Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking to change her modern dress as Raman is away. She sees Raman in the room and gets surprised. Raman too is surprised to see her. Ishita turns and asks him how she is looking in the dress? She says, my mirror is saying I am looking good. Raman says congrats. Raman thinks how did she fit in such a small dress, there is something fishy. She praises herself and he says don’t forget you can come out of it in happiness, Ruhi’s happiness matters to me. He bends and sees the stitching box under the bed. He says so this is it, she made the dress loose, I will make her admit.

He breaks his shirt’s button and says shit, it broke. She says I will stitch it. He says I will manage. He asks where is the stitching box. She says its there, check

there. He says its not there. She says she altered the dress at night. He says so you altered it at night and have hidden the box there. He says the one who cheats is not called a winner, but a loser, you liar. She says I…. He says I….. what? He acts like her. She says give me your shirt. He says I won’t, stitch it like this. Hasne laga chehra………………..plays………… She stitches the button. Raman looks at her.

She stands close to him. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………………. He says you don’t have the strength to accept your mistake else you would have said sorry and accepted you are fat. She makes the needle hurt him. He says look at yourself, you are so fat. He says 360 degrees, see your sides, even from backside. She says when did you see me. He says I saw you when you give long lectures, I notice these things at that time. He says I m leaving now for two days, take care, else you will need bedsheets to cover yourself. Ishita says am I so fat.

Raman asks Parmeet to be ready as he will make a project ready for him when he returns. Ruhi talks to Raman and asks him to come back soon. She asks did you see Ishita in green dress. Raman says yes. She says I miss you. Raman says I miss you too, I promise I will come back in two days. Ruhi asks Ishita to wear this dress and come with her. Ishita says no, I don’t have such habit. Ruhi insists. Ishita says ok boss. Ruhi says fine, lets go to Amma first.

Raman reaches Mumbai and goes for the meeting. Ashok is also there. The deal goes to Raman and Ashok joins as junior partner. Ashok says whats this, I can do it on my own. They says seeing your records, we thought we will not give you this contract. Raman agrees to partner with Ashok and keeps his conditions. Ashok says its my proposal, how can you take it from me. Mrs. Smith says Raman is the best. Raman looks at Ashok. Ashok feels jealous and comes to Raman. Raman taunts him. They take a pic together.

Parmeet sees Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla busy in their room. He thinks about Ishita wearing the western dress. He asks the maid about Ruhi. He says its good no one is there to keep an eye on me, I should go to Ishita. She calls Sarika and asks for Ishita saying I m her patient. Sarika says she left for home. He asks how are you, are you working well or shall I help you. She ends the call. He laughs. Simmi comes to him and says I will see my fav serial with mum. She leaves. The maid tells Parmeet that she is leaving for home. Parmeet is happy that everyone is busy, no one ahs time for Ishita except me.

Ashok and Shagun come to a party. Ashok meets everyone. Raman meets Mrs. Smith. Shagun meets her friend Ranveer who came from US after 10 years. He asks about Raman. He says he look a hero, no one thought Raman will come to this place, your love supported him. Raman says you are wrong. He hugs Raman. Raman says she left me, we are divorced now, she is Ashok’s girlfriend, and I got remarried, you must meet my life, she is no nice. He praises Ishita and says she does not leave me in my bad times. Shagun comes to Ashok and sees him flirting with a girl.

Shagun gets angry on Ashok and says I don’t believe this. He says this is healthy flirting. He says even I saw you hugging that man and Raman was also there with you. Raman takes soft drinks and says I promised my daughter that I will stop drinking. Shagun hears this. The waiter brings paneer for Raman. Shagun says he does not eat paneer. Raman says my choices have changed. He eats paneer surprising Shagun. Shagun tells Ashok that she is going to the room to Adi. Ashok is busy flirting. Parmeet has a gift for Ishita and says come Ishita, I m waiting for you anxiously, your husband don’t worry about you, so I have to do everything. He smiles.

Parmeet hugs Ishita and she pushes him. She scolds him and says you crossed all your limits. She tells Simmi about Parmeet’s character. Voiceover: What will Ishita do now?.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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