Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu being angry. Subbu reads a diary and finds blank papers. He holds hit and throws things in anger. His hand bleeds and Ishita looks on. She says Subbu Subbu says he will just come and goes. Mrs. Bhalla calls her and Ishita says she came to take a guest lost from Sujata. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come home soon. She asks Subbu is he fine. Subbu is in washroom and asks her to take list from the diary. She takes the diary and asks is he fine. He says I m fine. She leaves. He thinks of Laxmi’s words and gets angry. Raman is frustrated and asks Adi not to look at him, why is he laughing. Adi says he is not seeing or laughing. He talks to him.

Adi says Ishita has praised him and Raman asks him to say more what else did she say. Adi says she said you are tall, dark and handsome. Raman says he can’t make his father tall, and says he will cut his pocket money. Adi says no. Raman asks him to focus on studies and gets angry. He says this is affecting kids, she is not saying sorry, leg is broken but ego is still the same. Adi laughs.

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Mihika says its fun with friends and has a good time with them. She takes a selfie with him and gets Amma’s message. She asks them to drop her soon. A man says their car is punctured. The man says he has tyre in spare, he will change. Two guys come and offer help. Mihika’s friend says we are ok. Mihika scolds them and asks them to get lost. The guy comes ot tease her and she angrily scolds him. The guy gets angry and raises hand. Abhishek comes and holds his hand.

He beats the guy and arrests the guys. He says put the case of molestation and harassment on them. Mihika’s friends thanks him. Abhishek says he will drop them, and asks Mihika to come, else she will be annoyed, he waits all day when will he get chance to help her. He drops her home and she asks him to stop saying Madam. He jokes that he felt she will send him to jail. She thanks him. He asks why, we are even now. She asks when is his birthday.

He asks why, will you make cake. She says she is reading book about numerology, I don’t believe in it, I believe we make our destiny. He says I feel everything is not in our control, like birth, meeting people and life is book, 20% is written and 80% is written by us, I m impressed by you, you are fearless, some girls bear the punishment for their innocence, I was thinking about my sister. She asks does your family stay here. He says just me and my job. She says you do your job well. He takes the compliment and leaves.

Raman wakes up and is missing Ishita. He goes to the window to pull the curtains and sees Ishita coming home. He says she does so much for my home, I should say sorry to her. He recalls their love confession. Yeh khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar………….. plays…………. He plans to meet her at Amma’s home. Appa coughs and wakes up. Amma is also unwell and says she will sleep in Ishita’s room. Appa says no, I will go. Raman removes footwear and silently takes keys, and goes out in Iyer’s home. Simmi comes to take water and asks Mama ji to sleep inside the room, she will sleep here. He says you are the bride. She says so what, you go and sleep there. She sends him and sleeps on the sofa.

Ishita comes and recalls Raman’s words. She says he did so much planning, I should say sorry to him, holding my ears. She recalls their moments. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………….. She says how to tell sorry to him.

Sujata says Ishita has sent thank you for the guest list. Subbu says yes, she came and took it. She asks him to have breakfast. Subbu sees the guest list and Sujata’s diary and says it means Ishita….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  10. What mean chui mui?

    1. This mean a very delicate thing in general. It’s a name of a plant when u touch it’s leaves it becomes like? but after sometime it becomes?

  11. love to see raman and ishitha s fights …………..

  12. Hey i am from sri lanka we enjoy this drama love ishi ma and rman pa

  13. Acp nd mihika are also very nice i like so much

  14. Are yaar ye light ko bhi abhi jana tha. ….
    prayu plzzz batao ki sbb mein kya bataya. …
    ye ishra fight toh Subbu ki wajhe aaisa lagta nahin. …maine headlines mein dekha. ……raman iss liye naraz hoga ki uss ka sara plan ishita ki wajhe se flop horaha hai. ….

  15. are kya uva mizun phirn fight kartha hai raman ishuse
    ohh shit yaar

  16. aab woo kya kiya??

  17. Raman Appa ko Ishita samjega…iss liye raat ko bawaal hoga…….isss liye Raman thoda chidha hua hai…….Uss ke saath Dance karne se bhi mana karta hai….par phir use Manane ke liye…..Hotel me suite book karta hai….par phir Shagun bhi aa gai bich me….ab pata nahi…Raman ka plan sucessful hoga ki nahi…..

