Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan wants to keep his marriage

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha asking Rohan what’s his problem now. He says I don’t want to divorce Aaliya, these people aren’t so bad, I like them, I love Aaliya. Sudha says but Aaliya doesn’t like you, I have proof, she has signed on the divorce papers. He asks what. Karan asks him to see the signed papers. Sudha says Aaliya has signed the papers. They all get shocked. Ishita asks what, she didn’t consult me, how did she sign. Sudha asks aren’t you happy that your daughters are getting free, you should be happy.

Yug meets Ranbir and Vishal at a restaurant and smiles. They ask what’s the special news. Yug says I have bagged the big SIM card deal because of Ishita, I met her, she wants to thank us, everyone knows that we are Rohan’s friends and we saved her. Ranbir asks is she fine now. Yug says she is happy with her family, something is wrong with them, that lady who accompanied Raman to your uncle’s house, I met her, she saw me and kept staring at me, as if she has seen a ghost, she got emotional as if she found her long lost son, she called me Adi, even Ishita called me by the same name, what’s the matter. Vishal says right, when Ishita saw him, she was looking in a strange manner and fainted. Ranbir says yes, she was saying Adi. Vishal says leave it, we should celebrate, maybe they miss someone seeing him, we wish our friend to get more deals and he gives us parties at big restaurants. Yug thinks who is this Adi.

Ishita says I can’t believe this, Aaliya didn’t consult us. Sudha says maybe she didn’t wish to give you stress. Aaliya comes and asks which papers. Ruhi and Pihu come. Pihu goes to Riya’s house. Shagun says I m waiting for Aaliya. Ruhi says we will go and check. Ishita asks Sudha how did she get Aaliya’s sign. Sudha says Aaliya signed the papers. Aaliya says I don’t remember when I have signed. Ruhi says I know who did this. She scolds Karan. Aaliya asks did you give Pihu’s circular to Karan. Ruhi says no. Aaliya says Karan lied to me and got my signs. Rohan slaps Karan. He asks how could you. Sudha asks how could you slap Karan, we didn’t have any other option, you both want to come home, I had to do this.

Raman asks what are you upto. Rohan says I would have stopped mom if I had known this. Karan says I don’t want to stay with Ruhi and work here. Ruhi says even I don’t want to stay with you. Sudha asks Ishita to send her sons, they shouldn’t ruin their lives. Shagun agrees with Sudha. Raman says no, I have a condition, sign these papers, you won’t have any stake in my company, I will be the sole owner, sign these papers and then you can take your sons. Sudha signs and throws the file. She says keep your company to yourself, return my sons. Raman says fine. Sudha asks them to come. Rohan says listen to me now, I m not coming home with you. Sudha gets shocked. He goes out.

Raman asks Bala to keep an eye on them. Bala goes and stops Rohan. He says tell me what’s your problem. Rohan says I just don’t want to go back to my mom, I wronged so much and why, only for my mom, I did what she told me, I cheated you all, I faked a marriage with Aaliya, mom wanted revenge for her brother, I want to stay away from mom. Bala says how, she is your mom. Rohan says yes, but its not right to walk on wrong path shown by mom, Simmi, Ishimaa, I know how Simmi took care of me like her own son, Aaliya is such a nice girl, I cheated her, I reformed because of this family, I will become the same Rohan if I go back to mom, she can’t sense my love for Aaliya, I love Aaliya and want to spend life with her, if mom understood me, I would have been saying this to her, I want to stay with Aaliya and win her trust back, how will I do it if I leave, I m confused.

Ruhi signs papers and says I got rid of this relation. Karan thanks her. Sudha asks him to call Rohan. Rohan comes. Sudha says sign on these papers. Rohan says I m going from this house. Sudha says I have come to take you both, come. Rohan says no. He apologizes to everyone. Raman says another drama. Rohan says I cheated you and faked marriage, Aaliya I really love you, I want to give this relation another chance, I have changed trust me, give me one chance. Aaliya says no, that isn’t possible, Sudha is right, sign on divorce papers and go. He says no, I will win your trust. Shagun says you are wasting time, sign papers and go. Sudha says we shall go home. Rohan says mom better stay away from me. Sudha gets shocked. Sudha and Karan go. Sudha says I think Rohan will stay here to win Aaliya’s love. Karan says Bhallas won’t accept him, I want to go home now, come. Mrs. Bhalla says thank God they left, I will cook everyone’s fav food. Ruhi says make Gajar ka halwa for me, now who will keep the house clean. Aaliya goes.

Bala says I trusted Rohan as we got Ishu back because of him. Ishita and Raman taunt Sudha and says we have no problem if your son wishes to return to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not want rohan character in aliya life.please rohan unite the adi and aliya relationship.

  2. V. Sundaram Sundaram Jeypriya

    Wow… Excited to c rohan aliya s reunion.

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