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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Romi reaching some place. Raman asks are you sure he called us here. Romi says Parmeet told this place. Raman says I m still thinking. Romi says we have to do this. Raman says Ruhi is not a criminal, think about it again. Romi says it may take years to get Ruhi out legal way, we will do this, nothing will happen, wait, he has come. Raman says look at him, you think he will get Ruhi out. Romi says I heard he got big criminals out, please. The man says hello, I m Raka, Parmeet told me everything, I will tell you what to do, come, what happened, are you ready. Romi says yes, we are ready. They go.

Ishita comes home and sees food on the table. She gets Shagun’s call and says I reached home, I will tell Raman about NGO head, I hope she meets minister. Raman is on the call and says we can’t do mistake in this work. He sees Ishita and ends call. She asks is everything fine, you ended call seeing me. He says don’t give explanation to yourself, I ended work talk and disconnected, who are you that I explain you. She says Shagun and I met NGO head, she will talk to minister. He asks will she give guarantee that Ruhi will come out. She says how can she guarantee, sshe said she will try. He says I don’t want to wait for right way and goes.

Its morning, Raman and Romi have a talk. Romi gives the permission letter given by Parmeet. Raman says everything will be fine. Romi says don’t worry. He goes. Ishita comes and says Shagun and I are going to meet minister, are you coming. He says no, I have imp meeting, I m going remand home with minister, he is distributing blankets which I sponsored, I m meeting Ruhi. She says take me along, I have to meet her. He says you have contacts, NGO head, talk to her. He keeps few things in back. She sees and asks what’s this. She gets Shagun’s call and says I m coming. He asks her to go. She goes.

He says I wish everything goes as planned, I get my Ruhi back. Minister is welcomed by jail officials. Parmeet tells minister about Raman who sponsored blankets. Minister talks to Raman and asks him to come. A truck comes there. Guard asks what’s in this. The man says its sweets and blankets, its minister’s items, you can check it. The constable checks and sees the things. The truck is permitted to get inside. The man Raka calls someone and says I reached remand room, I will do your work and call.

Minister raises the flag. Vande mataram….plays……….Everyone salute the flag. Shagun and Ishita come there. Shagun says its same function where NGO head will meet minister, I hope our work happens. Raman looks for Ruhi. Minister distributes blankets and sweets.

Shagun and Ishita talk to NGO head. The lady says madam spoke to minister, he refused.. Ishita and Shagun ask her to try more. The lady says no, its not possible. Shagun asks Ishita to come. They leave. Raman looks in cells and finally finds Ruhi. He goes to Ruhi and cries seeing her sleeping in such state. He calls her out. She turns in sleep. He gets a letter under her pillow and reads it. He gets shocked reading Suhail’s threatening letter. Raman cries and holds her.

He says so Suhail has blackmailed her, you took blame on your head for us. Ruhi wakes up and sees Raman. She hugs him and cries. She asks how did you come here. He says you did this for us, Suhail blackmailed you, what’s this, why did you do this, you should have told me once. She asks how, you, Ishi maa and Pihu are imp for me, I can’t lose you. Niddhi is dangerous, sorry. He hugs her. She says I just wanted to save you three. He says we can’t live without out, I decided to get you out of here. She says you don’t do anything illegal. He says we don’t have time to argue, just wear this clothes and go to storeroom, the man will tell you what to do, please for my sake, just do what I m saying, I m with you. He goes.

Minister asks where did you go. Raman says I had some work. The lady says we will end this program in some time, minister did good work to distribute sweets and blankets to kids. Minister says Raman did this good work, he did the donation. Parmeet asks Raman not to worry, everything will be fine. Raman says Ruhi will be with me if everything goes as per plan. Ruhi changes and goes to storeroom.

A man asks Ruhi to come, I m Raka’s man, your dad has sent me, come with me. Ruhi asks how will we go out. He asks her to just come and sit in that box, we will take you outside. She opens the box. Guard stops the truck. Raka says all items are distributed, its just empty boxes, now I m leaving. Guard says no, its rule, we have to check truck again. Guard checks the boxes. Raka worries. Guard asks what’s this. Raka says its junk, I could not leave junk there, so I filled all junk, you can check well. Raka leaves in the truck. He calls Raman and says your work is done, she is with me. Raman smiles.

Abhishek stops Raman’s car and the truck. He asks Raman are you coming from remand home, where a function was kept for prisoners. Raman worries.

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  1. I’m so glad that Raman knows the truth now I just hope he doesn’t make the same mistake ishitas been making and not share this information with her. I want them to work together and save Ruhi

    1. Amalina

      Yeah I hope they work together free ruhi!

  2. When is this nonsense drama gonna end? Raman was like mad for Pihu now same off his mind behaviour for Ruhi. At one stage he behaved the same for Adi. But for all Ishita did for him and his family, he never gave her his full support like a husband should, he never once stood by her . She all fighting battles on her own. This serial promoting very bad marital manners. currently watching the old YHM on GLOW TV, what a pleasure. I can watch it over and over again…
    I just hope KP and DT don’t miss out on awards because of stupid CV’s.

