Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita seeing each other and smiling. Hasne laga sehra khilne lagi kaliyaan……………. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays……….. He comes out of his staring and says he came to call her as the moon came out. She says you did not say that you…. You should have told me once. He says I told you thrice, come. Neelu gives her mobile saying its ringing so much. Raman saks her to take the call. Ishita sees Mani’s call and goes inside the room. Raman says whats the matter. She says Mani, I m sorry, I could not talk to you all day, its Karwachauth function going on. Mani tells about Romi and Sarika’s matter. She says what, how do you know.

Raman waits outside. She says what, it means Ashok is using Sarika, when will he leave us, its big issue here, everyone is quiet as its Karwachauth, but its serious, this can affect Raman’s position, he is happy, its important for him, I need your help, he did a lot for me. He says don’t worry, I m with you. She says whatever we do, Raman should not know, as he is very good, else he will give up his position, he resigned once for me. Mani says he will manage, meet me tomorrow, we have two days time for Asia’s head announcement, we will do something. Raman sees her and says with whom is she talking. He hears her saying Raman should not know this, thanks we have to careful, I will meet you tomorrow. He looks at her as she turns.

He signs her for an answer. She says actually, sorry, it was emergency call, Dr Batra will handle it, lets go out. She leaves. Raman says so the matter came till here that she is lying to me, but why. He says he does not to spy, but why is she lying, whose teeth has pain that I will feel bad. He sees Mani’s name in call log. He says so she was talking to that Mani, by lying to me, if Mani and she has friendship, whats there to hide from me, I did not ask her not to talk to her friend, then whats it that she had hidden this, its out of control, out of limits. He gets angry.

Shagun looks at the moon and waits for Ashok. She says oh God, I m so hungry, I m starving, did he forget its Karwachauth, as he is busy in work. His phone does not connect. Mihika gets a happy Karwachauth card from Shagun and sees the necklace, which Ashok tried on her. Mihika calls Shagun and asks why did you send this necklace, I can’t take this. Shagun says it was Ashok’s idea, it’s a gift from us, its your first Karwachauth, its first gift from your inlaws, take it. Mihika says fine, I will take it, did you break the fast. Shagun says no, he did not come, I guess he is in meeting. Mihika thinks liar, what meeting and says I will call you after I break the fast.

She says I have to call Ashok as Shagun is waiting. Ashok is in bed with some girl and she asks him to switch off his phone. He asks him to make the drink. Mihika calls him and says Ashok, sorry Sir. He says its ok, you can call anything. Mihika says she has some work and asks him to meet at Shagun’s place. Ashik says he will come. Mihika says I knew he is with some girl, he lied to poor Shagun and she is waiting for him. Mihika wears the necklace and thinks he will click such pic to make him run to meet me. She sends him a selfie wearing the necklace and he likes it. He says Mihika ji, if you gave me green signal, it’s a victory. Ashok says lets go and celebrate Karwachauth, for someone and with someone.

Vandu says the Punjabi ritual is so beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its called life and asks the girls to do as she said. She guides them and they all do the rituals. Ishita sees Raman’s face and smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………..plays………………… She does his tilak and he looks annoyed with no smile in his face. Mrs.
Bhalla, Mihika and also break the fast. Ishita stops Raman from making her drink water, and says you kept for me, so I will break your fast. He drinks the water by her hands. Mihika and Mihir tease them. Mr. Bhalla says you are the real man my son and jokes.

Mrs. Bhalla says my son is the world’s best husband. Raman leaves. Ishita says he does sweet things and does kudkud, he kept fast and won’t show us. Mrs. Bhalla says he loves you so much. Shagun and Ashok come after breaking the fast. He says I m sorry I came late, you had to wait, but I had much work in office, he backbites about Raman and Ishita, and Abhimanyu who is Ishita’s friend, who nominated Raman’s name. Shagun thinks Ishita does not take favors from friends, who is this special friend.

Mihir and Mihika come there. Mihir says he will arrange the food. Ashok and Mihika look at each other. He waves her hi and she smiles. Mihika is happy that he came for Shagun. Ashok says he is hungry too as he kept fast for Shagun. Shagun says what, its so romantic and hugs him, saying I love you. He says I love you too. Mihika thinks Ashok’s truth should come out, I have to show I m interested in him, then I will trap him that he can’t think of.

Raman talks on phone and sees Ishita. He says I know Sir, its very imp position, lets meet tomorrow. She thinks she could not keep the fast, but she keeps the fast today to keep him protected and happy, she will solve Romi and Sarika’s problem. She thanks him. he asks what. She says for what you did today, no husband in the world does this for his wife, you kept fast for me, its very sweet, you touched my heart. He says he did not keep fast, he was busy in office and could not eat food. He asks her not to grow misunderstandings, and we don’t have husband wife relation and can’t have ever, you are here as Ruhi needs you. Ishita cries. He says switch off the lights, I have to sleep.

She thinks don’t spend seven births with me, but you can’t deny that I did not come in this house only for Ruhi, you know you are Ruhi’s dad and I m Ruhi’s mum, so we have a relation, get your anger out, I will not let you in trouble and save you, whatever happens I will be with you. She shuts the door and goes to sleep. Raman looks at her. Aansun ka rishta ankhon ka hota hai, dil ko bighota hai…………….plays………………… She wipes her tears.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says what food she had in London and talks to Ishita. She says health is wealth. Mr. Bhalla says I came from walk, is food ready. She says yes, have it. He says whats this. She says oats, no parathas. He says I m not ill. Ishita smiles seeing them. She gets Mani’s call and says good, you are making sambar and guides him how to make it. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman does not like it. Ishita says I was talking to Mani and put the Amchoor here while telling it to Mani.

