Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita exposes Sudha

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha saying I m ready to do anything for my hospital, we are already defamed because of your mistakes, I believe in charity, I just hope she sends invite soon. Aaliya talks to Ruhi on call. She sees the bracelet and says why am I bothered about this, he won’t even remember this, let it be. The girl says e-invite has come from Shagun. Sudha says fine, you go. She says I have passed in first step, I will convince Raman and Ishita to drop the case. She gets Ishita’s call.

Ishita says we are ready to accept your compensation. Sudha says very good, I m glad hearing this, I m so happy, I can understand your pain, where shall I meet you. Ishita says not today, Raman is too tired, Shagun is my Samdhan, she has a charitable event tomorrow. Sudha asks is she your

Samdhan, I m attending that event tomorrow, I wanted to contribute amount to her. Ishita says that’s very kind of you, so we shall finish this work tomorrow, I will take cheque from you. Sudha says its a great idea, see you and take care. Ishita says we will see what happens tomorrow.

Ruhi sees the bracelet and asks Aaliya. Aaliya asks so who’s the lucky man. Aaliya says its nothing like that, stop using your mind. Ruhi says don’t tell me this is yours. Aaliya says he was such ill mannered. Ruhi teases her. Aaliya asks her not to joke. She says I m not interested in moving on, Adi has killed all my emotions, I don’t believe in love. Ruhi says sorry, I didn’t mean that you should move on, how long will you stay alone, please…. Aaliya says please, Shagun needs us at the event tomorrow, finish your imp meetings. At the event, some people pity Raman. Ishita says nothing can stop Raman from living. Raman goes. He says I want to go home, people are getting pity on me, I hate this. She says we have come here for some motive, problem is with people’s behavior, please face this strongly. She asks Shagun did she come. Shagun says not yet. Ishita says she will come as she has to save her hospital image. Mani says Shagun told me the plan, I think its a brilliant idea. Sudha comes there. Raman and everyone see.

Shagun welcomes her and introduces her. Sudha goes on stage and presents cheque of 20 lakhs from her hospital trust. Shagun thanks her for the generous donation. Ishita says wait, I want to tell something about Sudha. Shagun asks her to come on stage. She says Sudha’s heart is big, she said she wants to give us big compensation. She asks Sudha can you give what we ask. Sudha says of course. Ishita asks can you bring my husband’s legs back to life, can you write such a big cheque to get his self confidence back, money can make your pain away, will my husband’s pain get away. Sudha says sorry, I think she is misunderstanding my proposal, I don’t want to say anything, thanks. Raman says stop, Ishita is saying the truth, you think we will accept money, you know Rajat is responsible for my state, his careless and alcohol addiction is responsible, I won’t take this case back, Rajat has to pay for this. Sudha says you can’t put this allegation without any proof.

Raman says you want proof, Rajat has accepted that he has alcohol addiction in front of press. Aaliya gets a call and goes. She asks are you mad, I m busy. The guy asks did you steal my bracelet. She says oh, you are that ill mannered guy, how do you know me and get my number. He says return my bracelet, reach the cafe with it. She asks are you ordering me. He says you have no other option. He ends call. She says he thinks I will come there, fool, I m not going anywhere. Ruhi asks why is Sudha saving Rajat. Sudha says I have got enquiry committee to investigate, if Rajat did mistake then… Ishita says stop lying, you made false promises so that we drop the case, you were not going to do anything, I heard this when you were telling this to Rajat. Sudha says I think you both are in shock and blaming Rajat and our hospital. Raman says we know who is scared and who got the pain, we will fight this case and meet you in court. Shagun gives the cheque back and says I can’t accept this from people who hide bad deeds by charity. Raman scolds Sudha for playing with patients’ lives. He asks Sudha to think about it. Sudha leaves.

Ishita says we have to do cross questioning and make Rajat accept his crime. Raman says Sudha is smart, its not easy. Sudha finds Rajat drunk and scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a should pay for wat she is doing other patients

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