is your priority. She says you are my priority, but this is to support Sagar.

The argument goes far. She asks him to respect Sagar and apologize to him. He says why, for taking your side. He gets annoyed. He says you must be dreaming, just forget it. She looks on. Its morning, Nikhil gets a call and asks Lajjo to take the call. DK talks to him and says we got to know Ranawat’s future plan. He asks Nikhil to get involved and get the important info. Nikhil says fine and looks for Lajjo. Nikhil thinsk about his argument with Lajjo and thinks where did she go in morning.

Gunjan comes and says Lajjo went for rehearsals. She asks him not to react like typical husband, whats problem in this. He says go and get tea for me. She leaves. Nani talks to Inder about his business loss. He says everything is fine. She says your face does not show this. He says don’t wory, ups and downs happen in business, some clients are troubling. Nikhil comes. Nani asks him to have breakfast. He says he is in hurry and leaves. Nani and Inder have a talk. She says Lajjo and Nikhil had a big fight yesterday, Barkha told me. He says oh God, does she not have any problem, she always have eye on him, every husband and wife have fights.

She says I m worried as Barkha is looking very happy with this. Inder praises Lajjo and says I promise Barkha can’t win over Lajjo. She says I hope so. Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat and gives new suggestions. He says we will take new carriers for diamonds, and if we are seen in CBI eyes, the game is over. Ranawat is impressed and says you think like me, a step ahead. Nikhil says he has started his research to make their existing methods good.Nikhil says he has a request. Ranawat says he trusts him, tell me what is it. Nikhil says I want to shadow you and learn many things from you. I want to go in client meetings, secret deals. Ranawat looks serious.

Nikhil says sorry Sir. Ranawat says you are in and shakes hands. He says I will have fun working with intelligent man like you, you will be with me in every meeting, you will be my right hand. Jasmine comes there and hugs Ranawat saying dad. Nikhil is shocked seeing her. She is stunned too as Ranawat introduces him as Nikhil. She thinks of their first meeting. They say you??? Ranawat says you both know each other. Jasmine forwards her hand to shake, and Nikhil holds it. She winks to him. He is stunned. She says so you work with my dad. Ranawat says yes. She says great, then we will keep meeting, see you then. She leaves winking to Nikhil.

Ranawat says she does not behave well always, you are lucky. Nikhil sees Lajjo getting scolded at Ranawat’s home. Jasmine comes with her friends. She meets Nikhil and initiates a talk. Nikhil says I remember the coffee shop thing. Jasmine asks him to join them. Nikhil says sorry I m busy. She says but dad is not here. Nikhil says he has work, your dad will come now. Jasmine smiles staring at him and says you are refusing a pretty girl, does not suit you. Lajjo hears them and is jealous. Lajjo comes in between them as Jasmine touches Nikhil. Jasmine asks whats wrong with you, don’t you have manners. Nikhil looks at them.

Nikhil asks Lajjo where is she going. She says you go to that Jasmine, why are you caring about me, I don’t care.

Update Credit to: Amena

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