Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adi making a milkshake for Shagun. The servant says I will make it, she will scold us if she see you making. Adi says no, she will forget everything when she drinks this. Shagun sees Raman and Ishita’s wedding CD and is upset. Adi comes and says mum a surprise for you. He sees the video and asks why were you seeing this, how did you get this. Shagun says you don’t see it, you will become upset. She says you made my fav milkshake, how sweet. Adi says tell me, is this wedding video. Shagun says I don’t want you to see this video, as he is your dad, he gave this to me, I went to take your sports day DVD but he gave me to hurt me. Adi gets angry and sees the video. He sees Ruhi and Shravan.

He asks who is he. Shagun says Ishita’s sister’s son.

Adi says ok. Shagun asks do you know him. Adi looks on. Ishita asks Raman to come on time as they have to go for Ruhi’s interview. Ruhi reminds her of her new dress. Ishita asks Raman to drop them at the mall. Parmeet says I will come with you. Ishita says no. Raman says thanks, you take her. Raman says you can join my office, my new project is starting, I need a reliable man and you will be best. Everyone get happy. Parmeet thanks Raman and says Ishita did so much for us and now you. Raman leaves. Parmeet asks Mr. Bhalla can I take your car. Simmi says I will also come. Ishita says good come with us.

Parmeet asks Simmi to take the baby to clinic. Simmi says fine, I will go with mum. Parmeet says I will bring something for you. Ishita says I will bring my purse. They leave with Ruhi. Ishita talks to Sarika and says cancel my appointments. Parmeet looks at Ishita and tries to touch her hand. He says sorry, be comfortable. She says I m comfortable. Ishita gets the dress and asks Ruhi to try. Ruhi goes. Parmeet looks at Ishita and touches her putting a dress on her. She feels bad and asks what are you doing. He says I was buying this for Simmi. He holds her hand and asks her to try it for him. Ishita gets angry. Ruhi comes wearing the dress. Ruhi asks how am I looking. Ishita says very nice, we will buy this.

Ishita throws the dress. Parmeet says it looks like you felt bad, I was doing this for Simmi, she likes your choice. Ishita walks away. Parmeet smiles and says your anger is also good. Adi comes to Shravan in his class and asks the other kids to leave. Adi asks him to do what they say. Shravan says I will not listen to you. Adi laughs on him and tells about his dad, who is a CEO of many companies. Shravan says I will call my Appa and he will see you all. Adi says I know all of your relatives. Adi and Shravan get into an argument. Shravan runs.

Adi says now he will know with whom he fought. Ishita calls Raman and gives him the address. Raman says I don’t need, I think I can’t come. She says you are Ruhi’s dad, its necessary. He says try to understand, I have urgent work, its a request, manage today, even I did not wished to miss this day. Ishita tells Ruhi that Raman can’t come but said all the best to you. Ruhi becomes upset. Ishita says its your interview, not his. Ruhi says yes. Vandu comes there and says Shravan’s principal called me, it looks he did something.

Shravan comes to them upset. Vandu asks what happened. Ishita says I will also come. They go to the principal. Shravan and Ruhi go to the play ground. Ruhi likes the school and asks him why is he so upset, why did they call Vandu. Shravan says I spoke bad words, as a tall guy has beaten me and scared me, he told bad things to my dad. Ruhi says you are very brave to fight with big boys, they might have complained.

Vandu says Shravan can’t tell bad words. The principal says we have parent’s pressure, you have to see his company and why is he talking like this, I have to punish him. The principal gets a call from Adi’s parents and tells Vandu that they are coming. Raman and Shagun come there. Ishita is shocked to see Raman.

Raman tells the principal that he and Shagun are divorced. He says how can anyone tell a bad word to my son. Adi acts innocent and says Shravan told my dad. He says my parents don’t live together and they don’t care much about me, but still I m their son. Raman says I will always be your dad, my second marriage is not more than our relation. Shagun says yes, he married again, but we are family, you Ruhi and us. She taunts Ishita. She says Papa promised that he will get that boy punished. The principal says we will decide about that boy, don’t make it an emotional matter.

Shagun says I admitted Adi in this school, not for this. Expel Shravan. Raman says yes, thats the only option. Vandu says he is 8 year old, he does not know the meaning of what he said. Ishita says punish him, don’t expel him. The principal asks Raman to be calm, as they can’t expel Shravan, he is a good boy. She says we have to explain them this is wrong, but what will we get spoiling his life, you have a talk and solve this problem. Raman sits between Shagun and Ishita.

Bala asks for MBA’s student’s list. He thinks of the student who tried to bribe him with money. He thinks of Raman’s words. Bala asks Romi’s number. He comes to know its 30 and its in the slip. He takes the student’s names. The clerk says they all are friends. Bala says it means Romi is the gang member who leaked the papers, I have to tell this to Vandita. Vandu calls him and tells him everything about Shravan. Bala is shocked. He says I m coming there. She says no, Ishita is here. He says don’t worry, Raman will understand, he won’t do anything with Shravan. Bala says I should not tell Vandu about Romi, I think I should see the case myself. Raman tells Ishita that Shravan has no manners, his upbringing is not good, Adi is my son and I can go to any extent to protect him.

Ishita taunts Raman and says we should talk to principal. Raman says I will see how Shravan studies in this school.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate this adi and shagun what will happen now omg somebody please tell me.
    plz hurry up.

  2. Getting interesting….. 🙂

  3. Getting interesting…..

  4. Ya eager to know more

  5. hurry up pls

  6. Adi is stupid Raman. Please understan that before it is too late!!!

  7. I hate raman now.ishita leave him and take ruhi with you

    1. I agreee

  8. I don’t like parmeet

    1. i hate him..they shud throw him out of the story

  9. I hate when parents blindly support their stupid kid especially in this case. If Raman kicks out Shravan from the school in order to get closer to his brat child, then Ishita should stand up for him and leave him and his Ruhi. He will become bitter drunkard like before and will know exactly what Ishita did for him.

    1. Yes maybe then he will give her the respect and love she and her family deserved.

  10. Hey guys take it easy this all raman’s plan you will see it tomorrow we read the spoilers..

  11. Raman is not supporting adi but he will make adi to apologize to ishu.. You will love tomorrow’s episode as you will see the really Raman ..

  12. I think that raman is jst acting in order to defeat saghun and make adi realize his mistake.

  13. hey han zamzam where did you read the spoilers?

  14. Please get rid of adi and parmeet. They r just irritating.

  15. Shagun, Ashok n adi just suck!! They shd show raman gettin closer n supporting Ishita in front of shagun n shagun being jealous…… 🙂 Tht wud just be awesome

  16. Hani ZamZam frm wer u got d spoilers. Grt yaa

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