Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking Ishita did you meet Ruhi. Ishita says how can I, I ruined her life. Shagun says what’s wrong with you, you can never do this, that’s why I had problem with you, you are very good, you are a good mother and good wife, you are perfect, so I m jealous with you, I left Ruhi when she was 6 months old, you raised her and gave her love, you are her real mum, where did that love go, answer me. Ishita says Raman…. Shagun says Raman is childish, he does not know anything than blaming others, you can’t think about Raman, just you can get Ruhi out of all this. Ishita says strange thing is, those who I love and thought will stand by me, they did not stand by me, but you… Shagun says I did not come to get friendly with you, Ruhi is my daughter too, we have to get her out of this situation, if you cry and fall weak, nothing will happen, sort this out, you know you can get out of this problem, just do it.

Ishita says I have to save Ruhi any way. Ruhi sees other sleeping and can’t sleep on the ground. She sits crying at a corner. Lady constable comes and asks her to come along. Ruhi asks where. Constable takes Ruhi and asks Suhail to talk fast and in low tone, I can just give you 5 mins for the money you gave me, no one should know it, else I will lose my job. She goes. Ruhi asks who are you. She gets shocked seeing Suhail. He smiles. He says I m sure you did not forget me. She asks how did you come here. He says I m really sorry Ruhi, you have problem with my touch now, I did this to take revenge, if I didn’t do love drama, how would I use you, Bhalla has weakness, that’s family, I had to use it, I did it for revenge, no hard feelings. She recalls Suhail giving her a letter in jail. She goes home and reads letter.

Suhail writes…. Ruhi if you want Raman and Ishita to be in this world, take the murder blame on your head, you would know what can I do, I will not leave Pihu also, think, you have the night to think, you know what you have to do else…. FB ends. Suhail says you took my blame on your head, you did imp thing, you saved your parents from dying, you freed me, thanks. She says shut up. He says I know you won’t tell truth to them, I like this, you loved me unconditional and also love your parents unconditionally, I got a gift for you, sign on this. She gets shocked reading the paper.

She cries and signs on the paper. He says I like you a lot, I loved you and even now I love you. Lady constable asks him to leave. Ruhi scolds constable and says I will complain about you if you let him come here. She goes.

Suhail smiles seeing the paper and says you signed your death notice. Mani talks to someone for helping Ruhi. He says if minister talks to judge, we can get some help, you asked me for funding, I will send it. He fixed Raman’s meet with minister and asks Aaliya to inform Raman. Aaliya thanks him. Shagun sees all this. Mani says I have to send cheque and letter. Shagun thanks Mani. He goes.

Raman makes call and tries to get permission to meet Ruhi. Ishita comes and asks him not to do this. She says you love me a lot, why are you not talking, sorry, how can you think I don’t want Ruhi’s good, I love her so much, talk to me please, I get hurt. He says there is limit to bear things, don’t test my tolerance, be away from me and my daughter. She says she is my daughter too. He gets Abhishek’s call and says I will just come. She says I will come along. He says no need. She says I m coming.

Aaliya gives cheque and letter to Adi, and asks him to give it to Raman. Adi thanks her. She asks him not to thank. She shares his worry. He cries and hugs her. She asks him not to cry, nothing will happen to Ruhi, trust me. Adi says I m so worried for Ruhi, I have seen that place, its horrible, how can she stay there, she is young, we have to do something. She says nothing will happen, everybody is there with Ruhi, she will be fine trust me, how can you be weak, Raman and Ishita need you, you have to help them and become their strength. She hugs him and says I m with you, you are not alone.

Raman and Ishita meet Abhishek and ask what is it. Abhishek says Ruhi has sent this letter, she stated she does not want any mercy and wants case on fast track, she believes she is guilty and wants to get punished, check it, if its her sign. Ishita says yes, its her sign. Abhishek says I don’t think she wrote this, Suhail did this. Raman says but its Ruhi’s sign. Abhishek says maybe he forged sign, or met Ruhi in remand home. Ishita says its possible for him. Abhishek says now this matter is more complicated. Raman says Ruhi is unsafe there. Ishita says we should show this to Ruhi, she should know Suhail, she may not know this. Raman throws things angrily. Abhishek says stop it Raman, she is right, we have to make team and think of Ruhi, sort differences later on. Raman and Ishita leave.

