Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Amma applying a balm on Appa’s back saying is this the age for romance. Raman comes to them and asks for dosa batter. Amma laughs and asks why batter, I will make it for you. Raman says i want to make breakfast for Ishita. Amma says did she ask you to make. Raman says its a surprise for her, I need to make her happy. Appa says husbands needs to do anything for their wives. Raman asks what happened to your back. Appa says I lifted heavy weight. App talks to Raman and says I did a stunt to make Amma happy. He says Amma is feeling lonely these days and Ishita is gone and Mihika got busy in job. Amma says yes, what can we do now. Amma says we can’t get anyone to stay with us on rent. Raman thinks about Mihir saying about Trisha and asks Amma to keep someone

as paying guest.

Raman tells about Trisha and says can she stay here as paying guest. Amma says sure. Raman gives him deposit. Appa says tell her she can shift today. Raman thanks him and comes home. He tries to put the dosa but fails. Ruhi looks on. Raman says I have to try to make Ishita happy. Simmi comes and asks whats happening. She says wow romance, treating your wife. Raman says we should treat wives well. Simmi says punjabi men don’t treat wives. Raman says every man should do, its a good habit to keep wife happy but its not easy. Simmi says Parmeet left.

Ishita puts much water in the batter. Ruhi looks on. Simmi says you don”t know to make roti, and trying dosa. She laughs seeing him struggle. Raman throws many bad dosa in the bin and tries again. He calls Rumi and says gents will work today. Simmi says Rumi is not here, you have to work alone and manage the kitchen, all the best. Raman says get lost from here. Simmi smiles and leaves. Rumi drops Mihika to her office. Mihika thanks him for his help and gifts him for helping her in the holi event. He says come with me on lunch. She says done, treat will be mine. He says no, I will pay the bill. She agrees. He gets happy and says gifts lunch….. great.

He calls his friend and tells him to keep a flat free and ready. Ruhi comes to Ishita and says come with me, you will have fun, there is magic going on in our hall. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman did you make all the dosas. Ruhi says Ishita that Raman made dosa for her. Ishita is surprised and says impossible. She says lets go and eat. Raman says its a lesson, that whatever husbands do, wives are not satisfied, Ruhi tell Ishita that he made this dosa. He asks Ishita to taste it and say. Ishita was going to feed Ruhi, but Raman puts it in her mouth. Raman asks tell me is this better or what Amma makes. Ishita likes it.

Everyone like the dosas. Raman asks Ishita to have it else he will push it in her mouth. He asks how is it, is it good. Ishita says yes. Ruhi says I don’t like dosas, but idlis. Ishita says have cornflakes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to have it as Raman made it by love. Ruhi says you also don’t eat, its oily. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I will also have cornflakes. Raman says did I pass or fail. Ishita says surprisingly dosas are good. Raman says its not rocket science to make dosas, its simple. I will learn to make idlis also till tomorrow.

Ishta sees the bill of the south indian hotel and says oh so he ordered the breakfast and said he made it, cheater….. She smiles looking at Rama and says the breakfast was very tasty. Raman says I tried hard. Ishita says I have good experience in south indian food, the salt was much in it, and shows him the bill. Raman is caught. Raman eats the bill seeing Ruhi. Ruhi says lets go, I have elocution compeition. Ishita leaves with Ruhi. Raman says no one told me about Ruhi’s elocution competition. Ruhi says my Papa is the topic. Raman hears this. Ruhi sees him and closes the door saying I m angry on Papa as he made you sad, he has to say you sorry. Ruhi tells Ishita she loves her a lot. Ishita thinks about Bala’s mum’s words.

Ruhi says if Papa is angry on you, I will be angry on him. Ishita hugs her. Rumi brings Mihika to a flat and arranges lunch. Rumi says its my friend’s flat, come. He fools her in his words and says my friend had urgent work so he left. He asks her to start eating. He brings beer. Mihika says I don’t drink. Rumi says its fruit wine, not alcohol. He mixes some tablets in the drink and asks her to enjoy. He asks her to drink it. She does not drink and eats the dishes. He insists and makes her drink. He gets a call from his friend who tell Rumi that there will be retest, the old results are in bin now. Rumi gets tensed. His friend says we can get into problem.

Rumi tells Mihika that his friend is in problem, so he has to go and help him. He says I m sorry, I have to go to college. Mihika says fine, I will also go home. Mihika leaves. Rumi says she came here by so much difficulty and I lost her. Ishita laughs on Raman. Amma scolds her for making fun of husband. Ishita jokes and Amma reacts praising Raman. Amma tells her about the girl coming. Ishita asks who.

Amma says meet her when she comes. Mihika comes home and is happy to see Ishita. She says I had lunch with rumi, is there any problem in his college, he was looking tensed. Ishita says I don’t know. Amma asks about Ruhi’s practice. Ishita says Ruhi is amazing, I will leave now. Ishita leaves. Parmeet is with his baby in the balcony and sees the woman coming. He thinks about the woman telling she will tell his wife and everyone his truth. He gets worried and says what is she doing here, did she come to tell my truth.

Ishita introduces Sarika to Parmeet and Simmi saying she is my new receptionist. Raman talks to Ishita as she arranges her sarees in the cupboard.

Update Credit to: Amena

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