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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita in her room. Raman comes to the room and shuts the door. He looks at her and walks to her. He breaks the silence and asks her to answer truly. He says you were jealous knowing about me and Sanjana, right? She looks at him and says no ways. He says oh really, I know you well, see you were angry since yesterday and spoiled my mood, this is jealousy, that’s the fact. She says I don’t feel jealous, don’t think anything. He says fine, so you felt bad when Sanjana told about me. She says no, it has to happen, as girls die for me, if so many die, one can get jealous, you felt someone can take your place. She says I m not insecure. He says girl’s problem is they don’t realize feelings, then when any other girl come, she realizes she loves that man. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………….plays………….

She says no love, what are you saying. He says then why are you not looking in eyes. She looks in his eyes and says you are mistaken. He says ok and smiles. She says your talk with Mihir touched my heart, I was quite impressed. He says then I have to tell you something and walks to her. She walks away. He gets closer and touches her forehead asking does she have fever, as she is praising him. She says take this praising, I won’t praise always. They argue and she leaves asking him to have food. He smiles.

Shagun is angry after what all happened. Mihir has to bring the proposal. Ashok and Suraj have a talk. Ashok says Shagun had high hopes, she might be crying now. Suraj says I told you I won’t let you marry her. Ashok says you played well using the newspaper article. I thought her mum will come, but Mihir no chance. Suraj says never. Mihir comes to them with the marriage proposal Shagun for Shagun and Ashok’s marriage. Ashok and Suraj are shocked seeing him.

Ashok asks what are you doing here. Mihir says I came to talk about Shagun’s marriage, this is the Shagun. Suraj says Shagun is in her room. Ashok takes the Shagun tray and informs Shagun. Mihir says my sister wants to marry you, so I want to talk to you about marriage, you are living together since 6 years and got engaged too, I came to do the formality. Adi comes to Shagun and asks why is she crying. Shagun says nothing. Adi says please tell me. The servant says Mihir came to meet her. She is shocked and happy. Shagun says my brother, Adi your Mama came, come lets go.

Check new spoilers here for this show ‘Ishita realizes her strong love for Raman and treats Adi’s tooth pain’

They come and see Mihir. Shagun hugs him happily. She asks Suraj to see that her brother came with the proposal. She says my family…. Are you happy now Suraj. Ashok says yes, Suraj is happy, Suraj is also family, such a nice family picture. He asks Suraj to hand shake with Mihir. Mihit meets Adi and says good to see you. Mihir asks Ashok to settle down with Shagun and forget the past. Shagun tells Ashok that everything will be fine, I m so happy. He says yes. Mihir says I will talk to pandit and fix the wedding date. Ashok asks Shagun to see off Mihir. She goes out with Mihir and Adi. Ashok and Suraj look at each other.

Ishita smiles thinking about Raman’s words. Saari fizaon me hai……………… plays…………….. Mihika comes to her and sees her smiling. Mihika says so much happened, we did not talk, I m still in shock that Shagun is Mihir’s sister, how will I relate to her, Raman has sent Mihir to talk to Ashok about marriage. Ishita says its good. Mihika says its such a big heart. Ishita says mine, Raman, Mihir, everyone’s heart is big, Mihir is a gem of a boy, he is indeed very nice, he is responsible, I m sure he will do everything well. Mihika asks her to go to Raman, as he is going through difficult time and needs her.

Ishita says I have to tell something, its strange. Whom will I tell if you not you, I can share with you. Mihika says you can tell me. Ishita says I want to talk about Raman, we used to fight so much before, he was so rude, it was hard to strike any talk, then I understood his annoyance was because of his past his wounds came out in his anger, but Raman is very caring, a doting father, who takes care of everyone. She says when I knew he loves Adi and Ruhi, I was shocked. I felt he did not value Ruhi, I came to know he cries for Ruhi hiding, I was touched, eventually I came to know more aspects, he does not show his care, male ego.

She says he did not leave anyone behind, he took everyone with him, its very heart touching. She says even if we fight, the truth is I did not expect this in my life, my marriage was broken and there was no such scope., I never thought I will get anything in life, and see today I m someone’s wife, someone’s Maa, and I m a very happy person today. We both got second chance in life, it feels like all this was simply meant to be, this is done by Lord, cosmic connection. She cries and says even if we fight, then later on don’t know how we became friends, its strange to think.

She says whatever Raman did, after that I love…………… She sees Mihika standing in compound and turns to see Raman behind her. He smiles. She is shocked. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………….. She covers her mouth after speaking lots and holds her head.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Ishita about Mihir’s marriage and that she has to go London. Ishita says everyone will be with us, don’t worry. Raman says don’t worry, I will book the tickets. Mrs. Bhalla packs and Amma talks to her. She asks about her London trip. Mrs. Bhalla says her sister in law has got her leg broken and she has to go. Amma says don’t worry about here, I will manage. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma will she miss her. Amma says miss? You? Mrs. Bhalla says joking, I know you will be happy, I will also not miss you, I will enjoy there. Amma says she saw London in Yash Chopra’s film. Mrs. Bhalla shows her passport. Amma says its wrong passport. Mrs. Bhalla says see its mine. Amma says its old pic, when you were young, immigration people will stop you as its strict these days, you can’t get slim in one night. Mrs. Bhalla asks then what. Amma asks her to recite Hanuman Chalisa and go. Amma leaves and Mrs. Bhalla worries.

Ashok slaps Suraj and asks how did her brother come. Suraj says why did you slap me. Ashok says you said Shagun will not marry me, you kept condition. Suraj says I did not know Mihir will come after 6 years. Ashok says now I have to marry her. Suraj says he will not let marriage happen. Ashok says Mihir came and said I have to marry her, I can’t leave her, but she can leave me. Suraj says are you mad, she won’t. Ashok says she will surely leave me, I will take this to next level. Suraj asks his plan. Ashok says mind blowing idea, you see one strike and all over.

Raman and Ishita are in the car. They have a talk and smile. He asks her to sleep on his shoulder. She says no. He says he heard her words and smiles. She looks at him.

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