Ishita comes to Ruhi’s room and cries seeing the pic. Dil se dil ka rishta…..plays………. She thinks of Ruhi and hugs her pillow. Raman could not sleep and gets up. Ruhi sits crying in the cell. She lies to sleep and feels uneasy. She cries.

Raman asks for Ruhi. Lady says calm down, Ruhi said she does not want to meet you, as your family had to face shame because of her. Raman says maybe Suhail fed this in her mind. Ishita says let us meet her once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone….. Really shagun rocked today… Dis is d first time i liked her…. Seriously i hate raman he is worst father and husband… In dis situation also he is busy in blaming ishita…. I just really hope ishita kaise bhi ruhi ko save krle and am dead sure ishita ek baar ruhi ko vaapas le aayegi to sb firse uske saath normal ho jayenge….prblm k time p sab usse akela chodh dete h….. I feel too bad for her

  2. Ishraq Muntakim

    This worse thing is happening last year since the Chadda incident

  3. Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Magic Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Supergirl parichari shreya Bhagya Nish Priya Susan and all YHM fans……hope everyone is doing fine…..

    Same melodrama…nothing else…
    I heard that param will help ishra to meet ruhi…and shagun is helping and supporting ishita…Villains changing to good ones…Is this the end of YHM…? I wish so…because latest trp report is out and i didn’t find YHM in its top 10 list.!!!…Congrats CVs….and hats off to you Ekta Kapoor….you all must be happy now..

    Hi magic Bhagya madhu ….where are you guyz…? Missing your comments…

    1. Yhm is not on the top 10 list….cvs must be concerned with trp especially ekta madam. Srsly?param helps ishra? this is one confused story…. all relationships have become complicated. i am reading the updates… enough of suhail nidhi ruhi drama… instead of focusing on ishra , showing something else. ishita shagun united for ruhi, ishra fighting with each other for ruhi. mani shagun united for ruhi, adi aliya united for ruhi…. every thing RUHI KE LIYE…. showing such nonsense… finally shown ruhi is blackmailed by suhail, ruhi is suffering in hell. bad ones succeed, good ones fail…happens in real life too. i know ishita made a mistake by letting ruhi meet suhail, but she thought abt ruhi only…. raman the cry baby blames her everytime even when she is right.. ishita shld never forgive raman for all the insults, ishita mani was a good pair…but he got a partner like shagun. cvs have damaged all the good characters… nothing else to comment abt yhm…

      1. Well commented .. Reshi .. true …Shaghun is helping Ruhi … def understandable but surely she has some plans of her own behind it . Ishitha is in a situation is forced to accept Shaghuns help as she wants to get Ruhi out … Cant see Ishithas state at all … I just read the updates .. not yet watched .. First time writing a comment without watching

    2. Hi Shivani … I watched the episode very late … i feel Shaghun cud give some strenth to Ishitha … she made it very clear … she is jealous of her and not trying to be friend with her . Here this Sohail Ruhi drama … will completely damage Ishras relationship … Shaghun and Mani will strengthen their relationship … Adi Alia will gain back their friendship atleast . Alia is just like her amma … good in consoling .. Adi like his papa .. cry baby .Ishitha realised her mistake and go on apologising to Raman … what does he want out of her ? Ishitha sacrificed all for him and his kids … her love is very pure and genuine ..his love is conditional … nobody is giving a shoulder to Ishitha … those people whom she loved … I really wish she leaves Raman and move away from Bhallas … Parents are not allowed to meet their child … Ruhi cud have shown the threatening letter in the court . The way she is torturing her parents now … is better if they die in Sohails hands … Shaghun is turning positive or not … cvs want to give her more space … so just changing her like this .Kp and Dt nailed the episode as usual … Good morning Rithu …Shivani Sindhu .. Susan .. Khushi .. Mino ..Madhu .. Shreya .. Bhagya .. Pryas Riya parichay Raghu Khaira ReshmiManju Sharmila Sonya Summi and all ..And Magic how r you ? busy ? Today I feel exchange of Ruhi was completely becoz of Raman … and so Ruhi had to go thru this Nidhi … he had never apologised Ishitha for whatever mistakes he has done .. blaming and humiliating her to the core … why should she continue with her marriage .. No respect at all ..

