Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says vikranr prem is still bugged because he doesn’t know the truth, I care about the day he gets to know the truth. He won’t be able to face me that day but I can’t see his gaze lowering down. She leaves. Vikrant says he ahs moved on simar why are you still there.

Sid abruptly stands up and says shut up. Agre if you have made a mistake. its all because of you. roli says you wanna say this is because of me? He says its because of you and your sister. Its because of my sister’s safety now. I can’t help you any more, sid goes down, roli says you have to listen to me prem. Mausi ji says are they mad? roli says I faced people like thme for this family why are you blaming me. He says no roli this all is happening because of I sent them invitation to come here. my family has to suffer for what you and your sister did. baa says what drama is this? Sid says even she saw it. I love you roli. but you don’t care about me you just care about your sister. and baa you this family gave you so much respect and love. Mata ji even said guest is like God. He says why are you punishing my whole family. You can punish roli and simar. I know you both wanna leave this country. I will help you but you have to promise me something. roli says what are you doing ? sid says you have to stay quite. Karthik says how will you save us from cops? sid says I have a good friend who is an officer. You can flee in their car. roli says they are murderers why are you helping them. Sid says you will run in their car. you have to promise me that nothing will ever happen to my family. mausi ji says this looks like some plan to mata ji. baa says I promise no one will harm your family but I won’t leave roli. sid says she is my wife and parth of my family. she made a mistake please forgive her. baa says everything is ruined because of these two sisters. we were so happy in Ahmedabad and simar lived as my daughter in law. roli saw simar in summer camp. sunnaina couldn’t even stay in peace after death, her soul came to punish us. We hired a pundit ji to cage her soul but simar freed her and we had to go to jail. Then she wanted to live with her family. so she made simar her way and captured her body. Everyone is shocked. Sunnaina wanted to cross the limits. She proved simar evil in front of you all. sunnaina made simar do all that.Mata ji recalls when she said to simar you broke my trust. You did a sin. mausi ji recalls when she said I always helped you but you betrayed us. Sujata recalls her harsh words too. Baa says vikrant pretended the accident and sent suunnaina away. He expected us to say truth in sourt? Why would I? I had to see my revenge. vikrant made a mistake by trusting me. And you have made a mistake to by no trusting these people. Karthik says our enemies are such fools. ba says that is why we will be free. Sunnaina is gone. simar”s life is hell and we will think what to do with roli. lets go karthik we should rest. They leave. everyone is in tears. Mata ji says in heart simar’s reality is exposed I knew simar could never be wrong. Forgive me God. Roli says thank God. Now everyone knows about what simar did.

Scene 2
in Hong Kong, Prem and surbhi are on outing. They go to a dockyard. Prem says there is the ship surbhi. Surbhi says I am scared to go on cruise. Can we cancel it? prem says nothing will happen. siamr announces hello everyone this is the best cruise. We will be on it in 15 minutes. Till then enjoy your moments. Keep your passports with you. prem leaves. surbhi says in heart prem has left because of simar. virkant comes and says till when will you hurt yourself. She says I am fine. He says you can’t hurt me. Karan comes there. Karan says vikrant are you coming on cruise? he says yes. karan says thanks man. he says should I book special table for you two? siamr says what you mean? He says special tables for special people. You can enjoy with us tis evening. Vikrant syas he means with our friends. Karan says why are you scared why don’t you tell her? let me tell you simar. Vikrant always says you are so nice. Siamr syas that’s what good friends are like they always appreciate you. he is my best friend. karan says you are right he is your good friend. vikrant says don’t take him seriously.

Perm says lets go somewhere else surbhi. she syas you don’t wanna go because of siamr? you did nothing wrong why are you running then? why can’t you face the truth. look at simar she has moved on. she stays normal even when we are arund. if she is in not in your heart her presence shouldn’t matter. prem says you are right, thanks for making me realize that I have done nothing wrong.

Precap-prem says to siamr we have got this contract because of you. I have to return your favor, simar says you can drink a cup of coffee with me. this will return the favor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. arey yaar roli sid u guys r always rocks the show.and finally the family got to known simar is innocent.and perm ur just irrating.and simar y dont u always support perm.he dont deserve u yaar.

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