    1. very true Jay ..i wish Ishitha leaves Raman Bhalla … This serial is showing totally rubbish now … quite unbelievable things happening … not real at all …

    2. Cvs killed YHM. I am also enjoying the old episodes on Glow. Make sure not to miss a single episode. I can watch it over and over again. These days if I miss an episode of the new YHM I am not even bothered. Very tragic.

    3. Khushiarvind

      Its true.. They could have bring this plot of raman asking forgiveness much earlier.. They are showing everything in wrong time.. Sohail drama stretched for more than a month.. Even loyal viewers will loss intrst while episodes are dragging…
      Ishitha shld leave tr ungrateful bhallas.. Raman dont deserve such a gud soul like ishitha.. His arrogance is beuind limits..let him suffer nd learn how to respect others.. Let him learn the true value of wife…

    4. very true Khushi … even today with all bad happenings … Ishitha is true and fair … but there is a limit any one can tolerate … Raman is repeating the same mistake … he almost lost her after cheddhas case . True taking Ruhi to Suhail without telling Raman is justified … what all wrong messages these cvs give to audience … illegal ways … to exit Ruhi .. think about that girls future after that . Sohail s way of winning Ruhi … these days new generation kids are more practical genuine and fair … very few take wrong ways that too due to their family problems or upbringing . They have to show more values … and bring the storyline to positive … even now not late

  3. Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) returns home, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) leaves Raman (Karan Patel) house alongwith Ruhi and Pihu in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Star Plus successful running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring lost of emotional drama in Raman and Ishita’s life.

    As per the track, Ishita bring back to home freeing her from jail.

    Raman and entire family members are happy seeing Ruhi.

    Ishita recalls Raman’s all accusation to her over Ruhi got imprisonment of 10 years.

    Raman was called Ishita a bad mother and also taunts her identity being a sterile.

    Now, Ishita lost her patience and is ready to leave house along with Ruhi and Pihu.

    Mr and Mrs Bhalla asks Ishita not to it nut Ishita complains them for making her responsible for all bad things.

    Mr Bhalla and Romi support Ishita against Raman and leave house

    Ishita bursts out at Raman for never believe at her and always makes her feel of her infertility.

    Raman again starts to argue with Ishita but this time Romi and Mr Bhalla support Ishita and leave Bhalla house along with Ishita.

  4. Shreya I agree with you too Mrs Bhalla should feed Raman milk bottle as he behaves childish n cries like women when ever he is problems, he always blame Ishita for all his problems on other hand Ishita is always strong n practical. Todays episode is worst as Raman is trying to take out Ruhi from remand home illegally. I can’t understand how Ruhi can live freely if she comes out illegally she had to hide herself always n if she is caught again her will become even more difficult in jail n her whole will ruined.

    1. He did the same with ishita…he forced ishita to flee from jail..and made her live in a new identity, Shanaya…Raman acts illogically under the pressure…but ishita thinks practically…

    2. yes Shivani …now everything Ishitha takes with out too much emotion .. may be preparing herself to leave him .. at least realised it though late

  5. Its very sad showing Raman as totally characteless .Instead of making husband wife understanding , cvs have spoiling Maritial relationshipss .understand Ishitha is taking a bold step … by leaving Bhalla house … but why Ruhi and Pihu only . What about Adi … he loves his Ishimaa too much .

    1. Yes vp….cvs made raman characterless…As Jay said he never supported ishita…she is alone to fight with life…i am very happy with this latest spoiler…finally ishita has taken a good decision…but i dont think she will leave the house… definitely Ruhi and adi will do something to stop ishita…

    2. Khushiarvind

      True vp raman cvs had ruined ramans character to the core.. Not evn ramans bt each nd evry character.. I doesnt evn like a bit while ishitha without any self respect goes behind arrogant raman.. She shld leave house with her kids.. Then only raman will understand the value if relations.. He doesnt value his kids nd wife when they are around nd once they leave him like a lunatic he will go behind them nd cross all limits to get them back.. When adi ruhi md pihu were nt with him he cried for them nd struggled to get them back. Once they are back again he is back to hus insensitive avtar.. Better ishitha leave .. Hw much a women like her will suffer by the hands of arrogant fool like raman.. That love is of no value when there is no respect towards each other no matter how deep it is..

    3. Adi is free to who he want to stay with. Adi had known about Raman behaviour.

      Raman depression
      Getting himself drunk
      Get himself hurt
      No one take care of Raman in Ishita absent

      As you saw Raman comes home drunk, Romi and Adi took Raman home without Ishita knowledge. Adi want to take Raman shoes off but Raman push Adi and Romi. Raman tell Romi and Adi to get out. Adi get hurt by Raman words while Romi consoled Adi and ask him to come. Romi and Adi see Raman in bad stated then leave Raman alone in room.

