Piya Albela 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja feigns memory loss to expose Angraj

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After a month, Kusum asks Rachel about Satish. She says he might be in sweets shop. Supriya cries for Naren. Satish comes back home. Kusum tells that she will welcome Pooja with her heart and says she has always misunderstood Pooja. Harish tells Supriya that they have always thought wrong about Pooja. Supriya says my curse hit her. Harish asks her to come. Pooja comes and says she will go to dance class. Kusum asks her to sit. Dada ji says he is very unfortunate to lose two grand sons. Supriya cries. Rahul holds her. Arjun is also there. Kusum gives aarti to Pooja. Pooja asks shall I go now? Kusum says Mama’s friends are coming. Pooja asks what is my work? Rachel comes. Pooja sees her tensed. Dada ji says don’t know how Pooja is bearing the pain. Rahul apologizes to Naren’s pic and says I couldn’t be a good brother. Arjun tries to pacify him. Rahul says he don’t need fake concern. Arjun asks Harish if Rahul and I can fill up the gap for naren and angraj. Harish hugs him and asks Rahul and him not to leave him. Arjun promises him. Rahul thinks he did a mistake by trusting angraj and now will not trust Arjun. Neelima consoles Supriya and says she is feeling like a loser and cries.

Pooja takes Laddo. Satish says she used to dislike laddo, but likes it as it is Naren’s choice. Satish says don’t know when Pooja will regain her memory and tells that she lost her memory and gone 5 years back. Satish says groom’s family must be coming. It is good that she forgot Naren.
Surbhi informs that groom’s family is coming to see Pooja. Supriya says how can they get Pooja remarried? Dada ji says she is not just our bahu, but their daughter. Harish says he is right and tells Dada ji that they shall stand with her family and get her married. Supriya says Naren is gone, but Pooja didn’t come to give shraddhanjali. Rahul says it doesn’t matter, we have given her much pain. Harish asks Supriya to agree. Supriya asks everyone to get ready and says we have to go and meet her inlaws.

Groom likes Pooja. Rachel makes Naren and Pooja’s pic fall down, but Satish picks it. They ask about Pooja’s opinion. Pooja says just as Mama and Mami decide. Harish and his family come there. Pooja gets black and white flashes of her past. She asks if he is Hrishikesh wale Dadaji. Dada ji says yes. Pooja hugs him. Harish asks Supriya to make her inlaws eat sweets. Rahul says no sweets will be eaten as this marriage is not going to happen. Satish asks what are you saying? Rahul says we are also worried for her and tells that these people stay in rang gali and they will make their bahu sit there. Harish asks how can you be so sure? Surbhi shows the proofs. Harish and Satish are shocked. Dada ji asks Satish to send Pooja to their home for few days. Harish says you said right, we shall take Pooja home. Satish asks with which relation? Arjun says she will go back as a bahu. He apologizes to Dada ji and Mama ji and tells that it would be better if she returns the same house as my wife. Rahul gets angry. Harish asks Arjun to decide again. Arjun asks him to let him do his duty and promises to give her all happiness of life. Supriya asks Satish to agree. Satish agrees. Arjun smiles. Pooja also smiles.

Rachel thinks I will not betray with your memories and keeps Naren and her pic there. Satish takes the pic and leaves. Pooja is dancing. Supriya asks Neelima to make Pooja get ready and says you have to get room ready for Pooja and Arjun. Harish says it seems Pooja’s return is auspicious.

In the night, Satish comes to Pooja and signs her. They come to the secret room where Angraj is kept captive. Pooja slaps Angraj and comes to Naren who is unconscious. She tells Naren that very soon they will return to their house.

Pooja tells Angraj that she is not alone, but Mama and many others are with her. Dada ji and Dr. Kiran come there. Pooja says you thought you will fool us by acting to burn yourself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Hmmm I have not watched this in a while heard it’s concluding soon good.

    1. Let’s take a wise guess and say, Rachel would sit in for pooja, hence Rachel and arjun :/ this story as of lately has the most on the spur moment, nothing seems thought through!

  2. Leisa s morris

    Im lost today cause lst read said angraj as naren fake burn himself to get everyone to hate pooja then we sae a maha episode which was only a dream and now we seeing where all is forgiven and I dont even know how. Who knows and can explain

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