Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st April 2014 Written Update

Bhawna wants to talk about something very important to Raj. Bhawna says that Avni told her his jiji was pregnant and that is the reason she got fainted. She says her friend is a good doctor and she can take appointment if Raj wants. Raj tells her that would be really nice of her. Arpita comes and asks Raj that he looked relaxed now, whereas he was tensed some time back. Avni announces that tea is ready, they shall go outside in the lawn. Arpita leaves to give Akshit the towel while Raj and Avni comes outside. She asks that Raj still looks worried. He tells her that he was really very worried what her parents wanted to say to him. She tells him that she was also worried when Akshit was going to play prank on Arpita bhabi. But she liked it when he saved her from trouble. She says how beautiful it must be when someone loves you so much. Raj says for that you have to listen to and feel love around your own heart. She wonders will someone ever love her so dearly, protecting her, caring for her. She turns around and sees Raj smiling at her. He tells her that if she’ll look around her, with her heart she will definitely find such a person and leaves. She says she will try to feel the special thing called love.
There jiji and jija were worried about him. Raj arrives. He tells them that they called him for some other reason. Jija said someone must have deleted them, but Raj says that someone must have watched the videos.
Bhawna and Arpita were packing a lot of cosmetics. Avni asks what these are for. Bhawna explains that it is a ritual that new brides give cosmetics to the needy ones, and gets their prayers. Avni misses Savri bua. She arrives then and there. As she comes in, she asks for water. Bhawna says she’ll just get it when bua tells Arpita to go as she was the new daughter-in-law. As Arpita brings water, Mahesh greets her upon which bua again interrupts that there are others also to greet. Then Savri says she wants Mahesh to buy the next door banglow. Arpita offers that the banglow belongs to her friend and she could help. Bua sa says that she will see if she’ll help or not.
In the kitchen, Mahraj g is ill and the ‘till k laddu’ are not ready. Bhawna gets worried. Avni enters and tells her not to worry, she’ll handle everything. She calls Raj and asks him to bring them as by tradition these laddu comes from bride’s parents house.
Suket wants Avni to take part in this ritual as well. He discusses this with Bhawna. Bhawna says that only those girls who want a good husband soon takes part in this ritual. Suket tells her that he also told Shastri ji to find a good husband for her. Bhawna tells Avni to wash the feet of all the ladies at the ritual time. She does not know its meaning so she happily obliges. Everyone blesses her with prayers of finding good husband soon. She says they must give some other blessings as she does not want to marry so soon. Then bua sa tells her the actual meaning of this ritual. She asks about the laddu that were to come from her parent’s place. She was speechless when Raj arrived with the laddu. Avni tells Arpita to start the ritual. Abhaas was in the kitchen opening the camera when Raj and Avni comes in. Abhaas leaves angrily. Avni goes behind him to ask.
Abhaas tells her that he told his friends that he’ll bring the handy-cam to rally. But that Raj broke the handy-cam to irreparable extent. And the another bad news was that the rally will never take place now. It was against the corrupt principle of the college. He tells Avni that he’ll handle it and she must leave. Raj was going out when he hears Abhaas shouting on phone in the terrace. He was saying that he will not spare that fraud and tells his friend to bring some men to his place. How did he even think that his face will not come in front of anyone. He has proofs against him. Raj thinks that Abhaas must have known and he must tell him the truth.

Raj tries to explain to Abhaas that whatever was there in the video…. Abhaas says what? Raj stops and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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