Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shamsher lets Ranvir’s brother Samru stay in his house

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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamla seeing Samru and is surprised. Samru says I was searching Mota kaka, but found Moti kaki and asks about Ranvir. Kamla thinks of Shamsher telling that Ranvir escaped from Police custody. Samru touches her feet and lies on the ground. Kamla makes him get up and takes him home. Shamsher comes home and asks Kamla why did she call him home? Samru greets Shamsher and says I was lost here, but I met mota kaki and she brought me here and I found you too. He says everything will be fine. Shamsher says you talk so much. Samru apologizes and says he needs work. He says his parents are unwell in the village and asks for Shamsher’s help. He asks where is Ranvir? Bua recalls Shamsher shooting him. Kamla asks Kinjal to bring water for him. Samru tells Shamsher that he is drinking water of his house for first and last time. Shamsher gives him money and asks him to leave. Roop says Papa is right, Ranvir bhai has already troubled us a lot and we don’t to give him a chance to return in this house. He asks him to keep the money and return to his village. Samru says I didn’t understand. Roop says you have to leave from here. Kamla says Samru shall not be punished for Ranvir’s doings and asks Jigna to bring tea for him. Shamsher tells Kamla that he don’t want Samru to stay in his house. Roop says Samru is opposite of Ranvir. Kinjal says he can’t be like Ranvir, they never stayed together. Jigna brings tea for Samru. Samru refuses to drink tea until Shamsher permits him to drink. Jigna asks him to drink tea. Kamla tells Shamsher that Samru is innocent and says it is not right to punish Samru for Ranvir’s doings. Shamsher comes to Samru. Samru says his parents didn’t teach him to beg and returns his money. He says I will leave and picks his bag. He tells that he forgot to give them Prasad thread. Kamla takes it and says everything will be fine with you. Samru is leaving.

Shamsher stops him and asks Kamla to call at Samru’s house. Kamla calls at his house and asks for Shanti (Shamsher’s brother house). She comes to know that Shanti is in the hospital and informs him. Shamsher says you can stay here until you earns money for your mother’s treatment. Samru touches Kamla and Bua’s feet. Bua blesses him. Manish calls Jigna and tells that Roop gave him Ishika and her number. He asks her to save his family if she wishes. Bua comes there. Jigna gets scared. Bua asks her to help her to grind haldi. Jigna says ok. Shamsher comes home. Samru massages his shoulder. Shamsher thinks Roop is massaging him, but sees Samru and asks him to move back. Kamla comes there and asks him to let Samru massage him. Shamsher asks Kamla to serve food. Samru says Mota kaki told me everything whatever Ranvir did with you. He says once I get a good job then I will leave from here. Shamsher asks him to get ready at 9 am. Samru thanks him and says I will never trouble you and will work hard.

Roop and Ishika are in the room. He says I am surprised, how did Papa agree? Ishika says may be your Papa calm down while staying with Samru. Roop says it is difficult to calm down after whatever Ranvir did. Ishika says there is a lot of difference between them and between us also. She asks him to sleep. Roop asks why she is talking like a typical wife. Ishika says she is a typical human being. Roop says goodnight and takes his pillow. Ishika says I thought something and keeps his pillow on the bed, and says you are my neighbor from today, you will sleep on bed and not on sofa. Roop gets happy and says you wanted to make me understand something in the temple, why you didn’t go to Patel Nivas with your parents. Ishika says I forgot and gets up from bed. She says I love….Roop asks her to tell…Ishika says I love chocolate and says she wants to eat it now as her BP is getting low. Roop says at this time. Ishika asks him to bring. Roop brings the chocolate and says it is not fair to play with someone’s feelings. Ishika says I have love with chocolate. Saawariya plays….Roop says good night. Ishika sleeps on other side of bed. Roop says you will realize your feelings one day and will say I love you Roopendra.

Shamsher raids the hotel where Roop works as a chef. Roop is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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