Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma taking the guard’s help. She hears Simmi saying Parmeet is going to have bath. Amma asks the guard to cut water supply in Bhalla house, and if anyone knows then he will lose the job. She says go, wait for me, I will call you. Amma says Parmeet teases my Ishita, I will trouble him that he runs, how will he take bath now. Raman takes a bath and the water goes. Amma says I have washed Punjabi villain without water. Raman asks why did the water go. Amma says Ishita and Vandu will feel glad knowing this. Ishita says water was coming, how did it go. Raman says get it fast. Ishita asks him to turn the knob and push it. Raman says I can’t. My eyes is burning. She says I will come inside. He says no. She says tell me if you need help. He covers his lower body with towel and says fine come now. She asks did you use towel. He says shall I wear burqa now, come. She comes inside.

He says he can’t see, where are you. She moves him and turns the knob. Amma is singing songs and Appa asks for newspaper. She goes to take paper and sees Parmeet ready and leaving. Parmeet greets her and leaves. She says he had bath so soon, maybe he did not take bath, chee, bad body and bad mind. I will ask watchman to start water supply. The water starts coming. Ishita and Raman stand under the shower. She gets stunned as water falls suddenly and gets closer to him. They look superb together. Raman opens his eyes as the foam gets washed away. Ek nadi ke dono jaise kinare hai………………. They have an eyelock. (Raman looks superhot and sizzling!!)

He holds her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………… Amma comes to Bhalla house and greets Mr. Bhalla. She says she came to meet Ishita. She goes to her room and sees bathroom door open, She sees Ishita and Raman together and smiles. She says sorry and goes out. She laughs. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened,why are you shy. Amma says I saw something. Mrs. Bhalla asks what. Amma tells in her ears. Mrs. Bhalla is very happy. Amma says its so sweet. Mrs. Bhalla says they are husband and wife and should have more things than sweet, its good love started. Mr. Bhalla asks what happened. They say nothing.

The ladies are happy. Amma says leave them alone, don’t go to see them, chee. Mrs. Bhalla says what when you saw them, how did you see. Amma says I saw them by mistake. Mrs. Bhalla says my age is to see such things, you do satsang, I will see them in love. Amma stops her. Mr. Bhalla says the women got timepass. Romi waits for Sarika and says she might be busy, I will leave. He sees Sarika’s scooty after a café. He sees Sarika with a guy holding hands and is shocked. Romi comes to them and asks the guy to leave Sarika’s hand. He says he will beat him.

The guy asks who are you. Romi says you will ask me who I m. Sarika asks Romi why is he reacting this way. Romi and the guy argue. Sarika says listen to me. The guy says see that’s why I don’t like to go out, such guys have ruined Delhi. The guy says she is my sister. Romi is stunned and says sister? Ishita combs her hair smiling. Raman comes in the bathrobe and looks at her. She goes outside the room. Raman smiles and says what happened that cactus got a rose. Romi says he is your brother. Sarika says exactly, Vishal is my brother, he came to make me tie rakhi to him.

Romi says Saale, I mean my brother, I m sorry. Romi asks Sarika to forgive him. Romi says sorry Sarika ji, sit with him. He joins them and says lest have samosas. Vishal says no, you guys have, I paid the bill. Vishal hugs Romi and says he understood him. Romi says sorry Bhai. Vishal leaves. Sarika asks why was he finding her. Romi says about Kabaddi league and says he gave his tickets to friends, as Raman gave him work. They promote it.

Mrs. Bhalla smiles and asks Ishita what is special, she is looking beautiful and glowing. Ishita says nothing. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman. Ishita says he is getting ready. Mr. Bhalla gets a call and says fine, I will say. He says everyone wants to talk to Raman Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla says media wants to talk to him, he is great. Simmi gives him newspaper. He reads the news that Raman was aborting his own girl child. Simmi says Parmeet read it and hidden it, so that you all don’t get tensed but truth has to come out.

Ishita reads business tycoon Raman is danger for her daughter, he did his child’s s*x determination and signed for her abortion. Raman comes and hears this. He takes the paper and reads the articles. Everyone is shocked. He leaves angrily. Ishita says Raman……………

Ishita stops Raman and he asks what does she think, can he do this. She says I know you can’t. He says I won’t give explanation. She says I don’t want explanation, atleast talk, someone gave this news to media. Raman leave. Mihir meets Raman in the apartment compound and says Ashok did this, for ruining your image so that he gets the new deal. Raman says I know this. Mihir says but your signs ………… Raman says Shagun had it, why is she using my daughter, think about Ruhi, she can take revenge from me, why Ruhi. This will affect Ruhi too. Raman gets Pathak’s call and says meet me in office. Mihir says Shagun left Raman, why not completely, why is she after him always.

Mrs. Bhalla shows Ruhi’s baby pics to Ishita. He says Raman was afraid to lift Ruhi, but then became her mum and dad both, don’t know why is Lord testing my son, he loved Shagun a lot, fought with his dad for her, see she is using his old wounds against him. She cries. She says Shagun won’t get place in hell. Ishita asks what Shagun did. Mrs. Bhalla says what came in papers is half truth and says Raman did this to save Shagun’s life, as she has complications, doctors said only one can be saved, and Raman took the decision. Ishita says it might be very tough.

Mrs. Bhalla says very tough, he was in pain, he wanted the child and waited a long, he thought he can get child again, but he has to save Shagun. Ishita says its govt rule too that mum has first right on life, then how did Ruhi……… Mrs. Bhalla says it was Lord who saved her too. Ishita says how can Shagun do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Lord is seeing everything, she is hurting Raman, she can’t win. Ishita says Raman is not alone, I m with him, I will expose Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and hugs her.

Ishita confronts Shagun. Shagun says she did not use this info, she shared it with Raman. Ishita scolds her for not thinking about Ruhi. What will she face in school when kids ask her this. Raman comes and hears this. Ishita says Raman always saves you, he should have chosen Ruhi instead you. Shagun looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Awesome episode!

  2. the makers r not coming up with new ideas & thoughts. the bathroom scene seems to be a copied one from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. of course ishra were looking outstanding & we were disappointed that the scene lasted for just a few seconds. raman & ishita winning over al the villains, wat relevance does that hold. how many times didn’t they defeat them in the past. enough of fighting. now plz focus on the love between ishra. raman shld love ishita so much. ishra shld become love idols

  3. solid episode yaar .param ke saath ab ishita aur raman ,shagun , ashok aur suraj ko bhi expose karenge . mathlab ab toh kahani mai bada dhamaka hoga . i am eagerly waiting for this . wow ! superb

  4. Nice epi …..thoda romance thoda argument bt ovr al a nce epi
    waiting to wtch 2mr epi …….raman ws lukng hotttttttttt………

  5. Thank u for a fast update i luv u ishimaa

  6. Oooieiieieiie!! Chooo chweeett!!! O.O ^_~…sch a cute scene!!…love is in the air…<3<3

  7. Awesome episode yaar. but the bathroom scene is same as in the two yrs back drama were as karan tacker and jeevika.and ipkknd(shlok&astha)drama.anyways it ll be little while with ishra couple i luv u guys.

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