Shakti 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya gets kidnapped by Sameer’s mum and Gill

Shakti 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer’s mum coming to Soumya and asks her to come with her. She asks why did you get upset and left home. She takes her phone and switches it on. Soumya takes her phone and refuses to go with her. She holds her hand and asks her to go. Sameer’s mum holds her hand and apologizes. Soumya says I can’t stay with you now. Harman, Preeto, and Jasleen come to the woman worker house and asks her to help them find Soumya. Just then he gets a message that the message which he sent to Soumya is delivered. Preeto asks him to call from other phone and asks woman worker to give her phone. Sameer’s mum tries to convince Soumya. Woman worker calls Soumya. Harman takes the call and asks Soumya not to cut the call. He tells her that he didn’t marry Jasleen and was searching for her. Soumya

says Harman ji. Harman says I am yearning to meet you, to hear you etc and asks her to tell where is she? Soumya says she is in front of the temple. Just then Gill comes there and kidnaps her. Sameer’s mum takes Soumya’s bag from there. Sameer returns home and thinks where is his mum.

Harman comes to the temple and looks for Soumya. He looks for Soumya. Jasleen calls Soumya, but her phone is on the ground. Harman realizes that she is kidnapped and tells Preeto. Gill takes Soumya to a place. Sameer’s mum comes there and tells Soumya that she is auspicious for them being kinnar. Soumya asks them to let her go and says Harman ji is calling me. Gill asks her to make Soumya understand. Sameer’s mum says you can’t go and locks the door. Soumya cries and thinks of Harman and her moments.

A fakeer baba comes to Sameer’s house and asks him to give something. Sameer blames God for the happening in his house. Fakeer baba tells that you might have done something good with someone, and their blessings will be useful to you and blesses them. Sameer thinks who will bless me, I did wrong with Soumya and regrets for his bad behavior. His mum comes. Sameer tells his mum that they have to search Soumya and give to Harman. His mum asks if he has gone mad and thinks it is good that I have kidnapped her before he changed his mind. Sameer comes to Harman. Harman says Soumya is kidnapped and asks Sameer to tell where did he keep Soumya? Sameer says he didn’t have the courage to love a kinnar and tells that he didn’t kidnap her. Harman tells him that someone has kidnapped her. Preeto confirms. Sameer blames himself for the trouble and promises to bring Soumya back for his penance.

Sameer’s mum comes to Soumya and asks her to make toys. Soumya asks her to let her go and says what wrong did I do? Sameer’s mum says you have made our life better and says that’s why we kidnapped you. Gill says you will stay here. Soumya is kept captive in Gill’s house. Sameer comes there and calls Gill. He asks where is Soumya?Sameer tells Gill that he has a doubt on him. Gill asks how can you love a kinnar and calls him mad. Sameer asks how do you know? Gill says your mum called and told me. Soumya hears him and tries to shout, but his mum stops Soumya. Sameer says he wants to handover Soumya to Harman. He tries to go inside. Gill asks him to go and check.

Harman tells Gill that he can give his life and take other’s life for Soumya. Harman and Soumya hug each other. Soumya says I will never leave you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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