Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Vandu in the room. She holds Vandu’s hand and says I know you since childhood, you can’t lie to me, what are you hiding. Vandu smiles and says nothing. Ishita says you aid you were in college, but you went to hospital too, why did you lie, what is it. Vandu says no, nothing, I was feeling like fainting, so I went for checkup. Ishita smiles. Vandu says 1 min, pregnancy report is negative, don’t tell Amma, she will take stress. Ishita says fine, I understand. Mrs. Bhalla calls her and she leaves. Vandu gets sad as she lied to Ishita and says I m sorry Ishu, what will I tell Bala.

Raman is in office and says no one will disturb me today. Mihir comes to him and says Bhai… Raman says I will not leave you, you left me there with kids. Raman says can’t kids be born grown ups, or just don’t give birth to them. Mihir says I came to know Ashok sold the car to whom, this is his name, address. Raman sees it and says so this is the one. Mihir says 100%. Mihika sees Ishita trying a tight sandal and says what to bear for fashion. Vandu looks on. Mihika says shall I take it, if its tight. Ishita says we have bill, I will explain. Mihika says give it to me. Ishita says I will loosen it wearing it. Mihika says hiw mean.

Raman calls Ishita and says I came to know who did Amma’s accident, I m sending address, just come. Ishita says I m coming. Ishita reaches there and meets Raman and Mihir. She asks where is that man. Mihir says there. Ishita says where is the car. Mihir says parking. She is unable to walk in these new sandals. They go to meet that persona. Mihir knocks the door. The man welcomes them and is on wheelchair. Raman asks did you buy any car recently. The man says yes.

Mihir confirms the details. The man says I bought it from Ashok Khanna second hand. Raman says your car did the big accident, did you drive the car. The man says yes, I was driving, I did a mistake, take me. Mihir and Ishita scold him. Raman says you are in wheelchair, I think you are lying, Ashok paid him to lie, he is clearly lying, he won’t tell the truth. They leave. The man calls Ashok and says three people came here, two men and one woman. Ashok says what did you say. The man says I said as you told me, I feel they did not believe me.

Shagun says if Raman comes to know then…. Ashok calls Parmeet and asks where is the car, you, so park it where I say. Raman says Mihir that the man was saying what Ashok told him, I m sure, we will reach the culprit. Mihir leaves. Ishita frustrates. Raman asks what happened to you. She says this sandal is biting me. He says so throw it. She says its costly, I bought it today, its good. Raman says you always take small size, be it clothes or sandal, whats your problem. She says I will walk, just wait. Raman says ant crossed you. She removes her sandals and her feet get hurt.

She says call a rickshaw or buy a new sandal. She says you go I will come slowly. Dil kahin rukta nahi………….plays………….. Raman lifts her. Ishita and everyone look at him. She says leave me, people are seeing. She says the weather is good. Raman is at his usual taunts and asks her to change her diet. He takes an auto and sends her home. He says I m going office.

Everyone discuss about serial killer. Appa says we should increase our security system. Mrs. Bhalla says we should protect ourselves, decide time and we should guard. Pammi says we will show him women power. Ishita says its not a big thing. Mrs. Bhalla says see the news, beautiful ladies like me are dying daily. Ishita says I feel it’s a small thing, media has hyped it, actually no one knows serial killer is there or not. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t waste time and decides time with Dolly and Pammi. They leave.

Raman comes home and asks whats going on. Ishita laughs and says everyone decided they are face serial killer. He says you women just laugh and kill men. She says why are you supporting him. He says I m supporting him as he might be abused by his wife. He says he is a mental, he tortures women and then kills them. Ishita says don’t try to scare me, I won’t be afraid. I m sure it’s a film’s publicity. Raman says he is a sad husband who wants to take revenge from all women. Ishita scares him and says keep quiet. He says women kill men by their questions.

She says did I ask till now. He says you taunt and lecture me. He says it will be fun when he takes revenge from all of us, I wish to drop you to him, I wish my dream gets fulfilled. He says you torture me and my name comes.

Bala comes to Iyer house and meets Raman. Raman says I m going office. Raman asks about Adi and tuitions. He tells Raman its all ok. Raman says I was asking as kids don’t study these days. Bala says Adi is your son, you can ask me directly. Bala says he is smart, good in maths. Raman says he went on me. Bala says don’t worry, I m teaching him, but he gets distracted, his uniform came of small size, Ashok and Shagun does not time to look after him, typical high class family, what kids want, attention. Raman feels sad. Bala says I will leave, Shravan called me.

Raman comes home late at night. Mr. Bhalla says you came now. Raman asks is mum fine, why did you not sleep. Raman says I had much work at office. He asks about Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says Bala and Vandu came, so she went down to leave them. Raman says I did not see her down and calls her. He says where did she go, not taking my call. He asks ladies did they see Ishita. They say yes, she was here, she got a call from clinic and she went. Raman says its tooth pain, not heartattack, mad woman. He sees her car and asks the guard about Ishita.

The guard says she went in car with some man, he wore a jacket, with a smiling face, he covered his face with a hood. Raman gets tensed thinking Ishita went with the serial killer. He thinks of everyone’s words.

Raman is on the way and tried to find Ishita. He sees the serial killer and asks him to stop.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow! ishu in ravan kmar’s bahen……aaah! love is in the air…they make a divine pair:)

  2. the serial killer is siddharth malhotra promoting ek villain

  3. Oh i thought serail killer js parmeet

  4. Poor ishita and I think coz of the serial killer Raman n Ishita will become closer

  5. Guys maybe ishiita doing this to prank raman thats why she left in his car ?

  6. Wooohoo!! Really excited to watch YHM today!!! Siddharth’s coming!

  7. Yh guys tthe reason ishita gwent in theccaris becuas ethere was an emergency clinic and hes tooth was bleeding hence blood on her clinic floor and its siddarat and girl from ek villian promoting there film

  8. The real Villain is Mihir. He is Shagun’s brother and close to Raman because he is seeking revenge from Raman. He still believes that Raman and Shagun belong together and looking to separate Raman and ishita

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