Piya Basanti Re 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Neeta’s aunt shows her jewelry to Neeta and Savita. They say jewelry is looking new. Aunt says she polished them. Ganga checks and says even she polishes her jewelry, but they don’t look that nice. Aunt asks Piya to bring water for her. Geeta comes to meet them. Aunt asks why is she entering without permission. Baa says she is our friend and introduces aunt to Geeta. Neeta asks why did she come. Geeta says she had gone to temple and also came to wish her belated wedding anniversary, gives her prasad. Neeta thanks her. Aunt asks Piya to bring water. Piya says she will bring just now. Geeta identifies Piya’s voice and asks who is she. Ganga says she is a new maid servant. Geeta sees everyone looking at her tensely and asks why are they looking her like that. Neeta says she has broken her leg and has come to meet them before getting healed, so they are surprised. Geeta says she was ready to come to work, but is happy that Ganga has found a new maid until she gets ready. Ganga sees Piya bringing water and starts singing Ruk ruk ruk arre baba ruk… Aunt asks why is she singing. Ganga says her name is Geeta, so she felt like singing geet. Kabeer comes and gets tensed seeing Geeta there. He keeps her chair on the opposite side. Geeta asks why did he keep her chair in an opposite direction. He says he wants her to talk to only him and signals Piya to keep water and run back to kitchen. Piya does same. Geeta apologizes Baa and Neeta/Savita for not coming to work. Baa says she can come back once she gets ready and asks Kabeer to inform driver to drop Geeta. Kabeer does same. Aunt shouts for water. Ganga gets her water.

Geets sees Ganga working sadly and says she knows she would have felt bad seeing her mom there and even should have done same, says what if Geeta knows it from somewhere else. Piya says she will not let Geeta know about this as she will feel bad and says once she clears her mom’s debt, she will not let her work and keep her happy. Ganga says she is sure her dream will come true.

Akshay listens to old song and romantically looks at Ayesha’s pic. He sees Aditi coming and switches off song. Aditi asks she heard old songs from his room. He says she heard it wrong and asks her to call Ayesha and ask her about mom’s health. Ayesha is busy preparing roti dough. She picks call and says she was doing manicure. Ayesha invites her for dinner. Ayesha says she is dieting and is skipping dinner. Akshay starts listening back to old song and looking at Ayesha’s pic.

Piya is shocked to find jewelry in dustbin and thinks it must be of aunty, thinks of asking her. She goes to aunt’s room and hears her talking on phone that she told lie about her jewelry being stolen and has come to seek help from Neeta, so she threw her fake jewelry in dustbin and acted as jewelry being stolen and got new ones from Mahesh. She says she did not want to do it as she thinks Neeta as her daughter, but had no choice. She turns back and is shocked to see Piya standing, asks what is she doing in her room. Piya says she came to ask what she should she pack for her traveling. Aunt starts scolding her and asks her to pack some rotis and to leave from there, shutting door on her. Piya thinks aunt did this with good intention and should she tell about it to everyone?

Precap: Ganga shows jewelry to Shah family and says she got it from dustbin, asks aunt if it is hers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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