Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord ram saying ravana has still kept my wife captive and suffering and today I have to end this war by killing him. Lord ram continuously attacks ravana with his arrow, ravana hits them with his sword and says I am mahagyani ravana you cannot defeat me, lord ram attacks ravana’s sword and it destroys and ravana is shocked and ram says if you ae mahagyani then why did you disguise yourself and kidnap my wife? And that is iniquity. Lord ram one after another attacks his arrows and ravana gets hurt. He is shocked. Ravana then turns into his 10-headed form and starts laughing. Lord ram removes his holy arrow.
There hanuman takes the divya astra to the water planet where dhanmantri dev lives, he prays and says dhanvantri dev please help me in stopping your weapon. Dhanmantri dev arrives and blesses hanuman and then takes his weapon and puts it in the water. Hanuman says I prayed only once and you came and I am very thankful for you as you helped in lord ram’s battle and saved the army. Dhanmantri dev says I am thankful to you hanuman as you brought my weapon back to me from that ravana and he stole it. I bless you that you will destroy the last of the powers that protect ravana. Dhanmantri dev goes. Hanuman says what powers does ravana still have? That makes him invincible? And I have to find out. Hanuman lands on earth.
There lord ram attacks ravana and one of his head falls down but it comes back. Ravana starts laughing. Lord ram attacks again but the head again comes back and he says how is his head coming back? Everyone is puzzled. Hanuman says why are ravana’s heads coming back? Lord ram this time attacks 10 arrows and all heads fall down, but they still come back. Ravana is laughing. Lord ram attacks again and the main head falls down but it again comes back. Hanuman there asks what is protecting ravana? Vibhishan and rishi sushen say it is the amrit taal. Hanuman says amrit taal? Sushen says yes ravana’s life is related to the famous story of amrit taal. Hanuman says goddess saraswati once told me about the story. Sushen says yes, it was when the gods and the demons came together and started churning the ocean for the amrit taal which makes anyone immortal. After their hard work, they were granted the amrit taal by dhanmantri dev. But the greedy demons wanted the amrit taal so all gods took it and gave it to indra dev who had an idea of giving it to dhani dev who ttok the amrit taal with him to a safe place, he travelled 12 days with the help of surya dev and agni dev but while travelling somke drops fell into the pond of lanka and it turned the pond into life giving pond water. The am,rit taal was safe but the pond had powers giving immortality. Hanuman says so ravana must have known about this. Sushen says yes, he knew and he started bathing in it everyday and that’s how his heads and any body part heals. Sushen says but he can be killed if the pond dries up. Hanuman says so now its time for the pond to dry up and I will go there. Sushen blesses hanuman and says yes but be alert hanuman and its at the other side of lanka. Hanuman says yes and he goes.
There lord ram is attacking ravana, ravana shoust loudly and turns in his normal form and laughs and then becomes huge and stands on the ground and stands as huge as lord ram’s sitting in the chariot. ravana laughs and says attack me with more arrows ram and nothing will happen, ravana brinsg back his 10 heads and starts laughing.
There hanuman reaches the pond and sees trees and greenery around and says this place is so beautiful but why isn’t there any animal and birds here? And I am sure there is something else apart from just these trees and pond. Hanuman thinks I should step into the pond and he is about to keep his leg in the pond, the pond thinks that I will not leave this dumb monkey and I will kill him. Hanuman is about to step when the water throws him back. Hanuman gets back and some vine trees hold hanuman. The pond says you have taken a wrong decision coming here and you will not go now.
There lord ram says do whatever ravana, but iniquity is always defeated and you will die today. Ravana says lets see forest liver if our arrows finish today or your bravery does. Lord ram attacks and arrow and 10 chakras come out and ravana protects himself from a shield and then starts laughing.
There the water says monkey you will die now.

Precap: hanuman is punched by the water, hanuman thinks let him attack again and I will hold him. The water attacks again and hanuman holds the hand of pond water and says don’t hide and if you are strong enough then come in front of me visible and fight me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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