Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara’s family thinking what will Rashmi do knowing about Naman and Muskaan coming back. Kaki says Akshara will make her understand. Ebveryone think to start the marriage preparations now. Someone comes and Dadi welcomes her happily. Rashmi talks to Nandini and speaks against Naman and Muskaan, she says why she brought her children in our home, and why is everyone supporting her. Nandini says its our family and might have reasons to do this. Rashmi says I know they love us, but now hiding things from us. Nandini talks in Akshara’s favor. Rashmi says I want our house to look our house, not a dharamshala.

Nandini says calm down, think with cool mind. Rashmi ends the call. Nandini turns and sees Rukmani. Rukmani asks what happened to Rashmi. She says learn from Rashmi, she gets respect as she stays angry when things goes against her. Maasi comes back and kisses Anshu. She says I came when you were born and I came now. She says I always wanted to come in your marriage.

She pulls Anshu’s cheeks. Kaki says we did not decide the date yet. She asks them to hurry up and says you did not come to take me. Maasi asks Varsha why is in suits and Ananya talks to her and defends Varsha saying she wears suits, and not sarees, whats bad in this. She asks about Akshara and talks ill about her. Ananya gets angry. Dadi says our Akshara is not like this. Rashmi and Nandini come home to meet Akshara. Rashmi asks why is Devyaani here if its out family talk. Devyaani starts going but Bhabhimaa stops her. Bhabhimaa says we are family.

Rashmi says yes, her kids too, we are strangers here. Akshara calms Naitik. Naitik says we have taken a project in our company on Naman’s name, so that he does not feel he is……….Rashmi says fine, give this property to him too, he will take everything, Devyaani married Bau ji, what about our mum. Nandini controls Rashmi. Bhabhimaa says how can you think so. Rashmi says can’t I see, no one needs me here, you know I m ashamed to tell this to Nikhil and Rama.

She asks Bau ji to choose between her or Devyaani’s kids. Rashmi says if they stay here, I will never come in this house. Everyone is shocked. Rashmi blames Akshara for all this, as she brought Devyaani in this house. She tells Akshara that she did this as there is no one to stop her now, she is doing this to show she worries for everyone. Akshara cries. Naitik says Rashmi….. Nandini asks Rashmi to talk well. Rashmi says how much will I bear. Bau ji says Rashmi….. She says be with new relations, I m going from here with my old memories. She leaves.

Devyaani gets worried. Aksjhara goes to her room being upset. Naman tells Yash that Anshu is getting married. Naksh says we will enjoy a lot. Akshara cries seeing Gayatri’s pic. Bau ji comes and blesses her. He says don’t blame yourself, you did this for everyone’s betterment. She says yes, but I could not keep everyone happy. He says its my mistake, I could not understand Rashmi, so I m ssorry from her side, I know she is wrong and I will explain her, but you promise me you will not feel bad of her words.

Bhabhimaa says yes, don’t think of Rashmi’s words. She says Devyaani you too don’t feel bad. Devyaani says I understand. Bhabhimaa says she is immature, our daughter made us cry, and our bahu is giving us happiness, how can she do this, let her go, she will come back on her own. Akshara says we all will go to take her. Naitik says no, let her go. Bau ji says yes, Rashmi should respect it, she is not Naksh ti be forgiven. Naitik says give her some time.

Shaurya teases Anshu. Maasi says call the pandit and take the mahurat out. Rajshri says yes he will come tomorrow. Then we will start the preparations. Ananya does not like her. Anshu says yes, Ananya is right, she is like a chameleon. Akshara talks to Nandini and is happy that she supports them. Natiik says leave Yash here, he will play with Naksh. Nandini says fine, take care, bye. Naitik says I will drop you. Nandini says no, I will go and signs him to take care of Akshara.

Akshara says don’t be annoyed with Rashmi. He says even Maa is ours, no one lost their temper like Rashmi, all of us lost Maa. Leave this, think of Anshu’s marriage, she smiles. Everyone at home discuss that they will make the marriage very memorable. Jasmeet’s parents say we are low in status than them, our religion is also different. Jasmeet gets emotional. She cries and hugs her mum. Bhabhimaa tells everyone that we have to go tomorrow as pandit is coming to fix the date. She asks Akshara to go there to help. Naitik says she can help from here also. Bhabhimaa says even I wish to go there. Naksh says I will also come, Naman and Muskaan can also come. Bhabhimaa says yes, why not, they are their friends, and from three families. Everyone smile. Naksh says it will be fun. Akshara says Rashmi, Nandini…. Bhabhimaa says Bau ji will talk to her, don’t worry. We will see what happens, Devyaani don’t be tensed. Devyaani says if anything happens because of Naman and Muskaan in Anshu’s marriage, then?

Maasi meets Akshara and asks is this your son, looking at Naksh. Akshara says yes. Maasi looks at Devyaani.

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