Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi fools Parmeet

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying Parmeet did this, I will call police. Simmi says no, he is dangerous, I will go to him. He says he is waiting for you. He goes to check the landline. Simmi says he is doing this for revenge, I won’t let anything happen to Pihu, I m sure he left some clue for me. She gets Pihu’s glasses and says why is he after Pihu. Watchman calls them and says the phone is deliberately cut off. He fixes it. Landline rings. Simmi answers the call. Parmeet says you got smart, you knew I will contact you, come and meet me right now, you will see a car outside, get in the car and come to me. He ends call. Raman and Ishita come to her.

Simmi says no one was talking, find Pihu, I will go washroom. She goes. Pihu wakes up and sees the clown. She thinks I shouldn’t get scared. She says you felt I will get scared, this won’t happen, I m not scared of you, clowns are kids’ best friends, but you are a bad clown, one who kidnaps children, you thought you will get me here, I m not scared, my dad and mum will come to save me and give you to police, then nobody can save you. He screams. She says I was scared at the camp, I m not scared now, cowards kidnap children, you stupid clown. He goes.

Simmi says I don’t know where he took Pihu. She goes to the car and gets the note. She reads get in the car and come to the location. She says I won’t let anything happen to Pihu. She drives off. Ishita and Raman come downstairs. Ishita sees Simmi going and shouts Raman, Simmi went away in a car. She gets the note and says Parmeet would have sent this. They also leave in the car. Parmeet hits Pihu. She faints. He says you can’t misbehave with me, you can’t threaten me, your parents can’t harm me, even your Simmi Bua can’t do anything to me. He laughs and says Simmi where are you, you will be killing Pihu. Simmi comes there and shouts Pihu, Param ji….. He calls her out. She gets shocked seeing him as clown. She asks where is Pihu. Simmi sees Pihu tied up.

She says you did good to get me here, you should have told me your plan, I would have helped you. He asks really, you helped me by filing report in police. She says that was my acting, do you think I will support them, we will see all of them. He says you were with Raman, he will come after you. She says I have come alone, trust me, I went with Raman and Ishita there so that I can get the clue before them, so I have come here, nobody is there, we should leave this place soon, they only want Pihu, they will take Pihu, we don’t need Pihu, we will go abroad and live a peaceful life. Pihu gets up and thinks Simmi has come to save me, why is she talking to this clown. Simmi says I want to live with you. Parmeet asks are you with me, are you saying the truth.

Simmi says we lost our daughter, you think I will forgive them, I will always hate them. He hugs her. Pihu thinks oh, Parmeet is the clown, I m mad to think that Simmi will save me, she will never save me. He says I have an idea, we will take her along, she will add up to our safety, Raman and Ishita will be afraid of us, tell me, am I saying right. Simmi says yes, its a great plan, Pihu for Ananya, Raman will Ishita will cry for Pihu. She sees Pihu and cries. Pihu says leave me. He takes Pihu and asks her to sit quietly. Pihu gets in the car. Simmi asks her to clear his fingerprints on the thing he used to hit Pihu. He says yes, it has Pihu’s blood as well. He goes. Simmi asks Pihu not to cry, she will take her. She drives the car. Parmeet comes out and checks his gloves. He says Simmi …….. Raman and Simmi bump their cars. Raman and Ishita see Simmi and Pihu. Parmeet comes and takes Ishita at gunpoint.

Raman and Parmeet fight. Ishita falls away. Parmeet shoots Raman. Ishita gets shocked and shouts Raman. Parmeet laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh wow yeah wow by the way where is Roshini?? Pre cap looks interesting I won’t waste my time in commenting here nothing positive.

  2. I was resisting hard not to comment . As we know no use …,What is this Ekta and sick Sickand thinks of themselves . They are really playing with out emotions . What all evil things Simmi did with or without Param . Now its a joke to see her role trying to regret and save Pihu … Dt and Kp is working hard to bring trp … on top of that new entry Sudha Chandran .. revenging against Bhallas must be ove … this time may b to Iyers … Revenge or crimes … what was yhm before surrogancy … golden memories to watch old yhm scenes . I wonder same wrters wrote it ?

  3. I think Simmi will be shot

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