Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Romi refuses to obey Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. They all ask about Roshni. Raman says Roshni liked Pihu’s handwritten card, she wants another one, Pihu will you make it. Pihu says yes. He asks Ruhi to help her. They go. Raman says Roshni won’t come, Ishita refused, she thinks Roshni’s baby isn’t safe here after whatever happened and then Romi and I had a fight too. Mrs. Bhalla asks what will we do now. Raman says I promise Roshni will come here. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says it happened because of you and Romi’s fight, Roshni won’t come here now, we lost Adi and will now lose his child too.

Romi says I want the papers to get loan for house, I want to leave from here soon. Mihika says Raman and you had fights before too, don’t do this. Romi says I need your support, I can’t live

here, if that lady tells about our house state, we won’t get a child, pray that we get loan and our own house. Mihika says I hope everything gets sorted. Ishita says Raman will get Adi’s baby any way, I can’t keep an eye on Roshni all the time, he is right. She calls and asks do you keep CCTV camera. The bank official asks Romi does he not have anything on his name. Romi says our company and house is on joint name. The man says you need to keep some guarantee, any company shares or papers. Romi says I have a small company, I will get its papers. The man says bank will need some guarantor, who has a good financial status. Raman gets lawyer Dhruv home. He says I thought to gift something to Roshni, maybe Roshni agrees to come here if we secure Adi’s child, I thought to give him 51 % of shares, Roshni will be guardian till child gets 18 years old. Mr. Bhalla asks how can you give 51 % shares. Raman says its another company started by me and Romi. Lawyer says Romi has to sign on the papers. Mr. Bhalla asks do you think he will sign. Raman says he is my brother, he will agree.

Mani and Shagun come to Ishita’s house. Ishita tries to avoid. Shagun says I just came to apologize to Roshni. Ishita says I don’t want to give more stress to Roshni. Shagun says I didn’t come to give her stress. Mani says Shagun accepted her mistake and just wants to apologize. Ishita lets them in. Shagun apologizes to Roshni. She says I did this for my daughter, I could not see her upset, really sorry. Roshni says I did mistake, but the baby is not at fault, its your son’s baby and needs blessings. Shagun says I promise he will get everyone’s love, sorry once again. Mani thanks Ishita. He says Shagun you need to apologize to someone else too. Raman asks lawyer to get papers ready, he will get Romi’s signs.

Shagun and Mani meet Aaliya at a cafe. Aaliya says you did wrong, we shouldn’t meet for some days. Shagun stops her. Aaliya says I m not annoyed, but everyone is angry, they won’t forgive you. Shagun says I will come and apologize. Aaliya says no, give them some time. Shagun thanks and hugs her. Aaliya says promise you won’t do this again. Shagun promises. Ishita calls the man and asks when will he install the cameras. Ishita says I can be with Roshni all the time. She checks at the door. Ruhi comes and says I got tiffin for Roshni. Ishita asks her to come in. A man comes. She tells him where to install cameras. He says fine, it will be done today. Ruhi looks on. Raman says once Romi signs the papers, we will give the gift deed to Roshni. Romi comes and says sorry for yesterday. Raman says its fine, read this document and sign. Romi gets shocked and asks why.

Ruhi asks why are you getting CCTV fixed. Ishita says I can’t take chance, I want 24 hours surveillance, its good the man took marking, camera will be installed till evening. Ruhi thinks Ishita is much worried. Raman says we want to give financial security to Adi’s child, so that Roshni comes here, sign on it. Romi says sorry I won’t sign. Raman asks why. Romi says I don’t want to give shares. Raman says baby is of Adi, he is our heir. Romi says yes but I need the papers, I have to take a loan, I want my home. Raman says this is your home. Romi says no, its yours, I want my own home. Raman says fine, you won’t get the papers. Romi asks why are you after my happiness, what do you want. Raman says sign on the papers. Romi says no. Mr. Bhalla says we need to think about Roshni and Adi’s child. Romi says enough now, are we not family, I won’t sign as I want my house. Raman says you won’t get it.

Romi says Adi’s child won’t get security. He goes. Romi calls Mani and asks for help, he is taking a house and need a guarantor. He says no one listens to me, everyone is just after Roshni and Ishita. Mani says listen don’t take me wrong, I have to talk to Raman first, if he says I should help you, I promise I will help. Romi ends call. He says I will take loan from market and do anything to get the house. Mihika asks where are you going. Romi says I will get loan anyway, to hell with Raman and those papers. He goes. Ruhi asks Mihika what was he saying. Parmeet looks on. He comes to Simmi and hugs. She says you went to get movie tickets. He says our life will have fun, Raman is going to give us money. She asks why. He says we will be kidnapping Roshni now. She gets shocked.

Parmeet kidnaps Roshni. He leaves a kerchief there. Ishita gets shocked seeing the kerchief.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat would have happened if alia had an affair and got pregnant and her lover had died would she have been treated in same way

  2. What a pathetic story Bhallas are selfish they just want Adi child no one is thinking of Romi no words for Mrs Bhalla simmi and parmeet since the writers are so confuse I think the show should End

  3. Seriously I agree with you 1234 if roshni would have done something like that will they support her I think no in our society illegitimate child of boy is also heir chiiii and today episode I don’t think Romi is wrong he already gave his life to so much drama , Ishita wants roshni baby I think so she is not a mother
    Roshni is going to get shares seriously now it’s going overhell she should be sent to jail after giving baby to Aliya a girl who can sleep with a married man can’t give a good parvarish to her children and Ishita always failed as a mother so she should left alone and the bhallas they can’t do anything other than crying and shouting

    1. Pooja… Roshini will die after getting pregnancy complicate until the baby is born.

  4. Wow!!! Kya bhaichara hai!!! Romi has to obey Raman as he is his brother. But when Romi wants to start a family of his own – there Raman can create problem & Mr. & Mrs. Bhalla has no problem with that. Wah!!! It’s better to be an orphan than having such hypocrite parents.