    3. Yes am fine shivani and vp actually i didn’t watch the epi for long time so am sorry i cant talk about epi bcz am very hard busy in study shivani can understand a student situation about study hahaha but i will start to watch the epi again after my exams today is my holiday thats why i open this site and hello to all

      1. Hi Magic allthe best .. do well .. i know its very defficult … but you have your focus … so no worries .. tc

  4. No signature of a prisnor cannot be taken unless infront of a supervising guard Ruhi producing a letter while in prison and it is not a vaild document.

  5. Hello everyone, how are you all…
    YHM definitely lost its charm. When it started it was about 2 hearts uniting through a child, but now its all about revenge. Ekta Kapoor’s all drama is about revenge, villains turning good, divorce/separation and going to prison.

    Ishita doesn’t deserve Raman brainless Kumar Bhalla. Ishita deserves a way better life. It would be better if Ekta dumbhead Kapoor ends the serial with Ishita getting married with someone else.

    I am fed up with this Ruhi-Sohail drama, too dragging. I don’t even watch YHM now. Its very boring. Especially when Ruhi spoils the episode, she has lost her brains. “Sohail, Sohail” always saying that. Doesn’t even believe her Ishima. She doesn’t even wanna listen to Ishita, she thinks Sohail is right and Ishita is wrong.

    Ishita should escape from Bhalla house with Adi and Pihu to Australia and happily live there forever.

    YHM doesn’t deserve viewers.
    Anyone agree with me.

    1. Agree with you Riya …cant understand what cvs are upto … yhm cvs make their own rule and regulations …

    2. I totally agree with you riya.

  6. Agreee…. Cvs have made their own rules n regulations….

  7. YHM writers are making new laws as per their wish. I think only bhalla family cases goes on fast track.

  8. Why is it that every time something goes wrong the Bhallas quickly blame Ishita for everything. I would not want to be in a family like that. They love you when you can make everything good but as soon as something bad happens, it magically becomes your fault…such a depressing life.

  9. Another thing, not just this show, I wish that for once people would stand up and call any blackmailer’s bluff…seriously, Ruhi thinks it’s going to be so easy for Suhail to kill or do anything to Pihu or family. Especially if writers use some common sense and make the family back each other up…I think they just like to have these cat and dog fights among family….maybe that’s how their everyday life is…sad!!

  10. Well done Shagun at last you stepped up at least the sake of your children.

  11. indera sanichara

    Sharmila you are right. All of Ekta serial is Revenge, revenge and revenge so dam boring if life was like that in real life, this world would have ended a long time ago. Ekta please end this soap it’s a stress to watch.

  12. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

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  14. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It was earlier seen that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) will blackmail Raman (Karan Patel) to divorce Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) if he wants Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) back in his life.

    Raman will make a difficult call and chooses his daughter over his wife.

    However Raman will get frustrated as he will look for opportunities to fight with Ishita as he is under pressure to divorce her as soon as possible.

    Will Raman be able to prove Ruhi innocent or not?

    Will Ishita be able to understand Raman’s dilemma or not?

    Keep watching this space for more exciting news and updates.

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  16. In Star Plus most leading shows Yeh Hai Mohobbatein currently there is high voltage drama going on amid Ishita and Raman in the ongoing serial.

    Raman gets too much frustrated by the immense pressure which Niddhi is putting upon Raman to divorce Ishita.

    Niddhi has threatened Raman to divorce and leave Ishita for getting his daughter Ruhi back from remand home.

    On the other hand Ishita is totally clueless as to what is the reason for Raman reacting in such an absurd way.
    Ruhi’s ray of hope

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the ongoing serial.

