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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla brainwashing Simmi. Simmi leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says lets see how Parmeet gets money and laughs with Ishita. Simmi comes to Parmeet and asks him to get money by earning it, promise me that you won’t take money from Ashok. She asks him to swear on her and Ananya. He says fine. Ishita sees this standing outside. Mihika sees Amma lost in thoughts and asks what happened. Amma says I was thinking everything got bad as Parmeet came here, if anything happens between Raman and Ishu then. She says I thought to trouble him, but my show flopped. Mihika asks her to try it, and make sure target is Parmeet, not Raman. Amma says I will try again.

Parmeet comes to Ishita and she taunts him that he has promised Simmi and now she will know her husband is a liar and can’t earn money on his own, I felt much bad. He says oh, it means this fire is ignited by you, you know me, don’t think I m less, my name is Param. She says I know you, you are number one creep. Suraj asks Ashok why are you spending money on Adi, he is not your son, no need to pay his courses fees, do you think he will become your future investment. He will always be Raman’s son. Raman and Adi hear this standing far. Adi moves Raman’s hand and asks him to go, whats the need to take him back, no need for anyone to do anything for me. Adi is hurt and goes to his room.

Raman comes to Suraj and scolds Suraj asking him to mind his tongue and Adi does not need him. Ashok asks Raman not to talk to his brother like this. Raman says if you and your brother hurt my son, I will not leave you, keep your money, you will need it, my son does not need it. He taunts and leaves. Raman tells this to everyone at home, and brings out his anger. Ishita says this is good, Ashok acts good infront of Adi and spends money, he is buying relation, fakeness won’t work, Adi will know who actually loves him, he has to see Ashok’s true colors as it happened today.

Mr. Bhalla says yes, Adi is our son, pay his fees, he should know his dad is there for him. Mrs. Bhalla gives him money with a tilak and asks him to give Adi. Raman takes the bundle and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Adi’s well beings and good future. Shagun argues with Ashok and Suraj about Adi’s rights. She asks Suraj not to come between Ashok and Adi. Adi calls him dad and loves him a lot, why did Ashok not tell anything to Suraj. Suraj says don’t take me into this. She says its happening because of Suraj. Ashok scolds her and asks her to apologize to Suraj.

She says you heard what he said to Adi. Ashok says apologize. Shagun says I won’t, as its not my mistake. Ashok holds her and says how dare you. She says I don’t believe this and leaves. Ashok says sorry. Suraj says its ok, her truth is out to you, go for meeting now. Ashok leaves. Shagun gets angry seeing Suraj. Parmeet thinks what to do, Simmi has stopped me. Ashok comes and asks Parmeet why is he taking loan from bank. Parmeet says nothing, and thinks how to tell Raman challenged me. Ashok asks do you want money. Parmeet thinks Simmi’s words and does not ask Ashok. Ashok says I will sign on papers but it will take time. He leaves.

Parmeet says I will see Ishita and Raman. Raman meets Shagun and says I heard Ashok and Suraj, take this money. She says she won’t. He says don’t forget you have everything given by Ashok, you don’t work. He says Ashok does not value relations, he is made of victory, cruelty, he accepted you after 5 years, when will he accept my son. Please take the money. Romi asks Raman to come for the meeting and he leaves. Shagun says Ashok will give the money, he has to do his duties, this is happening because of Suraj, I will see him.

Parmeet comes home. Simmi says she made his fav Butter Chicken and asks him to come. Raman taunts him and Ishita signs him to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla too taunts Parmeet indirectly. Raman asks Simmi to gibe butter chicken to him, as he is paying for it. Parmeet says he had enough and leaves. Simmi says Raman you are not doing this right. Raman asks about Romi. Mrs. Bhalla says give him some space. Sarika drops Romi home and asks him why did he come her home. He says he just went there and met his mum. Mrs. Bhalla sees them together.

She says she is Sarika, whats going on. She says Romi is always after girls, let him come, I will pull his ears. Sarika leaves. She welcomes Romi with anger, yet so cute face. Romi asks what happened. She says you tell me whats going on. He says what. She says why are you roaming with Sarika. He asks who. She says my son is so innocent, I saw Sarika. He says just like that, she takes me on rides, her scooty got bad, so I got second hand one for her, and we casually meet up. He leaves. She says she has to keep an eye on him, else he can do anything bad with any girl, she will do her full duty of a mum this time.

Ishita asks Raman why did you taunt Parmeet infront of Simmi. He says you can act to be intelligent, but you are not. Simmi will taunt Parmeet now. Simmi tries to make Parmeet have food, and asks him to get money and give it to Raman. He says he will bring. She says but not from Ashok, keep up your respect. Ishita says fine, you are intelligent, but become sensitive. Raman says husband get sense when wife taunts him, see him now. He says a husband is troubled the most when anyone troubles his wife. She asks about him. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……………..plays…………………

Raman asks what do you mean. She asks does it hurt when anyone troubles me. He says ofcourse, is anyone troubles you, I will wash his feet and drink. She says Ravan Kumar. He smiles and says think from where will Parmeet get Rs 60000. He taunts her and leaves. She says I know you also get hurt and smiles. Amma calls carpenter and asks him to come when she calls him, till then be at gate. She sees Parmeet leaving with Simmi and Ananya. She says superb, they both went, very easy for me, I will make his back hell, I will break his bed, super fun.

Amma says let Ishita go. Ishita talks to Sarika and says I m coming. She asks Amma what was she seeing hiding. Amma asks who is at home right now by cleverly saying about giving sweets to them. Ishita says Mrs. Bhalla is there, Mrs. Bhalla went to drop Ruhi, Romi went office, Raman…………. Amma says very good, you go. Ishita leaves. Amma says Mrs. Bhalla is at home and calls carpenter to come. Amma says I will break the bed.

Raman says he will sleep peacefully and falls as the bed breaks. Raman’s back gets hurt. Ishita is shocked and he asks what did you do. She asks him to sit, and she will call the carpenter. He says this is done by Amma, she got the carpenter in morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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