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The Episode starts with Ranvi and Gunjan getting dropped at the apartment. They came in lift and come to 7th floor. Gunjan gets scared in the lift. She holds his hand. They come to the flat and take the keys from under the flower pot. He opens the flat and they see it. It is all messed up. They see a girl in very short clothes. Ranvi says sorry, we came in wrong house. The girl stops them and says Ranvi and Gunjan, come inside, Payal informed me. I did not go with my friends. Ranvi apologizes. She says the flat has two bedrooms, you can take one. Gunjan thanks her and asks her name. She says Diya and shows their room. They come in the room. Gunjan says its Mumbai, people more and houses less, we have to adjust. She says we won’t let them have any problem.

He says she is strange girl and we are staying here, don’t know what is she feeling. Gunjan says she is fine with us, its common in Mumbai. She asks him to get ready and go to meet some people. He says come here and hugs her. Veera works at the polyhouse. Baldev comes there and she greets him. She asks about Nihaal. He says he is coming. She asks why is he behaving like enemies. He says shall I be happy that you are not marrying me. She says understand my point of view. He says yes, I m burden on you and lose your respect if you marry me.

She says think we are not solving this small issue. He says its not small issue. They argue. He sees Nihaal coming and changes topic. Nihaal senses something is wrong between them. Ranvi comes for the music audition and says Punjab’s music director gave me your address, I can sing and show. The man says give me your CD, I don’t have time, else come after two three days. Ranvi says fine and says he will go somewhere else. Many days pass in his struggle. O Rabba…………………..plays………………….He comes home and Gunjan asks how was his day, go and change, I will make food.

Nihaal asks Baldev to stop drinking. Baldev gets drunk and says great wine. Nihaal asks Baldev about him and Veera’s tension. Baldev says how to tell you my sad story, but you are family, what to hide. He says I think Veera is taking our relation light, she is not ready to marry, she says about right time. He says I feel she does not want to take our relation ahead. I want to marry her. Nihaal says yes, I agree that marriage makes love strong. He asks Baldev whats his age, why is he serious so soon, He says he will lose his freedom, get responsibilities, will you be able to bear it, no, you listen to me and take some time, know each other as this time won’t come back after marriage, then marry when you want, live life and chill.

Baldev says yes Chachu, you are right, I was hurrying. Guys needs freedom, yes. He sees Nihaal smiling and laughs. He says I understood so you did not marry till now. Nihaal smiles and thinks. Baldev says you should be head of all guys, cheers. Ranvi comes to another studio and the man asks for CD. Ranvi says he will sing. The man says come, hurry up. Ranvi sings a good song. He plays the guitar and sings O………………tujhse pehle tere baad, na kuch bhula na kuch yaad…………………The man says that’s ok Ranvijay, come here. The man asks him to come for song’s recording tomorrow. Ranvi sings happily and a woman follows him hearing his sweet voice. Ranvi calls Veera and gives her good news. He thanks Lord that he got chance soon. He says I will tell this to Gunjan now. Ranvi comes home and gives good news to Gunjan. She asks him to sleep and they get disturbed by sound. He closes his ears and she smiles.

Everyone wish for Ranvi’s success. Ranvi does not sing as its cheat. The man scolds him.

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