    Ruhi gets to meet inspector Abhishek who had helped Ruhi in the MMS case against Sohail.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Ruhi get a sign of relief post seeing that Ishita and inspector Abhishek are fighting hard to get Ruhi out?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  17. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear rithu, vp, shivani, sindhu, bhagya, mino, monique, riya, kaira, shreya, sharmila,sonya,summi,manju,parichari,reshmi, raghu,susan, madhu nd all my dear yhm frnds nd silent readers
    Hope all are doing great..

  18. VP, I agree with your comments on my comments yesterday. In this episode when I saw Raman expression. I felt for a minute Raman wanted to tell it’s OK. But slowly he realized his mistake. I think Raman is being blackmailed. Maybe the story may go similar to Adi accident on his grandma. I think the next drama might be the fight between aliya and adi since aliya is the only one who knew about suhail

    1. Thank you Raghu … its my view … Ishitha is too practical and strong … its not easy to live with a husband like Raman … his love is conditional … he needs her .. he loves her … all blunders he is the starter … its not easy to come out of messy situation in life … whatever it is ..

  19. Khushiarvind

    So yhm is nt in the list.. No wonder y cvs are suddenly turning evrything positive.. Adi-aliya reunion, mani- shagun.. Wah.. All for trp else eat the head of viewers by boring story.. Evn param nd shagun positive…
    Suhail made it possible to meet ruhi nd evn took her sign while her parents are yet dying to meet her.. Tight slap on the face of our law nd order system..such unfortunate things wil hapeen only to bhallasor to be precise to ishitha..
    I felt my heart out to ishitha when she said to shagun that the people who should be with her nt supporting here while shagun does… Poor lady… This r show some self respect.. Get ruhi out nd leave hot headed raman nd stupid ungrateful bhallas.. Let them rot .. Let them get in to more nd more pnlms nd suffer so that they realise ishitha’s value… Bt ishitha is nt going tonchange… Again she is going aftr raman begging for forhiveness adding on to his ego nd arrogance..

    1. Shaghun and Param can ever be trusted ? They can go to any level to get their things done . After 7 years when Ruhi came back Shaghun cud not accept it for the mere thought of losing her place in Bhallas house .Khushi very true I too really felt sad seeing Ishitha . She feels she is a failure she is a defeated ,… if one get that feeling however strong you are … its very defficult to move on … so shaghuns talk really helped her … Many viewers are upset with this yhm … cvs are cruelly enjoying …

      1. Khushiarvind

        Ys vp… Her life might have been different nd more peaceful if she doesnt got married to raman… I admit mistakes are there in both sides.. Evn ishitha did mistake by hiding things frm raman.. Bt while raman does mistakes she nvr isolate him bt stood with him to sort out things rather than blindly blaming him.. Every time raman doesnt evn pay heed to her or listen to what she have to say bt simply blame her nd isolate her.. Never apologise to her fir his mistakes.. Indeed he luvs her madly bt what value his love for her changes as per the sake o his kids..
        Either end this with happy note or take a leap nd show pihu as grown up divyanka can act as pihu nd find a gud match for her or evn kp can act as her pair bt hus character must nt be like raman.. He is simply unbearable…

  20. Khushiarvind

    This might be true that raman is getting blackmailed but that even dnt justify his actions agaist his wife.. She is not a toy or a pet animal to be kept with him when he luvs and throw out when some issues sprout out…
    Raman easily get blackmailed by evryone sometimed ashok sometimes shagun or nidhi.. Everytime he chose his children for wife nd throw her out… In a family wife is equally imp than chuldren or shld say more than children bcose she is the one who will be with her husband as a shadow through out the life while children aftr a while had to move on settling up their own world..
    In ektas serials evrytime this happens.. No pair will remain happy.. Frequent seperations, entry of sautan or saas bahu drama nd all.. This serial was somewhat diff bt nw stooped to the level of her other third class shows… I dnt thnk she is meant to this industry.. Better to choose someother profession. Her writes also not fit to be in this profession.. So incompetent nd dump

  21. Hi rithusree vp n mano hru u all long timeee… sry cud nt comment these days…. kaisey ho aap log.. i keep mising u ppl so much…

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