    Ishita has lagged Adi far behind in her obsession for Roshni’s child. Long ago, I don’t remember who it was, commented that since Ishita is infertile, she becomes obsessive for others’ children. That time I felt bad after reading such a comment. Now, I think that commenter is 100% right.

    Ishita’s dignity & everything she stood for has been lost.

    For the first time, I am waiting for Aliya to turn grey & snatch Roshni’s baby. That would be a perfect slap on Ishita & Bhallas’ faces.

    1. Exactly, if ishita can be the mother of her husband child and have more authority than the real mother nothing is wrong with aliya being the mother of adi’s child and have more rights over him than roshni. For me aliya is not even grey she is just human…she is better than manipulative nd selfish ishita/ roshni duo…these 2 are devils ?hidden behind sugarcoated words and innocent face

  5. I mean Aliya would have done something like that and Niharika di I totally agree with you

  6. i think what Ishu did was correct, Adi was threatening someones’ girl child! Ish has 2 daughters and I don’t think she would have wanted any boy doing that to them! Whatever Ishu is doing for Roshini is genuinely sincere and she has first thought of her girl children. When Aaliya had that addiction to gambling, it was Adi who stood by her and watched her sent him bankrupt! She didn’t have any love for him then.

    1. That’s coz he had no time for her… I m not supporting her gambling… But i m just saying her so called ishima left her her husband was busy.. And she had no one… No one to guide her or to love her… And that dint make adi go bankrupt… And about love… Aliya has always loved adi and wanted just love from him in order to get rid of her gambling problem

  7. Sejsmiles

    Bhallas r so selfish.. Yuck.

  8. Ishita is as selfish as Raman, she only helping Roshni to get over the guilt of killing Adi. Raman we all know is stupid narrow-minded bully. As for Mrs Bhalla she needs to be told that she is not a child and should stop throwing a fit for Adi’s illegitimate baby, it’s not a toy. Romi needs to leave his family with his wife and move out for a happier peaceful life. Aliya should also leave the psycho household and move with her parents or alone for a better life. Then all these crazy people can continue fighting with Simmi and Param, because both Raman, Ishita and older Bhalla couple are just like them.

    1. Agree with you…let normal people live separately and psychos live together…then they can do their psychopanna with each other and let the others live in peace. And 51% shares to some girl who only recently came into their lives is so outrageous…like wtf is Raman thinking?! Anything in the name of a son…sad.

  9. YHM cant continue as u wish ….there might be some thing behind all the episode which are being broadcasted. u all are just keeping on blaming ishita and roshni but just think once from their side too….Roshni is carrying adi’s baby and ishita well knows that keeping roshni along with bhallas would not be safe for roshni and her baby as aliya and shagun might not like it..If ishita would leave roshni alone then who would look after her and to the top of it she is pregnant… So u cant blame ishita as selfish ?And its not eve roshni ‘s mistake that she is pregent ..She refused adi to be in a relationship as adi is already married to aliya..And when she realized that adi wont listen to her then what can she do ?I personally dont feel like they both are ruing the serial…..According to me its bhallas who are trying to ruin this serial…And especially raman ‘s mother ??According to source u will get to see some of the close moments of iyers and bhallas this weekend ….in the upcoming episode ishita and raman would be seen planning an trap for the kidnappers of roshni….Romi would be seen beating up param in the meanwhile time roshni escapes from param….When roshni retruns back raman will appoint bodyguard for roshni ‘s protection ? While ishita is planing a trap to catch the kidnappers alia also supports her to show ishita and everyone that alia care for roshni..on the other side aliya and shagun are seen planning something against roshni….Meanwhile we will also get to see some amazing moments between bhallas and iyers while they plan for the catreening business menu which alia is going to start…
    Now lets just wait and watch what happens next

    1. The way you are describing Adi and Roshni’s affair makes it seem like she just accidentally had s*x with him…are you trying to say he raped her? Because in that case you are clearly wrong. Maybe she knew their affair was wrong, but how can you deny the fact that it was consensual?

      1. No Isha. Roshini baby is not Adi child. It is Adi lookalike who is Suraj imposter that slept with Roshini. No one in the family know that real Adi is kidnapped by Suraj. Ishita did not kill lookalike Adi. As I read utube that Kiran killed imposter Adi.

        Real Adi respect women as he learn from Ishita as he is not like Raman and Romi to disrespectful women and wife. Real Adi loves Aylia not Roshini.

      2. I didnt say that adi had raped roshni….
        U didnt understand what i said….
        Roshni clearly said no for their relationship and it was adi who forcced her to be in a relationship…….. i didnt say that he forced roshni for having s** u might have watched the episode before that one right…….

  10. Is it true that there is a maha episode tonight?

  11. Nivika

    Guyz follow @yhm_stories on instagram….plzzz

  12. Y yhm is not among the serials for new promo RISHTA WAHI BAAT NAYI???????????

  13. There is no difference between simmi romi both are selfish.

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