      Raman see Pihu and want to get close to her but Pihu get scared and run away then he see Ruhi in police outfit with chain on and cried with bad condition that shocked him and want to get her but got vanished then he goes to photo frame and see this and cried very badly for his beloved daughters. Mrs Toshi comes to see Raman and get worry see Raman condition and goes to consoled Raman. Raman cried and holding photo. Toshi feel bad see Raman condition and don’t know what to do.

      Mr Omprakash will avoid Raman because he is still angry on Raman for disrespect Ishita. Ompraskash support Ishita over his own son. Mihika support Raman and Toshi. Omprakash angry on Toshi. Ruhi and Pihu only want to support women right and self respect so that girls want to leave Bhalla house to be with Ishita to teach Raman lesson for not respecting Ishita. Raman don’t want all women to leave him because they are important to him in his life. Adi can share everything between Raman and Ishita but knowing that Shagun will do wrong for bad mouthing him and Aylia to whole of his families.

  6. Khushiarvind

    Track goes same while ishitha punished in chaddha case.. Same thing hapening here.. Raman saved ishitha frm jail nd she lived in disguise.. Same track repeating they are trying to kidnap ruhi frm jail.. In yhm no new tracks..murder, jailing, custody, seperation drmass back to back…making the shiw boring
    Cvs now got some sense that they are planning ishitha going out of house leaving raman.. Gud decesion.. Keen to watch raman fell in his knees nd apologise to her for all the wrongs nd blames

  7. Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) major step leaving Raman’s (Karan Patel) house with Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) for good in Yeh Hai Mohobbatein

    In Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohobbatein the current scenerio is revolving around Ishita and Raman’s not so happy married life.

    Raman and Ishita’s love life have been facing a lot of problems and this has all caused on account of Raman’s harsh nature.

    Raman and Ishita’s life have been turning miserable as Ishita has tried to leave Raman’s house with Raman’s increasing dominant nature.

    Ishita is very much adamant to leave Raman’s house so as to teach Raman a good lesson.

    Ruhi-Pihu support Ishita against Raman

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ruhi’s life in the ongoing serial.

    Ruhi and Pihu also this time support Ishita going against their father Raman for Ishita’s self respect.

    1. Glad that girls are supporting Ishita because they are women and never want men to hurt women. Girls knows that they are Raman’s princesses but mistreat Ishita badly is not right. Raman had told Ishita that she have lost her right on his children. Ishita get hurt by Raman’s words and get angry and shout at him. Raman had forgetten that Ruhi is not Raman’s custody. Ruhi is Ishita’s custody for long time after Nidhi abduction. Pihu should be with Ishita but Shagun feed all wrong about Ishita which make Pihu hate Ishita. Pihu get to know from Ruhi about Shagun evil deeds and Ishita’s good deed. Pihu slowly want to get to know about Ishita and want to be closed to Ishita. Pihu feel secure in Ishita care and love. Ruhi and Pihu loves Ishita and don’t want Ishita to leave girls for Shagun and Nidhi. Raman knows that girls and Adi loves Ishita more than him.

  8. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Romi’s home leaving drama makes Raman (Karan Patel) realize his mistake

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase high voltage action drama in Bhalla house.

    Raman had always accused Ishita for Ruhi’s arrest, Raman had always done this as he always blames Ishita for everything.

    Ishita is fed up with this and decides to leave Raman and Bhalla house forever, Raman is shocked hearing Ishita’s such big decision.

    Raman and Ishita’s love test

    Raman loves Ishita while just take out his anger and frustration over Ishita, but don’t want Ishita to leave him and go away.

    Raman and Ishita are worried for each other but pretends to be angry, Romi supports Ishita in her anger and says that he will also leave house with Ishita.

    Raman is shocked seeing this, while Ishita and Romi are doing all drama just to trap Raman and make him realize his mistake.

    1. Ishita did the right thing by leaving Raman and his life forever because of his behaviour is unacceptable. I don’t know why Romi want to leave Bhalla house to be with Ishita. What about Mihika and I know that Mihika willstay back with Raman and Toshi. Mr Omprakash leave his house to stay with Ishita. Omprakash, Romi and girls support Ishita and leaving Bhalla house that shattered Raman.

      Ishita had done many times when Raman deceived, hurt, fight and lied then she leaves Bhalla house. Raman refused Ishita to leave his house and life because Ishita is his strength and his life. Ishita is everything to him because of his children who bring Ishita into his life. Ishita get frustrated because of the villian who want to hurt her and she becomes tired and Raman get possessive over Ishita badly.

      Ishita decided that this is the last time if Raman don’t changed his way then she will not returned back to him. Raman don’t want to lose Ishita and children again. Villian knows about Raman’s weakeness and will keep hurting Ishita and children. Ishita is the only person who always shield Bhalla family.

      I was missing where is Mihir and where is he. If Mihir is ther and he can help to save Raman and Ishita marriage. Mihir and Ishita can tolerated Raman anger and know that Raman can’t do anything. Raman knows that Mihir can pacify him often when he is not with Ishita.

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