Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi teaches table ettiquetes to Sharda who is getting confused as she sees so many different spoons and knives. Sakshi assures her she will be able to do it.

Suresh is on his way to the venue. He tells someone (on call) that he is going alone as he doesn’t want to be distracted. He ends the call and realises that he has forgotten the invite at home. He tells his driver to bring it from madam once they reach the venue.

Sakshi helps Sharda in getting ready. Kaveri comes to tell them that the driver has come with the car. Sakshi gets happy thinking that she was right in believing that dad wants ma at the party. She makes a sweet face as she thinks of doing last minute touch up before ma can leave for the party.

Suresh is talking to some people about how business is all about hard work and determination. Its a strategy to be at the right place at the right time, not destiny. The other guy supports him. Sharda enters the party hall. She is looking around for Suresh feeling a little uncomfy. People ask Suresh about his wife. Suresh tells them that she is busy.

Two foreigners help Sharda in locating Suresh and she thanks him. On the other hand people want to know why Suresh keeps his wife away from all this. Suresh says she actually doesn’t like all this. Plus she doesn’t get time from her household work to come in parties. He was looking around and spots Sharda. He is all the more confused to see her there. A lady in the group ask him as to when will he make them meet Mrs. Modi. He excuses himself and goes to Sharda. What are you doing here? She tells him thatLatika had asked her to come along. He makes her sit on a seat. Don’t talk to anyone around. You can see how everyone here is busy in talking in english. You will only make a joke of yourself if you will try to talk to anyone around here. Someone calls out for him so he has to go. Before leaving, he reminds Sharda to sit here quietly. She nods and sits down on the chair.

Sakshi is worried for Sharda. Hope she is able to manage it well. I have taught her the basic stuff but I wish she is able to pull it off. She turns around and spots Aditya standing there. what are you doing here in my house? He had come to meet Latika but guess she is not at home. Sakshi knows he is acting smart. You don’t need to come at home for any official work that too without telling or being asked to. He tells her to relax. I will leave if you are feeling bad. She heads to kitchen while he heads towards the main door to exit. Karan enters just when Aditya was walking out of the house. Karan asks him as to what is he doing here. Aditya jokes that something is pulling me to this house. Jokes apart, I had come to meet Latika for some work. He is told that Latika has gone to live in her house. Aditya says they were your clients, your relations which is why I came here to talk to Latika. Karan angrily tells him to go as Latika di isn’t here. Aditya is surely enjoying the situation. He lies that Sakshi is making tea and snacks for me please eat them or she will get upset. He walks inside and notices Sakshi readying a plate of snacks and gets upset. He walks away in a huff. Sakshi knows Karan is home. She decides to take tea and snacks for him.

Karan throws away the laptop bag angrily. Sakshi gets him tea and snacks but he is not hungry. Give it to whoever who have made it for. She answers that she has made it for him. Ma has gone to papa’s party. I don’t know but I am feeling little scared. She dint get enough time to prepare herself for the party. Karan is not interested and goes from there. Sakshi too leaves from the room.

Downstairs, Chirag gives Sakshi her ring. He also apologizes to her. She explains that anyone can make mistakes but the person who learns from his mistakes is intelligent. I know you are very mature. You wont repeat such a mistake ever. She cheers him up and goes from there. Chirag doesn’t like it that anyone can anything to him. But it will be fun when you too will be scolded just like dad scolds mom.

Sharda is sitting at the same place. A waiter comes to tell her that the dinner is ready. She gets up to go but Suresh signals her to wait. She stands at the same place and reads the name cards kept on the table. Suresh asks him about what is she doing and she tells him about the name card. A couple asks them to share their table and Sharda-Suresh sit down with them. The lady compliments Sharda on her saree and asks her from where she has bought it. Sharda answers it incorrectly. The soup is served. Sharda doesn’t know what to do. The other couple asks for a soup spoon. Sharda picks up the correct spoon after she sees which one it is and drinks the soup. Suresh is relieved finally. Starters is served. Suresh is sure Sharda will do some mistake now. Sharda is not able to pick the bread with knife and spoon and it falls down. The couple on the table looks at her. She picks up another piece of bread and uses her hands only to eat it this time. The couple too want to eat that way as the food tastes good when eaten that way. Sharda is happy but Suresh is clearly not liking it.

Suresh is talking to Mr. Taneja about investing in patola sarees. Mr. Taneja is not convinced. Everyone is running after designer sarees then why would someone prefer a patola saree over that. Suresh only knows that it should be promoted for there is a market available for that but doesn’t know the specialty of patola sarees. Mr. Taneja wants to hear that first. He turns to go but Sharda takes over. Patola sarees carry the traditions of India. They are considered to be very chaste, pure. They are considered very important since ages. They have been talked about often in Ramayan, etc. The silk of patola saree is cent percent pure. Even the colors are made from natural (she translates the hindi word herself) things. It is available in multiple designs and shades which is why even modern girls like them. No designer saree can match a patola saree as they say that old is gold. Mr. Taneja gets impressed by the information. I dint knew this saree is so special. Suresh and Sharda nods. We are so used to look out that we ignore the treasures of our own home (country). Mr. Taneja asks Sharda if she is Suresh Modi’s business partner. Sharda calls herself his life partner. A business partner supports in all the business ups and downs but a life partner supports her husband in every step of life. Mr. Taneja is impressed with Mrs. Modi. She understands your business so well. I have been observing that you two were together. It seems you both love each other a lot. Suresh has no option but to nod his head with a smile. Mr. Taneja agrees to invest in patola sarees which makes Suresh and Sharda very happy.

Precap: Chirag asks his dad for some money on the pretext of wanting it for his college project. Suresh asks him as to why he dint take it from his mom. Chirag tells him that he had gone to ask her but she was getting ready for some party. She dint even hear me out. I don’t think mom was in a mood to go to the party but Sakshi bhabhi insisted so she had to to.

Update Credit to: pooja

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