    1. Laga tha yahi baat hogi. …
      shagun kya karrahi hai. .hotel ..raman ne hotel mein suite book kiya hai ..
      …haan pata nahin nahin raman k plan ka kya hoga …

  18. No friends……Don’t take tension…..normle Nok Jokh hai….yeh to chalta rehta hai…….

  19. ohh Raman kuch tho kar yaar
    tumhara plan successful hoga
    aur kithna din intazaar karna hoga

  20. ye tho teeke prayu
    thanks 4 information
    we also want see nok johk moments

    1. No need to say Thanks…..

  21. Hey prayu hotel ka bhi dikhaya kya. ..

    1. Haa Raman Hotel me baat kar raha tha…..& Waha pichhe Shagun bhi thi….& Raman ko dekh kar chhup gai….

  22. Muje nahi lagta…abhi Raman ka plan sucessful hoga……abhi to Shagun ki bari hai na……to pehle use niptayenge….. IshRa ka yeh scene to Promo ke bina ho hi nahi sakta…..& itni tension me to bilkul nahi….to shayad abhi nahi hoga……..

    1. Yeah. ….promo toh zaror hoga uss k bina hohi nahin sakta. …ye scene. …ab shagun k plan k bare mein pata Chale ga. …

  23. ye shagun vajese kithna sare times raman ke plan fail hogaya 1st adi phone kartha hai when raman confessing love aab shagun in hotel kya kar rahi.shagun javo ye ashoke paas tum kyu hamare ishram phiche pad rahihu..

  24. I wish ki iss baar raman ka plan successful ho

  25. Kya yaar aur kitna intezaar karvaaongi

  26. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s latest track
    about Subbu marrying Simmi and his
    anger issues has taken the center
    stage and has been keeping the
    viewers guessing what might and
    might not happen. Subbu and Simmi’s union came as a
    pleasant surprise and it looked like a
    positive move for Simmi’s character
    as she was finally going to get away
    from her ex-husband, Param, and
    get a new beginning with Subbu. But the latest turn of events show
    that things are not as simple as it
    seems on the surface. There have
    been signs of Subbu showcasing his
    underlying anger issues over the
    past few weeks (remember the incident when he lost his cool when
    Vandhita took a bad fall?). Off late
    his simmering anger issues has
    surfaced with him ignoring his
    medication and treatment to keep it
    under control. The reason behind Subbu’s (Amit
    Tandon) anger seems to have
    something to do with the death of
    his wife and son. Though it is still
    unclear if he was a reason for their
    deaths, it is clear that his anger issues has something to do with
    their death. Also, going by his words, the loss of
    his wife and son has something to
    do with Simmi and that is,
    apparently, the reason why he is
    getting married to her. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein also is dealing
    with Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) trying to consummate their marriage after a
    year and a half of being married.
    With Raman’s failed attempts, things
    are not working in their favour. Keep reading For More updates.

  27. U, Me & TV Segment ( 22nd
    May ) *** –> Ishra Nokjhok.. ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) all bhallas practicing for dance for
    Simmi’s wedding.. raman refuses to
    dance with ishita n calls her fat.. he says
    he’s always made to lift her up n
    sprains his back doing so.. ishita angry DT byte she said raman hugged appa
    mistaking him as Ishita.. mrs bhalla
    teasing him on that.. rep asks will ishita
    dance with raman And DT said dance
    aur raman k saath bilkul nahi also they
    said now ishita will have to manaofy raman

  28. ohh prayu tum mujse kyu ithna rudely behave karthi ho

  29. Yeh shagun kabhi ishra ki peecha nhi chodti kya zaroorat thi use hotel mein aane ki ab lagta hain raman ka yeh plan bhi flop hone wala hain

  30. Divyanka’s Interview *** The much-loved Divyanka Tripathi from
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein had a quick chat
    about with us on her life on screen and
    off it. Last time you laughed out loud and
    Small things make me happy and I
    laugh out loud at the silliest of jokes! Last movie you enjoyed?
    Piku Song currently on your mind?
    Chittiyan Kalaiyan. Favourite outfits in your closet?
    Long skirts stitched by my mother. An app you are addicted to?
    Instagram Words that you use the most?
    Aivayi’ and kuch bhi’. Your 3 am friend?
    My sister Priyanka Tripathi A quirky habit you have?
    I forget names, like a lot. What do you feel about fans finally
    getting a
    romantic Ishra (Ishita-Raman) track?
    My fans will be satiated soon. They
    have been craving for Ishra scenes for a
    long time now and I have a feeling that it’s for them that the Ishra is basically
    coming together. It’s on public demand
    so yeah their wish is being fulfilled.

    1. so sweet of ishu
      yes we are waiting 4 ishuram romantic scenes

  31. Oh…Maine kya kiya sweety……….Are you Ramya?? Right…..tumhe har bar kyo lagta hai ki mai tumse baat nahi ki….maine to bas yeh kaha ki Thanks kehne ki koi jarurat nahi hai…..

  32. oh god mera naam Sweety just
    don’t yaar tum mujse baat nahi karthe isiliye
    muje lagtha hai

  33. Yanha…..bahot fake commenters hai….iss liye mai jyada baat nahi karti….& Sirf show ke bare me hi baat karti hoo….maine tumhari baat ka reply kiya to sahi….maine kaha rudely baat ki……..

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