Tum Saath Ho Jab 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com


A muslim woman (who is wearing a burqa herself) covers her daughter’s head with a veil and they both go out. They walk past many streets together to reach a mosque.

A lady cleans the nameplate outside a house, it says – Salman Baig. She continues to mutter as she cleans. She is talking about someone’s arrival. A neighbour (lady) asks her if someone is coming. The lady (Rehmat Bi) is clueless herself. The other lady is sure it might be some special guest. Rehmat Bi doubts that someone is coming to see the elder daughter of Nasima Begum. Another lady (Badi Begum) comes there and is worried that she hasn’t finished her task yet. They talk about the Choti Begum (Mariam).

A few ladies are in a discussion at some mosque. They ask their preacher if women can work who agrees that women have been doing that since a long time now. The girl asks her Ammi why Badi Ammi doesn’t let her play. She always shouts on me that I should not play with boys as I am a girl. She dint even let me participate in school sports. Her Ammi never stops her. You don’t have to worry about anything till I am alive. The girl wants to tell her Badi Ammi about how even God has given equal rights to girls. I will definitely participate in school sports. They all pray next. The girl goes to meet her friend. Saajda talks about school debate while she talks about participating in school sports competition (racing and badminton). Saajda says it isn’t meant for girls but the girl’s mom is in favour of it. Saajda is sure she will go to hell as she is not scared of God even. the girl throws water on her for speaking about her mother like that. Saajda’s hijab is wet so she rushes to get even with that girl’s mother while the girl (Najma) runs after her to stop her.

Najma tries to stop Saajda as her mom wont be able to go home without it. Najma’s mother (Mariam) is waiting for her. Saajda runs in the street with Najma following her. Najma’s mom comes downstairs to look for her daughter but stops as she notices the men outside.

A girl (Saba) tries ramp modelling at home. Her siblings are in the same room. They hear their Abu’s voice and pretend to study. He tells his younger daughter (Fiza) to cover her head. She obliges. He wants to know who was playing the music. The elder daughter acts innocent. He notices that the AC is on. The door is open and who switched it on? Fiza is about to take her sister’s name but she puts it on her brother Waqar. He was feeling hot. Abbu (Younis) doesn’t say anything. He switches on the fan and then asks about Najma. He gets to know that Mariam and Najma are not at home.

He calls for his wife. They are hiding something from Mariam but are also waiting for her to return home now.

Mariam stands at the gate worriedly for a while but then steps out without hijab. All the men stare at her. najma finally gets her Ammi’s hijab and warns Saajda not to dare do it again. Nasima and her husband are waiting for Mariam. The guests are expected anytime soon. Jamaal bhai comes to meet them. His wife comes there too. They all meet / greet each other. Jamaal bhai talks all fun stuff but Younis is irked. Younis calls Nasima aside. Why have you called them here? She was forced to or else there would have been a big drama. Nasima welcomes the guests. Rehmat Bi calls Nasima inside as she needs her help in the kitchen. Jamaal’s wife asks about the guests but just then Younis gets a call from the guests. He moves to a corner to talk to them. He is almost in a panic mode now as the guests can reach any minute.

Mariam walks without hijab and people talk about her. she is a widow and people find it weird that she is walking like that on the road. Everyone at home is shocked to see her thus. Younis stops her and questions her about the same. She tries to explain but Nasima and Younis don’t let her talk. Jamaal tells them to listen to her first but in vain. Najma comes there. She covers her head and greets everyone. She gives her mother’s hijab to her and shares the incident with them. Nasima tells Mariam to take care of her dignity herself. Salman Baig interrupts that your dignity is not defined by hijab. It is in your eyes and the way you carry yourself. Younis is worried about the guests. Salman Baig sends Mariam to her room.

Nasima’s and everyone’s words echo in Mariam’s head as she comes to her room. She recalls her husband and feels sad. Maula Mere Maula plays.

Downstairs, Jamaal praises his FIL’s entry. He tells Younis to stop being angry now. What’s the occasion all about? Who is coming? Even Salman Baig is clueless. Younis lies that Mariam’s brother has sent some guests. He wants to talk to his father.

Najma is pacing upstairs. She is upset at her Bade Ammi and Bade Abbu. Why do they keep shouting on you always? What was the need for it at this moment? Mariam replies that she came back without a hijab over her head. Her daughter reasons that even Badi Ammi goes out without a hijab. Mariam calms her down. Najma tells her how she has given a lesson to Saajda. Just like I am everything for you, you are everything for me too. Mariam smiles and has tears in her eyes. She hugs her daughter. Najma is sure no one would have scolded her Ammi if Abbu was alive today. mariam looks at the other side and remembers how her husband used to play badminton there. Khoya sa gumsum plays in the background. She tells Najma about it. Najma also recalls how she used to clap on his every shot. Do you still see Abbu? Mariam replies that those who live in the heart are always around you. Title track continues to play as she continues looks in the same direction where she can still see her husband smiling back at her.

Rehmat Bi talks about the menu. Najma is curious. Rehmat Bi is tired because of all the work. Najma wants to go check with Rehmat Bi but Mariam tells her to take a shower first.

Salman Baig is shocked to know that someone is coming to see Mariam. You are telling me now about it? Younis replies that Majid bhai (Mariam’s brother) has sent Parvez bhai (the so called guy). Jamaal asks him if he had a word with Mariam. We cannot do anything against her will. Younis requests him to be quiet for some time. Salman Baig agrees with Jamaal. Younis says he is doing it all for Najma and Mariam’s sake. Najma keeps roaming here and there and plays all the time. Its all because of us that no one is saying anything to her or you know how people look down on the widows and their kids. Nasima talks about how Najma too will get a dad. Someone will be there for her upbringing. Younis adds that they have him today but then what will happen tomorrow. How long will I take care of them? Please make her agree for it as the idea is good for all of us. Jamaal never trusts him but this time he appreciates his idea. Mariam bhabhi has her whole life in front of her. The guy is coming and we should see if he is good. Let’s see if all goes well. Najma hears everything from outside. She runs upstairs and tells her mom everything. Mariam is shocked. She yet again remembers her husband. Maula mere Maula plays as the mother daughter duo hug.

Precap: Salman introduces Najma to Parvez. Seems like he had no clue about it. Salman and Jamaal call it cheating. Parvez tells them clearly that he doesn’t want any other child in his home except his son.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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