Raman comes and asks for parathas. She gets Mani’s call and asks Raman will he have toast and butter. He gets angry. She says she is giving breakfast to Raman and Ruhi, message me if its important. Raman looks on seeing his value down.

Ishita keeps her phone and goes out of the room. Raman sees it and says what are you doing, are you mad to doubt on your wife, but why not, she is doing such things. The message comes and Raman checks it. Ishita sees it and thinks why is Raman checking my phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love this serail:-)

  2. I guess mihika will fall in trap of ashok and nobody will trust her in d end….:-(

  3. Oho.. Mihika you are getting trapped in Ashok net.

    Arey Raman Ji.. Dont think too much aa.. your life is in safe hands of Ishu..
    Dont let ur Ego & Attitude to take away your Love life.. Chill.. Every thing will be fine

  4. wow raman ur such a cute husband to keep fast for ishu.per raman u shuold also truth ishu yaar.ishu is not like shagun yaar.ishu will never leave u and go ever.plz clear ur misunderstanding with ishu.and gives us some superb scene btw raman and ishu to watch.overall it going well.

  5. shak wat the …. Ekta’s most serials had this plot only. Now, raman too is facing the same problem. he will surely lose Ishita now. She cannot forgive him for wat he is doing doubting her character which she doesn’t like at all. all good done by raman will go in vein. best husband aise nahi hote bhai aur tum iss baat s kab tak anjan rahoge ki Ishita is ur life. u both came into this world to love each other so much.

  6. This is actually love sence in yeh hai mohabbatein serial and Raman if let you can lose your 2nd wife ishu plz say i love ishu directly…

  7. 123 positive critics. Like it

  8. its a sign of love dear. JEALOUSY !!.

  9. IshRa Fanatic

    Hey guys..does anybody knows why is the promo shown as if ishu n mani love each othr..?? Are they showing Raman’s imagination..???

    1. No that promo wala scn is real and I’m thinking ishu will hugs Mani because they’ll be succedded in their mission

  10. Iam just hoping this all chakkar willn’t end on ishra’s sepration just praying confession jldii krden 2no

  11. YAar raman kept fast for ishu was good, n caring too ……….but he should trust ishuuu I don’t understand why he is doubting her …!!!

  12. He shoouldd trust herrr……. Always hurts her……..

  13. raman is acting insane. 1 moment he is loving ishita nd the other moment, he is angry with her hating her. u will lose her like this raman. pata nahi in dono ki love story kab shuru hogi. afraid if mani will win ishita as he is very understanding and caring. raman will le be left to tears and pain if he continues to be like this with ishita. trust is important raman. u know ishita is a matured person who never does anything wrong. this story reminds me that Altaf Raja’s song pehle to kabhi kabhi gham ta … where the huband loses his wife bcos of his anger & attitude. Case seems similar here.

  14. Horrible episode sequences.. Karwachauth scenes Rama attitude all ok… But y these gals ishitha and mihika put unnecessary things on their head and fell in the same trap they dig.. Y this idiotic act.. They cn share with better half and solve together… I hate serials shwg this kind of attitude on them degrading the gals..

  15. arey agar past ko dubaara repeat karna hi tho ye mohabbatein ka naame kyom rakha ….., its going so bad plz change the track yar plz its a request of ishras fans plz raman ishu par shak karna e tho bilkul bakwas our ha ishu ko bi jute nahi bolna chahiyetha……. and the promo is just disguisting……….

  16. Arae varae vaa 123 gave a gud comments for us arae give like this cmnt yaar todays episode is awesome yaar but raman u shouldnt doubt our ishu becoz she is not like shagun she is only money minded but ur ishu is love minded yaar.

  17. Wat’s the hell is this man…….plz dnt drag lov story. Of ishu and raman…hw many days ll go like dis nd intell mihika ll again fall in Ashok trap….nd we are trd of ramans angry wrds…..plz start to show romantiic raman…….nd wo dono kab confess karenge…..plz director saab interestng banav stry ko……nd most is pyar is imp hota hai na pati patni ko bich mein……

  18. wat.. Ishu & Mani hug each other in new promo.. No yaar.. now Raman is turned himself to rude & put a full stop for expressing himself.. Please make it his dream .. Not as a reality.. If raman sees that with own eyes.. He will break.. If he dreams then he can’t sleep for ever..

    Ishu.. Ur saying u are not going to leave raman.. and want to start a new relation with raman,, then start that.. Accepting him as ur husband.. and sleep next to him on same bed.. this will help us to watch serial with lots of interest.

  19. i don’t think that the writer is trying to separate ishu n raman.the promo just intends to make us confused.raman always hears little bit of ishu n mani’s conversation and misunderstand both of them.

  20. ishita and raman jodi is wounderfull jodi. is jodi ko mat toodana o serial director agar ye jodi tooti to poora serial pandh karna padega o director. yeh serial chal raha hai to sirf raman aur ishita ki jodi se so please do no split this jodi. this is my favorite serial. i think this is number one serial of star plus

  21. ishita raman & your jodi is a fantastic jodi i seen ever. ishita i think you must realise that raman likes you, loves you, he is unable to tell you the truth. you are solving the problems of many people yaar but in your life why you are alowing the problems.
    Ishu.. Ur saying u are not going to leave raman.. and want to start a new relation with raman,, then start that.. Accepting him as ur husband.. and avoid talking to mani for some period till all settlements have made between you and raman. ishu raman is your husband so cares for you. ishu your serial is with you,ruhi and raman only agar koi aur iss main aye too serial kaa maza chala jayega ………….please think about it……………………………………………

  22. Ekta just wants to extend the serial…thats why all this twists and turns and viewers have no choice but to have patience…

  23. I hate mani

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